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Port Charles Update Friday 5/3/02

By Kathy

The police are looking for Alison at the Recovery Room. Mac calls the Lighthouse and Ian answers the phone. The blood they have found on the apron and apparently in her car is Kevin's. Mac asks Ian to tell Lucy.

Jack and Alison are talking at Jack's cottage. Jack doesn't seem to believe Alison actually speaks with Rebecca. Alison gets upset that Jack doesn't believe her. He tells her he sort of does, but the police won't. She tells him Rebecca is the only person who knows where Kevin is. Jack hugs Alison, just as Livvie comes in the door. Livvie says something snippy.

Rafe is watching Alison on the monitor that James has supplied him. The picture goes to snow and Rafe goes crazy. James comes in and Rafe asks him to help him. James agrees to tell him about Alison and her "sad, sad, story." Rafe wants to know the whole thing immediately and goes for James. James tells him to calm down, or no go. Rafe backs off and James tells him that Alison is in good health and about to be convicted of murder. James tells him if he signs away his soul he will get all the information he wants. James tell him if he signs the paper that they will get him back to earth and into Alison's arms. Rafe says that's what he wants, but he won't sign away his soul. James makes a veiled threat that he will go after Alison's soul.

Livvie continues talking to Jack and Alison in her snotty way. She accuses Jack and Alison of being together. She accuses Alison of being a witch. Jack tells Livvie not to be ridiculous and to pack her stuff and leave. Jamal bursts in and tells Alison that she has to leave. He tells them the police have found Kevin's blood in Alison's car. Alison doesn't know how that could be. Livvie obviously planted the blood and though the boys try to get Alison out, Livvie blocks the door and tells them they aren't going anywhere.

Lucy is playing concentration with Serena and Christina. Ian tells the girls to go upstairs. When the girls leave, Ian tells Lucy the police found Kevin's sweater with his blood on it in Alison's car. He tells Lucy that Mac feels they have enough evidence to presume that Kevin is dead and that Alison killed him.

Rafe tells James he will never get Alison to sell her soul. James tells Rafe that Alison is on the road to ruin with her candles and witchcraft. He tells Rafe she is now dabbling in the black arts (but of course she isn't, candle magic is white magic) and she has a talent for it. Rafe tells James to leave her alone. James lies and tells Rafe she has already reached out and made first contact. Rafe proclaims she doesn't know what she's doing, it was just candles. James scoffs and says ignorance is such a sad excuse. James tells Rafe there is place for her, that the evil ones can always find room for someone so lovely. James intimates Alison will be arriving soon. James tells Rafe Alison will soon be "tried and fried" on earth.

Jack tries to get Livvie out of the way, but she strongly resists. She tells Jack he is helping the person who killed her father and she calls Alison a witch again (as if that's an insult. I'd rather be a witch than a b........!) They decide to go around the back. Mac comes in and Livvie directs him. Alison proclaims she's innocent, but Mac cuffs her and arrests her. Livvie tells Alison she is going to pay for what she's done. Jack tells Livvie to shut up (and rightly so) as Alison mouths "I didn't do anything."

Lucy tells Ian she doesn't believe Kevin is dead because she would know; she would feel it. Ian tries to convince her, but she won't be dissuaded. Ian wants her to be prepared and she tells him she doesn't have to be prepared because she is going to find him. She's going to use her cards and crystals to guide her to where he is. She is certain Kevin is not dead and that she will find him. Lucy lays out her cards for a reading, as Ian tries to distract her. So far she's not getting anything in the cards, but she knows that she would feel the hole in her being if Kevin was truly gone. She can feel Kevin, but she says she can't reach him. Ian again tells her to be prepared. Again she tells Ian Kevin's not gone and not dead.

Jamal tells Mac that Alison didn't murder Kevin, but to no avail. Jack asks Livvie if she's happy. She tells him her father is dead how does he think she feels. He tells her he wishes she was in Alison's shoes right now. Because of course she wouldn't know what it's like to be accused of something she didn't do. Livvie puts on an act telling Jack he is just as guilty of Kevin's murder as Alison. She tells him to go to hell and leaves (good for Jack!). Livvie says she hopes they all go to hell. Jamal tells Alison to hang in there as she's about to be taken to jail.

James swears Alison will sell her soul in an attempt to persuade Rafe to sell his soul so that he can to go back and save Alison. Rafe says he would do anything to go back there. James feels he's winning and continues to persuade. Rafe tells him okay, he will sign his soul over. James gives him the pen and tells him all of his wishes and dreams will come true when he signs. He tells Rafe to prove how much he loves Alison by signing the damnation papers.

Previews for Monday: James to Rafe: "This is not a negotiation." Rafe to James: "That's exactly what it is. Now, shut up and listen." Livvie to Jack: "Alison is not going to get away with this, Jack. I'm going to make sure of that, but the only question is are you with me on this or not."

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