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Port Charles Update Wednesday 5/1/02

By Beth

Karen is watching television alone in the dark when she hears a knock at the door. It is Ricky, who refuses to go away. She tells him she isn't up for company, but he insists he isn't just company; he's also a friend. She lets him in, and he sets down two bags of groceries, then turns on a light. He knows she feels awful about forcing Frank to stay under observation for 72 hours, but she had to do it. When Karen reveals that Frank was starting to open up to her, Ricky asks what Frank sees during his episodes. Monsters? Devils? In Karen's opinion, it's much worse. Frank sees her making love to Ricky. For his part, Ricky wants more details. After all, Frank held a knife to his throat, so he wants to know exactly what enraged him so there won't be any repeat performances. Karen explains that in Frank's mind, the two of them are all over each other, and she's begging for more. She doesn't know why he would see such a thing. He knows she loves him, and that Ricky is just a friend. Ricky doesn't seem too convinced that the attraction between them is all in Frank's mind.

Ricky prepares his enchilada casserole and insists on feeding Karen a couple of bites. Then he turns on some music, finding a radio station playing a salsa. He pulls Karen up and teaches her the dance. They have a good time; their dancing is fun and romantic. Ricky tries to kiss Karen, but she pulls away, saying they're just missing Frank and Casey. Ricky thought so at first, but not anymore. He's not thinking of anyone but Karen. When he makes another attempt to kiss her, she pulls away again. She thanks him for coming by and says it's time for him to leave.

Lucy runs to open the door, and she is at once disappointed and happy to see Ian. She tells him about Kevin's mysterious disappearance, and Alison's story about the pitchfork. Ian believes Alison; her tale is too wild to be a lie, and besides, she's a good person. Lucy agrees and says she's glad he's back in town. He admits he intended to stay in Ireland, but he decided to leave when he heard her voice. He asks whether he and Danny can stay there until they find Kevin, just so she won't be alone, and Lucy is grateful for his company. She thinks the police believe something bad happened to Kevin. She starts talking about all the things she and Kevin had planned but now he's gone. Realizing she's hurting Ian, she apologizes. It's all right; he thinks of Eve all the time. Now it's time to go look for Kevin.

Ian and Lucy go to the Pink Rose. Ian sees the portrait of Rebecca, which looks exactly like Paige. He's surprised to learn that Alison and Paige are related. It really is a small world. Lucy stares at the portrait; she's seen it so many times, but now something seems different. She can't put her finger on it. The camera pans to the candle held by Rebecca. Lucy really feels as if someone else is there. She wonders whether there's a cellar, basement, or secret room, but Ian points out she's just bugged by the portrait, and she agrees. She looks at it again and asks what is so different about it now. Not having found any clues to Kevin's whereabouts, they leave to find Mac at the police station. Rebecca emerges as soon as they're gone. If she knew she could trust Lucy, she'd tell her how to get Kevin back before it's too late.

Mac, Alison, and Jack arrive at the police station. Livvie runs in after them, demanding to know why Mac isn't arresting Alison for murdering her father. Jack wants to call a lawyer for Alison, but one of the Barrington lawyers is already waiting in the interrogation room. Jamal rushes in, having received Jack's urgent call, and Livvie immediately tells him that Alison killed Kevin. Jack protests that Kevin is missing, not dead, and Livvie drags Jamal over to look at Alison through the window, saying that she's become a witch. Livvie tells Jamal that Alison has gone around the bend, but Jack knows the truth, stating that Livvie's the one who poisoned the candle. Jamal doesn't know what to believe. Alison did light a candle that put him out for hours. Livvie continues to push her theory that Alison did away with her father.

Alison doesn't feel that she needs an attorney. She's innocent. Her lawyer, Kate Reynolds, stresses that her innocence makes legal representation even more necessary. She strongly advise her client not to answer any questions, but Alison swears she has nothing to hide. Mac, Andy, and Doree rejoin them and begin the interrogation. Mac is aware of Kevin's concerns about the candles. In fact, he saw the lab results. If Alison didn't poison the candle that sent Jack to the hospital, who did? When they take a break, Kate pleads with Alison. She needs to know her version of what happened, because the police tend to put words in people's mouths. Alison is certain that Mac would never do that to her. He's just really worried about his best friend. She goes for coffee and runs straight into Jamal's arms. This infuriates Livvie, and Jack drags her away as Alison tells Jamal she thinks she's in some serious trouble.

Victor arrives at the station, but Mac doesn't have any news for him. He has the entire force working on this. Jack tries to reason with Livvie. There's no way Alison could have overpowered Kevin. Livvie refutes that; all she needed was one of her candles. She's angry that Jack believes in Alison's innocence and her own craziness. Jack maintains that he's not siding with anybody; he just thinks Alison deserves to be treated fairly. Livvie doesn't think Alison would ever have to pay for her "crime" anyway; she's a high and mighty Barrington, after all. Jack insists that if Alison walks, it will be because she's not guilty. They should be helping her, not condemning her. Livvie is furious. What about her? Her father could be dead! Jack insists she has his support, but going after Alison isn't the answer. Livvie is sick of him defending her. He should just go be with her if he feels that way about her.

Jamal takes Alison aside and asks about her talks with Rebecca. He wants to know whether she ever said anything about this, and Alison admits that Rebecca told her she'd be persecuted for her candles. Rebecca said that Kevin was trouble but that everything would turn out all right. Jamal asks whether Rebecca ever told her to kill Kevin. Alison is upset by this, and he admits he doesn't really think she's a murderess. He's just trying to figure out what happened. He warns her that any talk of Rebecca stays between them.

Mac tells Alison she's free to go. Andy reports that the tests on all the other candles came back negative, which is no surprise to Jack. Mac instructs Alison not to leave town, and tells Victor that both Kevin's and Alison's cars were impounded and the investigation will continue. Kate gives Alison her card. Jamal wants to go to the shop to talk to Rebecca. He believes in Alison, and maybe if Rebecca realizes that, she'll talk to him.

Livvie wanders through the woods near the Pink Rose. She hears an owl. She's looking for a clue to what happened to her father, and she finds what seems to be a sweater, covered in blood. This convinces her that Alison really did kill Kevin.

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