PC Update Monday 4/29/02



Port Charles Update Monday 4/29/02

By Kathy

Frank is at GH asking for Kevin. Two interns pick him up and drag him off to a padded cell under Karen's orders.

James confirms that Ed is Rafe's father. Rafe doesn't believe him at first, but by the end of the conversation, he's pretty convinced.

Livvie is talking to her comatose mother, Rachel, explaining what happened with the candles and Jack. She defends herself and tells Rachel that she knows that she would understand.

Rebecca comes out of the picture, lights a candle and Kevin disappears. Alison comes in from packing up candles. The shop is empty. She looks for Kevin and spies his briefcase. She looks at the picture and apologizes to Rebecca for letting Kevin close the shop. Lucy walks in looking for Kevin.

Rafe is back in his office going over his conversation with James. Ed enters and Rafe starts to question him. Ed starts to leave and Rafe confronts him. "So, it's true. You are my father."

Livvie is crying to Rachel that the good people of Port Charles are starting to question her sanity. She tells her she realizes how her mother felt, "for the greater good you have to break the rules."

Lucy asks Alison where Kevin is. Alison tells her she doesn't know where he could have gone. Lucy asks her what happened. Alison relays all that happened with Kevin (leaving out the pitch fork incident). She tells Lucy that she went back to pack up her candles and Kevin was gone. Lucy starts to panic because she has this feeling that Kevin is in trouble. Alison tells her there must be an explanation; Kevin couldn't have disappeared into thin air (ha, ha, ho, ho).

Karen apologizes, but explains why she felt she needed to lock Frank up. She tells him after what she saw at the Recovery Room with Ricky she had to do something. She asks Frank what he sees when the feeling comes over him. Frank sees her having sex with Ricky. He asks her how she could do it when she's married.

Rafe asks Ed how he could be his father. Ed explains that he was in the travel business and he met Rafe's mother and fell in love. Rafe's mother got pregnant and Ed was thrilled. Then Ed died. Rafe asks Ed if he was ever going to tell him. Ed says no, but it has been a joy being Rafe's father in the after life. He tells Rafe that he has to let Alison go before he makes a wrong choice that will affect him for all eternity.

Lucy continues to panic and calls Mac. Mac tells her to try Kevin's cell phone. Lucy calls Kevin's cell phone and it rings. It's in the briefcase he left behind.

Karen tells Frank it's okay that she's trying to understand. She asks Frank what he meant when he said she was a married woman. She says she's afraid that maybe if they do get married he would think that because of her past that she might do something like that with another man. He tells her no he doesn't ...really.

Livvie is still sniffling over her mother. She tells her she wishes that Rachel could hug her, but tells her she understands. Livvie gets up to leave and Rachel focuses for the first time and tells her not to leave.

Rafe continues to debate the fine points of being with Alison, refusing to listen to his father. Ed says if Rafe sells his soul that it will be over and no one will be able to help him ever. Rafe is pissed and asks again if his father will help him with Alison. Ed tells him no and leaves. Rafe is about to make up his mind whether go to the dark side or continue to be a Jedi warrior, ahem, I mean angel.

Lucy opens the briefcase and finds the cell phone. This indicates to her something is very, very wrong. Lucy spies Alison's blood-soaked apron. She asks Alison what happened between her and Kevin.

Previews for Tuesday: Rachel to Livvie: You do what ever it takes to make everyone believe that it was Alison who poisoned those candles not you." Mac to Alison and Jack "The shattered watch, the blood, all the evidence in this barn points to an angry struggle between Kevin and you."

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