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Port Charles Update Thursday 5/2/02

by Dawn

Mac is looking at the bloody apron when Ian enters and asks him for a progress report. Mac is not happy to tell him that there is no progress, but he asks how Lucy is doing. Ian tells him that Lucy is hanging on to hope, but he wants Mac's gut feeling. Mac's feeling is that he's holding an apron soaked in his best friend's blood.

Livvie enters the lighthouse and finds a picture of herself and Kevin on the table. Going to her bag, she pulls out the bloody sweater and looks at it. Her mind flashes back to Jack promising Ali that he'd help her. Livvie promises Kevin that she will take care of him while everyone is taking care of Ali. She'll see to it that Ali doesn't get away with it.

Ali and Jamal are at the barn. He wants to prove that she didn't do anything wrong, and maybe if Rebecca knows what happened to Kevin. Ali is grateful that Jamal will at least believe in her enough to believe that Rebecca might be real. She calls to the portrait, but nothing happens. Ali begs Rebecca to come talk to her, that Jamal is a friend and she should trust him.

Rafe is still on the phone doing conscience duty, and it's frustrating him. His laptop receives email, but he deletes it. The phone rings repeatedly until he answers it. James isn't happy that Rafe deleted his email, but Rafe reiterates that he's not interested in anything James has to say. James promises to be bearing gifts. He knows the Ed has restricted Rafe so he can barely see Ali, and it doesn't have to be that way. James offers him a moment to see Ali's eyes and heart. All Rafe has to do is turn on his television. Reluctantly, Rafe does.

Ian prides himself on being a good judge of character, and he can't see Ali being a killer. Mac brings up the fact that she's done it before, but Ian reminds him that Cedrick was self defense. Mac knows that Kevin is his best friend, and would never leave Lucy or the girls on his own. All the evidence points to someone making Kevin disappear. Ian reminds him that as long as there is no body, there is hope. Mac promises that if Kevin was murdered, he will make who ever did it pay in ways they never imagined.

When Rebecca doesn't respond to Ali, she doesn't know what to do. She believes Rebecca won't show herself because Jamal is there. Jamal doesn't know what to think, but Ali begs him to believe her. She knows it sounds crazy, but if it was Jamal, she would believe him. Jamal doesn't know what to believe about Rebecca, but he does believe that Ali would never hurt Kevin. He offers to leave Ali alone with Rebecca, and the second he's gone, Rebecca steps out of the portrait to tell Ali that she trusts too easily. Ali begs her to help bring back Kevin because no one believes her. Rebecca hands her the white candle, and Ali asks her what it is. Rebecca doesn't answer and goes back in the portrait as Jamal enters the barn. Ali shows Jamal the candle and admits that she has no idea what it means.

Livvie sneaks around the PCPD impound and puts Kevin's bloody sweater in Ali's car as Mac and Ian enter the yard.

Jamal has a hard time believing that Rebecca came out of the portrait and gave Ali the candle. Ali explains that Rebecca doesn't trust a lot of people, but Jamal tries to talk to Ali. He cares about Ali and asks her to trust him. Her story about Rebecca makes her sound guilty of killing Kevin.

Rafe won't fall into James's trap, but James promises that he can see how Ali's life is going with no strings. Rafe finally turns it on. The screen is filled with Ali working on spells with Rebecca, which doesn't seem bad to Rafe. But James explains that others don't see it that way. The scene changes to Kevin when he went after Ali to shut down the candle shop. James informs Rafe that Kevin's disappearance is being investigated as a murder. Rafe doesn't believe him, but he watches the screen. Rafe knows that if Kevin has died he would know, but James explains that wherever Kevin is, Ali is being investigated. The screen shows Ali asking Jamal if he's capable of murder. James fills Rafe in on her good motives that landed her in so much trouble. James reminds Rafe how bad it is for Ali without him there to protect her. Rafe knows he did this to her and James convinces him that only he can fix it. Or they can sit there and Rafe can imagine her in a cell. James offers Rafe what he wants- life on Earth with Ali. Rafe wants to believe that Ali will be freed, but James tells him she won't. In exchange for his soul, James will send Rafe back to Ali.

Livvie barely manages to hide before Ian and Mac enter the impound yard and begin to search Ali's car. They find the bloody sweater that Livvie planted and Mac intends to have it examined. It tells him that Kevin was in that car. After the men leave, Livvie sighs in relief.

Ali can't believe that Jamal would suggest she killed him. Jamal wants her to understand that talking about Rebecca like she was alive makes her look crazy. Ali blames Jamal for returning and stopping Rebecca from finishing what she was going to say about the candle. Furious, Jamal takes the candle and throws it out into the woods while Ali screams at him to stop. Going back to her, he begs her to let him try to save her life. Ali cries to the portrait that she doesn't know what to do.

Rafe turns off the TV and cries.


Rafe asks James to help him, and James agrees.

Jack hugs Ali and promises to help her as Livvie walks in. Livvie sarcastically tells them to not get up on her account, since they looked so cozy.

Ian tells Lucy that they have enough evidence to presume that Kevin's dead.

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