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Port Charles Update Wednesday 5/8/02

By Dawn

Karen and Colleen are at the Nurses' Station and Karen gets a call. Ricky is on the other end, and he can't breathe. He asks her for help before he passes out. Alarmed, Karen heads for his apartment.

Rebecca is walking around the barn, frantic about Ali's disappearance. She had to send Kevin away because he wanted to close the candle shop. She hopes that Ali will return soon.

Lucy is telling Ian about Kevin and Mac dressing as Eve and Norma at the spa in San Antonio. Her description of the guys shaving their legs is a bit more then Ian really wants to hear, but he lets her continue. Her mind wanders to when she and Kevin went to a basketball game together. They sat on the 50 yard line and learned to do the wave. Standing, she tries to give Ian a demonstration of the wave, but as she stands, she loses her balance and falls into his arms. As they are laughing, Livvie walks in on them. Livvie sarcastically accuses Lucy of not being able to wait until Kevin was dead a month.

Jamal swears he'll figure something out. He offers to go to the barn and do whatever he has to do to if Ali can't go herself. Doree arrives with dinner and enters the cell to put the tray on the cot. Doree tells Ali that she's sorry about what's happening, and she has a very hard time believing anyone that could make such a wonderful candle could be a murderer. Ali is happy that Doree likes the candles. Doree allows Jamal five more minutes with Ali and she goes past him to leave. Jamal bumps into her as she walks past. Ali is dejected that Doree can't help her. Jamal is pleased to show her that if Doree can't help, he will. Jamal offers a stunned Ali the keys to her cell that he lifted off Doree.

Standing, Lucy and Ian approach Livvie, who accuses Lucy of dancing on Kevin's grave. Shocked, Lucy reminds Livvie that she loves Kevin with her entire soul. Livvie knows what she saw. Ian points out that Lucy is trying to keep it together with everything she's got. Livvie takes this to mean that Lucy is ready to move on with Ian. Lucy can't listen to this and she leaves in tears. As Ian moves to follow, Livvie tells him to go comfort the widow like he did before. Now Ian is stunned and he almost dares Livvie to repeat herself.

Ricky lets Karen in the apartment and she begins to examine him. Swearing he's okay, he suggests that he collapsed from being clocked with a skillet. Karen thinks that was too long ago. Suddenly he's fine and he offers to have a beer with her. Keeping a serious tone, Karen informs him that she's heard of post trauma alcohol cravings. She wants him to check into the hospital for some tests. When he hears that some of them are very invasive and painful, he decides that he's fully recovered. But Karen wants to get him in for a brain scan- to see if he has one. She lets him in on the fact that he was faking. He apologizes, but she's furious. She works in a hospital where people are really sick, and she is not amused by the fact that he called he away because he wanted to see her. She understands that he misses Casey, but she is not a replacement. Frank is going nuts on her, Kevin has disappeared, her best friend died, and he's playing stupid games. Ricky tries to apologize, but her cell rings. She informs Colleen that everything is fine, and she was the butt of a stupid prank. Watching her, Ricky lights the candle again.

Ian is furious at Livvie, but he doesn't care how she feels about him. He wants Livvie to see how hard Lucy is trying to keep it together and that they're both in pain. When he informs Livvie that Lucy thinks Kevin is still alive. Her voice raises and she can't believe that Jack is seeing pictures of ghosts, Ali is claiming to be innocent, and Kevin's blood is all over, but he's alive. Ian grabs her arms, but Livvie screams louder that Kevin is dead. He's heard enough and orders Livvie to keep it to herself. Lucy believes Livvie is wrong. Livvie asks Ian what he thinks and he thinks they need to keep an open mind. If they've learned nothing else, they've learned that things aren't always as they seem in Port Charles. Not arguing, Livvie goes outside to face Lucy. Standing behind her, Livvie apologizes to her and admits that she knows how much Lucy loved Kevin. As Livvie corrects herself to use the present tense about Kevin, Lucy turns to her. She thanks Livvie for the apology, and she knows how angry Livvie is. But Lucy is afraid that Livvie is too angry and too ready to blame Ali to really sense what's going on. Livvie isn't sure, but Lucy is adamant about the fact that if Kevin were dead, she'd feel it. They have to work together to find him.

Rebecca wanders around the barn, wondering what if Ali doesn't come back. She knows that she has no choice. Ali's friend threw the candle outside, and she has to get the candle and get Kevin back. With a struggle, Rebecca opens the door and tries to step outside. Angry voices shouting and a bright light chase Rebecca back inside. Falling to the floor, she cries and begs Ali to return.

Ali can't believe Jamal took the keys. He wants her to go to the barn. Ali is afraid Jamal will get in trouble. Opening the cell, Jamal gives her his jacket and hat. He'll pretend he's asleep, and she'll be gone before they figure out what's going on. Promising that she'll be back in an hour, Ali moves towards the door.

Karen gets ready to leave, and she's still not happy with Rick He's sorry, but now he's blocker her way to the door. The candle begins to affect her and she gets hot. Smiling, she reaches for him and moves closer. Ricky agrees that she's hot, but he doesn't mean it the way she does. Realizing what she's about to do, Karen tells him to leave. He reminds her that it's his apartment, and she laughs. Moving closer, she begins to kiss him.

Ian goes outside to Lucy. She's sorry she's not in the mood to talk about Kevin, but he understands. Acknowledging that he knows what she's thinking, she turns to him. Kevin is her rock, and she doesn't understand why she can't feel him. Reaching for her, Ian rugs her arms gently. She is so in tune with the universe, but she can't feel Kevin. Ian tells her to have faith and she'll find him. Moving into his arms, she hugs him and cries.

Ali is terrified and doesn't believe Jamal's plan is going to work. She finally runs back into the cell and hands him his jacket and hat. Just as he closes the cell door behind him, an officer arrives to tell him that time is up. After he reluctantly leaves her, she cries and decides that somehow she has to find a way to get to Rebecca.

Alone in the barn, Rebecca hears someone coming. At first she hopes it's Ali, but Livvie is outside. She opens the barn and stares at the portrait. Beginning to cry, Livvie begs Rebecca to talk to her and tell her where her father is.


Ricky is still kissing Karen and he 'knows' she wants him.

Rafe thanks God for getting him back to Ali. James reminds him that God had nothing todo with it.

Ali tells Lucy that Rebecca knows where Kevin is.

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