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Port Charles Update Tuesday 5/7/02

by Dawn

Lucy is with Ian in the living room when someone knocks on the door. Lucy hopes it's news of Kevin, but it's Victor and Mary, who came to see how Lucy is. Lucy is happy to inform them that she is fine. Victor takes Ian aside and informs him that he's accessing the sources they'll need. Mary tells Lucy that Victor is devastated and he can't face Kevin's death. Lucy disagrees with Mary and feels that Victor needs to believe that Kevin is allright just like she does.

As Karen knocks on the lighthouse door, Frank arrives and they have a hard time facing each other.

Ed won't let Rafe back in because he sold his soul. Ed warned Rafe, but Rafe still believes that he had no choice but to trade his soul for Ali's. All that matters to Rafe is that he'll be able to see Ali and help her. Ed tries to explain that he's going to be different.

Jamal repeats that he wants to marry Ali so he won't have to testify against her. She can't let him sacrifice himself and she can't marry him.

Frank explains that he just got out of the hospital and he tries to apologize to Karen. But Karen wants to take the food in before it gets cold. Lucy opens the door, and they tell her they want to keep her company. Lucy appreciates it, but still doesn't want to understand. Karen and Frank mention how great of a friend Kevin was, and Lucy gets angry at them for using the past tense. As Karen and Frank enter, Mary is not happy to see Karen and is furious at her for committing Frank. Frank tries to reason with Mary that he held a knife to someone's throat and he would have been arrested if Karen hadn't helped. Mary considers what Karen did to be abandoning Frank. Colleen and Denise arrive. Lucy swears that she is fine, but she's not sure why everyone is asking, and she's getting angry. She asks Ian, who replies that they are her friends and they're trying to show support for her. Lucy finally has to face the fact that they all think Kevin is dead.

Ali knows Jamal wants to help. Jamal asks her to remember how things were before and how much they loved each other. Ali feels like that was a lifetime ago. Jamal reminds her that they used to talk about getting married. But she knows it was a dream that they can't make happen. Jamal wants to make it good again, and he'll love and protect her if she gives him the chance. Ali finally has to admit that she's already married.

Rafe knows that Ed will never understand. Ed knows that all kids think they're story is the greatest, but he challenges Rafe to ask James how he's going to get back. Ed reminds him that he neglected to ask James how or what he'll be. Rafe begins to understand that James didn't tell him everything. Ed knows that he tossed his soul and didn't read the fine print. That doesn't matter to Rafe, all that matters to him is that he has to help Ali any way he can.

Jamal knows that she means she's married to Rafe, and Ali admits that it was more of a symbolic ceremony. When Jamal knocks Rafe for marrying her and leaving, Ali tries to explain to him that she feels the same way she did the day they did it. She knows every promise and vow, and Jamal understands that she still loves Rafe. Ali knows that Jamal thinks that Rafe doesn't deserve her, but she knows Jamal deserves a women that will put him first in her heart and soul. She can't be that woman. As long as she lives, she will love Rafe, even if she never sees him again on this Earth. Jamal still thinks Rafe is selfish for leaving her and Ali begs him to trust her that if Rafe could be there, he would.

Rafe can't get Ed to understand that being with Ali is all that matters to him. Ed reminds Rafe that he's always been good and always fought from the good side. And Ed knows that being his father is the greatest blessing he's ever had. He wants to love and protect Rafe, and he decides to go try to break the agreement with James. Rafe stops him. The father/son relationship goes both ways, and Rafe can't drag Ed into this to pay for what he did. Rafe is prepared to take the consequences of his actions.

Frank tries to talk to Karen. He knows he has problems, and Karen encourages him that recognizing it is half the battle. Frank knows that Kevin was taking notes and he was on to something, but now that Kevin is gone, he's not sure what he's going to do.

Lucy admits to Victor that everyone thinks they're crazy. Victor doesn't see anything new about that. She knows how hard it is on Victor, but she asks him if there are any leads. Not yet, but Victor is impressed with the system he found and he's sure there will be something shortly. They hug, but Lucy hears Denise telling Colleen how tragic it must be for Victor to lose both of his sons. That's the final straw for Lucy and she begins to yell at all of them. She doesn't want to hear poor Lucy again, and she doesn't want them there if all they want to do is pick out flowers for a funeral for her husband, who isn't dead. Kevin is missing, and if they insist on believing that he's dead, they can leave. While she's throwing them out, Karen asks Ian to stop Lucy, but he feels that letting her get it out is the best thing for her. After everyone leaves, Ian approaches Lucy slowly.

Outside the lighthouse, Karen and Frank wonder where they go from there. Frank hates it, but he thinks they should not see each other for a while. Karen isn't sure, but Frank knows he hurt her and he doesn't want to hurt her anymore. They both admit how much they will miss each other.

Ian puts Lucy on the sofa. She decides that on a rudeness scale of 1-10, she ranked a 53. Ian pours her a glass of whiskey and reminds her that her friends understand. They all want to comfort her, but she doesn't want that. All Lucy wants is her husband. She remembers a promise that she and Kevin made that she would be the first to go. Ian knows that it doesn't always work that way and Lucy apologizes for making him remember again. Refilling her glass, he asks her about how she and Kevin met. Finally smiling, Lucy tells Ian about making Kevin dress as a baby in one Nurses's Ball and as the Tin Man in another.

Rafe used all his chances to be with Ali, so James was all he had left. Ed knows that Rafe thought he had to protect Ali, but Ali has her own journey. All Rafe knows is that being with her feels right and he can't be without her, no matter what he hs to do. Ed offers again to help, and Rafe makes him promise that he won't try. Ed has fought enough battles, and it's time for Rafe to fight his own. Finally calling Ed 'Dad', Rafe asks him to let go. Ed smiles and they hug.

Ali apologizes to Jamal. She knows it hurts him to hear that she loves someone else. But he needs to understand that she can't be with him. Jamal gets the message loud and clear, but it doesn't change things. Ali is in jail, Rafe is gone, and Jamal can't walk away from her. Ali is convinced that as soon as she gets out on bail, she'll go to Rebecca and Rebecca will tell her what happened to Kevin. Jamal tries to make her understand that Rebecca caused this, but Ali is convinced that Rebecca is the answer. As soon as she's out she'll get the answers. Doree hears her and tries to prepare her. Kevin's case is high profile, and the odds are that she will not be granted bail.


Livvie enters the lighthouse to find Ian holding a laughing Lucy on the sofa, and she asks Lucy if she couldn't even wait for Kevin to be dead for a month.

Ali doesn't believe she'll ever get out of jail, but Jamal shows her that he lifted the keys from Doree.

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