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Port Charles Update Thursday 5/9/02

by Dawn

Karen and Ricky are kissing while the candle burns. Ricky tells Karen how badly he wants her and she falters. She doesnít understand why this is happening and she pulls away from him. He offers to slow down, but this isnít right for her at all. She canít stop herself and she kisses him again.

Rafe is pounding on the floor in anger and yelling for someone to get him out of there. James appears and Rafe demands to get back to Ali. When James gives him the okay to go, Rafe warns him to not mess with him. Happy that heís going back, Rafe thanks God, but James assures him that God has nothing to do with it.

Livvie begs Rebecca to tell her where Kevin is. Screaming, she begs Rebecca to say something. If she wonít help Livvie, maybe sheíll help Ali, who is in jail for murder. Livvie promises that she wonít tell anyone, but she will help Ali if she finds Kevin.

Ali lays on a cot in her cell. Her lawyer arrives and she has good news for Ali. Her bail is set and posted, which means that sheís free to go. When the lawyer informs her that she has friends in high places, Ali assumes it was Amanda. As the lawyer tells her it wasnít Amanda, Lucy enters and faces Ali. She bailed Ali out.

Ed enters the room to find Rafe gone. But James is there and they talk. Ed wants James to leave Ali and Rafe alone. James canít go along with that. Rafe is his. Ed uses his power to hold James there, but James isnít impressed. Ed promises James hasnít seen anything yet. Itís too late. James already has Rafeís soul, which is all he wanted. To James, and angelís soul is everything. Ed agrees itís an achievement for someone who is aiming low. James doesnít want to take the bait, but he stares at Ed.

After the lawyer goes to fill out the paperwork, Ali thanks Lucy and swears that she didnít hurt Kevin. Lucy knows Ali didnít kill Kevin because she doesnít believe Kevin is dead. When Lucy tells Ali that she feels Kevin is fine, and they just have to find him, Ali agrees. She tells Lucy that Rebecca knows where Kevin is, which confuses Lucy. Ali finally admits that she has spoken to Rebecca and sheís sure Rebecca can get Kevin back.

Karen and Ricky are kissing, and she canít stop herself. She unbuttons her shirt, but stops again. Making love to Ricky would make her exactly what Frank said she was, but she wants him. Ricky stops her when she asks what sheís getting into. Sheís confused, but he admits that he hasnít been honest with her. He would love to think he made her feel this way, but he had help. He admits to her that the candle is why sheís so interested and blows it out to give to her. He explains that the candle is marked Desire and it makes people do what they were about to do. Disgusted, Karen compares him to someone that drugs a woman to get her to bed. Ricky admits to her that he took it the night Frank went psycho on her and he tested it on him at the Recovery Room. His stupid prank cost Frank a trip to the psych ward. Calling him a sick person, Karen slaps Rickyís face.

James is intrigued, but he tells Ed to save his breath and offers. Ed warns him to listen. Ed knows that his son didnít understand what he was getting into when he traded his soul to get back to Ali. Ed accuses James of egging Rafe on, but James considers that part of his job. A lifetime of love was all he needed to agree to eternal damnation. Stupid people like Rafe keep James in business. Ed suggests that James listen, but there is nothing left James wants. Ed convinces him that he has the one thing that will make him tear up his contract with Rafe.

Ali is glad that Lucy believes her, but Lucy only believes that Kevin is alive. The more Ali explains about Rebecca, the more it makes sense to Lucy. Ali is sure that Rebecca can tell them what happened to Kevin, and Lucy begs Ali to confirm that heís alive. Ali discussed it with Rebecca, but she didnít admit what she did to Kevin. Lucy is confused to hear that Rebecca is afraid of Kevin. Ali explains that Rebecca was accused of killing a minister and was hung for witchcraft. Kevin reminded Rebecca of the townspeople that killed her and she feels connected to Ali. Lucy thinks Rebecca took Kevin because she blames him for the past, but Ali isnít sure. All she knows is that Rebecca is the key to finding Kevin. Lucy will do whatever it takes. The lawyer returns and Ali is released. The moment the lawyer is out of hearing range, Lucy is ready to go see Rebecca.

Knowing that time is running out, Livvie begs Rebecca to talk to her. If Ali is convicted of murdering Kevin, sheíll be in prison forever if not executed. Livvie screams at the silent portrait. If Ali didnít kill Kevin, where is he. Suddenly Livvie gets angry and tells Rebecca that sheís dealt with creatures like her before and sheíll put Rebecca out of their lives for good.

Ricky tries to convince Karen he didnít do it for the sex, he really likes her and wants to be close to her. Karen doesnít want to hear his excuses. She had Frank committed for what Ricky did to him. Ricky swears that he went to the Recovery Room to talk to Frank and tell him he was right about the candle, but Frank got in his face. Karen is glad he admitted it, but she intends to take the candle with her and test it. No one believed Frank, and she has to go tell him he was right. After she leaves, Ricky berates himself for not only blowing it, but for pushing Karen right back into Frankís arms.

Livvie is running through the woods.

Ali stops Lucy from going in. She wants to talk to Rebecca herself, but Lucy wants to sneak in after her. Ali swears that it wonít work, and Jamal scared her off the last time. Lucy doesnít think Rebecca will fear her, but Ali doesnít want to take the chance. If Rebecca wonít talk to her, there wonít be anything to hear. Lucy finally agrees to wait outside for Ali.

Livvie is still running through the woods with a bag, looking over her shoulder.

Ali enters the barn and stops. Suddenly she screams for Lucy, who runs in and also stops. The portrait is slashed and Ali falls to her knees telling Lucy that someone destroyed Rebecca. They both stare as the portrait is shown slashed. Livvie is still running in the woods. 

James is not unhappy about Edís offer, and Ed is glad to hear it. James asks him to repeat it, but Ed refuses. He also refuses to wait for James to make a decision. Itís now or never. Marveling at how far a father will go to protect a son, James tells Master Ed to break out the champagne, because they have a deal.

Livvie is still running through the woods until she trips and falls over an unconscious Rafe.


Jack asks Jamal if heís getting closer to Ali.

Lucy asks Ali what happened, and Ali tells her that Livvie killed Rebecca.

Livvie accuses Rafe of riding to the rescue for Ali. But she wonít let him do it this time.

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