PC Update Monday 5/6/02



Port Charles Update Monday 5/6/02

By Kathy

Jack's comes upon Livvie at their favorite spot. Her overhears her talking to supposedly deceased Daddy vowing to get Alison

Mac levels more accusations at Alison at the pokey.

James pushes Rafe to sign away his soul. Rafe tries to bargaining in spite of James objections.

Jack tries to comfort Livvie, but Livvie just wants assurances that Jack will help her to get Alison.

Alison is locked in her cell and warned by her attorney that the police will do anything for a confession and that they will be looking for an accomplice.

Mac tries to get Jamal to talk, to admit to helping Alison with Kevin's murder, but does not succeed.

Rafe tells James that if he signs away his soul he wants the promise that the dark side will leave Alison alone. Rafe also tries to extract a promise that no one will tell Alison what Rafe has done to help her. James withdraws the offer. Rafe calls for him to wait, grabs the paper and signs that ever-important soul away. James tells him he is a stupid little fool for signing his soul away for the fairytale called love. Rafe tells James he couldn't understand because "his" kind never could. James scoffs "Our kind, you're one of us now." Rafe tells him he might have signed away his soul but he will never be like James. James replies that when Rafe wanted something the good guys wouldn't give him, he ran straight to the bad guys. Rafe tells James he doesn't have to listen to him because he's "outta" there and back to earth. James laughs and tells him not just yet. As Rafe is baulking James tells him that he doesn't HAVE to do anything, that Rafe will go back to earth when James says so not a second before.

Mac is still questioning Jamal. Jamal tells him he didn't help Alison get rid of Kevin's body because Alison didn't do anything. Mac still tries to coerce a confession to no avail.

Alison clarifies with her lawyer that the cops are trying to pull someone else into the murder plot. Her lawyer tells her it's because of what Alison said about not being big enough to get rid of Kevin's body. The lawyer asks if there's anything else Alison needs to tell her. Alison says no, unless Livvie is spreading more lies. The lawyer tells her the Livvie bit could be useful. Jamal comes to visit Alison and tries to encourage her. He tells her what Mac is about. He tells her not to mention the supernatural stuff. Jamal tells Alison he heard her talking to the portrait and blaming herself for everything.

Jack asks Livvie if she planted the sweater in Alison's car. Livvie weepily asks him how he could ask her that question. He tells her he wants to help her but she has to be honest with him. Jack tells her he knows she thinks she's helping but it's not helping the investigation unless the police know the absolute truth. He tells her that they will go down to the station together to give the police the correct information. He tells her to tell him everything. Livvie hugs him and feels something in his jacket. She accuses him of having a tape recorder in his pocket. Jack puts his hand in his pocket and pulls out a CD player. He tells her maybe if he had been her it WOULD have been a tape recorder. She then goes into her whiney defensive mode. She asks if he can blame her after the way he's been treating her. She says she doesn't think she knows him anymore. Jack tells her ditto. Yadda yadda yadda she AGAIN blames Alison for all her troubles. Livvie tells Jack it's really over this time (LUCKY Jack!!!!!) and tells him to leave.

James tells Rafe there are all kinds of procedures and paperwork that must be gotten through before he returns to earth. James tells him he will go when James is good and ready to send him. He tells Rafe to make himself at home in the meantime. Rafe goes to Heaven's door and tries to get back in. Ed opens the door and tells him he no longer belongs there.

Jamal tells Alison that he might get twisted up in the trial and tell about the supernatural stuff, but he's willing to lie. Alison tells him she doesn't want him to lie. He tells her there is one way that Mac couldn't make him give up that information and he suggests Alison marry him.

Previews for Tuesday: Ed to Rafe: "Do you really think she's getting back the man she loves. It's all different now, son, because now you're different." Lucy to Ian: "They think Kevin is dead don't they? That's what they think." Alison to Jamal: I can't marry you because I'm already married."

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