PC Update Friday 5/10/02



Port Charles Update Friday 5/10/02

By Kathy

Jack and Jamal are drinking a six-pack commiserating about Livvie and Alison. Jamal tells Jack he never stopped loving Alison and he wants her back.

Alison is in front of Rebecca's painting begging Rebecca to talk to her. Rebecca tries to communicate, but is too weak. Alison asks Lucy to help her fix the painting. Lucy is confused. Alison tells Lucy that Livvie is the one that destroyed the painting and without Rebecca there is no way to find Kevin. Lucy doesn't understand. Rebecca tries to tell Alison to find the candle, but can't get through.

Livvie has stumbled over an unconscious Rafe she wonders how he could be back.

Jamal discusses his feelings after he asked Alison to marry him. He tells Jack he tried to break Alison out, but tells him that Alison wouldn't let him make such a mistake. Jack encourages Jamal and tells him he's sure he will get back with Alison. Jamal isn't so sure. He tells Jack he feels Rafe is like a ghost between him and Alison.

Alison tells Lucy all of what she suspects Livvie has done. Lucy wants none of it. She's sick that she wanted to find Kevin so badly that she believed Alison when she told her the painting could talk. She wants to know if Alison made up the whole story. Alison swears to all that she has told her. She tells Lucy when Livvie slashed the painting she closed the door to Rebecca --without Rebecca no Kevin. Lucy loses it. She wants to know where Kevin is. Alison tearfully tells her she doesn't know.

James pushes Ed to sign the dotted line on his soul-sale contract. Ed is taking his time. He wants to know what will happen when Rafe goes down to earth to Alison. James scoffs at all the love business. Ed asks James what he knows about love.

Livvie considers killing Rafe, but realizes she can't kill an angel. She wonders where she can hide him from Alison. She spots Lucy and ducks.

Lucy is now outside talking to Kevin, asking where he is. Alison comes out of the Pink Rose. Lucy apologizes for going off at Alison. There's a rehash of Alison swearing she has spoken to Rebecca in the past and a rehash of Lucy's expectations of going to the shop with Alison. Lucy reiterates that she knows Kevin isn't gone, and she will never give up hope of finding him. They begin to leave, as Livvie yanks her purse off a bush and falls on STILL unconscious Rafe. Lucy and Alison go toward the sound.

Jamal and Jack are in Jack's darkroom. Jack has taken pictures in the barn. Rebecca shows up in the pictures, but disappears as the picture develops fully. Jack wants Jamal to take a picture of the picture with Rebecca before she fades away.

Alison and Lucy call to Kevin, but to no avail. They find nothing. Lucy twists her ankle. They decide to go back to Lucy's house, as Lucy just doesn't sense Kevin there. Alison, however, tells Lucy she does feel something (of course it's her long lost love Rafe). She decides it nothing and helps Lucy back to the car. Livvie heaves a sigh of relief, and watches Alison and Lucy leave. All of a sudden a hand reaches out, grabs her leg and she shrieks - it is Rafe, finally awake.

Jamal snaps the shot with a Polaroid. It works. They have captured Rebecca in the picture. Jamal says he should have listened to Alison when she told him Rebecca is for real. Jack is thrilled that they have absolute proof that Rebecca exists.

Alison and Lucy arrive at Lucy's house. Lucy tells Alison that they are not giving up on finding Kevin. Lucy asks Alison to stay there with her. She sends Alison out on the deck for some chilling-out time. Lucy asks Kevin if she is doing the right thing in helping Alison out. Alison, out on the deck, asks Rafe if he knows what is going on down on earth. She tells him she needs him, to please tell her what to do and that she knows if he could be there he would. She says she knows it can't happen, but that she misses him.

Rafe angrily asks Livvie where he is. He wants to know what's going on. Livvie tells him she knows why he's there, he's come back to save Alison. Alison has changed though, she says. Rafe tells her he has no idea what she's talking about. Livvie tells him she's talking about Alison. He asks who Alison is. Livvie is surprised.

Previews for Monday: Ed to James: "I want to review the terms of our agreement here because I want to know exactly what's going to happen when Rafe goes down to earth to Alison." James to Ed: "Don't you trust me?" Rafe to Livvie: "Who's this Alison?" Livvie to Rafe: "You don't anything that's happened here in Port Charles?"

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