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Port Charles Update Tuesday 4/30/02

by Dawn

Chris is in the On Call room when he hears someone hiss at him. Looking around, he finds Doree literally hanging from the ceiling fixtures. She's hoping it will hold both of them, and Chris is more then willing to find out if it will.

Livvie is shocked to hear Rachel's voice. Rachel admits to her that she’s been better for a while, but in order to avoid the jail sentence, she had to keep it secret. Livvie is happy to hear Rachel's voice. Rachel asks her about Ali being involved in witchcraft, and states that Livvie is sane. Rachel understands what Livvie has done.

Lucy demands to know where the blood on the apron came from and what happened to Kevin. Ali tells her that Kevin cut his hand, and she would have said something if it had been serious. Lucy is furious that she is holding a blood covered apron and Kevin is missing. She's calling the police.

Livvie is glad her mother is back, but everyone else thinks she’s crazy. Livvie is the only one that can see how evil Ali has become. Rachel agrees that they will do anything to protect the ones they love. Rachel has been pretending to be catatonic for months to avoid a jail sentence that she doesn't deserve. She convinces Livvie to get to the truth, because the same people who think she's crazy now will be thanking her later. Rachel understands why Livvie laced the candle and advises her to stop Jack from turning her in. Livvie agrees that she has to do whatever it takes to convince people it was Ali. As Livvie agrees to do whatever it takes, her cell phone rings. It wakes her from the dream she was having about Rachel waking. Whispering to a still catatonic Rachel, Livvie wishes she could hear her voice.

Mac is questioning Ali, who swears she knows nothing about where Kevin is. Jack enters the shop and Lucy asks him if he's seen Kevin. Lucy fills Jack in on Kevin vanishing and the blood she found. Jack tries to make Lucy realize that Ali couldn't have hurt Kevin. Lucy is worried that something happened to Kevin. Mac asks Ali what she and Kevin talked about, and Ali answers that he was upset that she opened the shop without telling him. But Ali had swears that she agreed to do everything Kevin asked her to do. When she went to get a box to put the candles in, he vanished. Mac gets frustrated with Ali, and finally Lucy pulls him away from her. Lucy knows how Mac feels, and maybe he's too close and should have someone else question Ali. Jack goes to Ali and they hug. He heard about Kevin and offers to help her find a lawyer. As Ali asks why she needs a lawyer, Mac finds the pitchfork. Ali claims that she forgot to tell them about it. Lucy is more frightened when Mac finds the broken watch. He’s not happy to tell Ali that the blood and broken watch points to an angry struggle between her and Kevin.

Ali swears that there was no struggle. The pitchfork fell from the loft and broke his watch. Lucy isn’t convinced that Ali hurt Kevin, and she’s afraid that Mac may miss something because he’s focused on Ali. Mac stresses to Lucy that he has to handle it. Lucy tries to convince herself that Kevin will come home, and she begs Mac to say it for her, but he can't. All Mac can do is remind Lucy that Kevin hasn't been missing that long. Lucy tries to invent scenarios that might account for Kevin being gone, but Mac can't go along with her no matter how much he wants to. Ali can't believe this is happening. She asks Jack how everyone could think she hurt Kevin, and Jack offers to help her if she tells him everything that happened. Ali begs Jack to believe her. She went to storeroom for boxes and Kevin was gone. Jack asks her how he could have just vanished. Ali looks at the portrait, then moves to Jack. Livvie enters and asks Lucy what’s going on. Livvie doesn’t want to know, but she has to ask what happened to Kevin.

Chris blows Doree’s whistle and begs her to give him a break. He has to work. Doree isn't happy to let him go, but he convinces her that he has to work. She kisses him and declares herself all worked up again. He loves the attention, but he begs her to let him get back to work. Finally agreeing to pick up where they left off later, Doree heads to the door. But first she has to show him her outfit. When she opens her coat to reveal her naked body to him, he throws the files down again and goes to her.

Lucy tries to stop Livvie from getting upset, but Livvie attacks Ali. As Jack holds her back, Livvie accuses Ali of killing Kevin. Lucy orders Livvie to stop saying that Kevin is dead, but Livvie reasons that if Kevin's blood is all over, the witch had to have killed him. Mac finally stops Livvie and asks Ali to come to the station. Livvie demands that Mac arrest Ali, but Jack tries to talk to her. Ali killed her father and Jack wants to stand up for her. Livvie swears to get revenge on Ali before leaving the barn. Lucy has to go, and begs Mac to promise to call her the minute he hears anything. Mac tells Ali to get her coat as he walks Lucy out the door. After everyone else is outside, Ali turns to the portrait and asks Rebecca if she did anything to Kevin.

Doree and Chris are on the sofa under a blanket, agreeing that it was a WOW. They didn't even need their candle. Doree kisses him again and he begs for mercy. A beeper goes off, and it's a 911 from the station for Doree. Chris teases her that her work is an emergency, but his isn't. Promising to see him later, Doree leaves him alone.

Jack asks Livvie what she’s doing. Jack reminds Livvie that she knows Ali isn't capable of murder. Livvie admits that her friend Ali isn't, but the witch is capable of anything. When Jack reminds Livvie that she was the one that laced the candle, she dares him to prove it. Ali was the best friend she ever had, but now her father's blood is all over her hands. Livvie sarcastically thanks Jack for the sympathy and walks away.

Ali begs Rebecca to bring Kevin back. Livvie and Lucy are scared to death, and Kevin has a little girl at home waiting for him. Ali knows that Rebecca is protective of her, but she swears that Kevin is her friend. As Ali begs her to bring Kevin back, Mac enters to tell her it's time to go.

Wandering around the living room of the lighthouse, Lucy begs Kevin to walk through the door. She holds his shirt and begs him to come home and swap stories about how badly each of their days have been. All she wants is to put her arms around him. Someone knocks on the door and Lucy runs to open it. She's shocked by who is on the other side.


Ricky asks Karen what Frank is seeing when he freaks out, and Karen admits that he's seeing her and Ricky making love.

Livvie is sick of Jack defending Ali, and if he really feels that way about her, maybe he should go be with her.

Jamal asks Ali if Rebecca has ever asked Ali to harm Kevin.

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