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Port Charles Update Friday 4/26/02

By Kathy

Rafe sits trying to talk himself into working, when all he can think about is Alison and going back to her. He is tempted to go though the "door of evil" and signing his soul away. Ed walks in and Rafe expresses his annoyance at Ed putting him in a place that would tempt him.

Alison is helping Kevin out after a falling pitchfork cuts his arm. They notice his watch has been destroyed. Alison apologizes and offers to buy him a new one. Kevin berates her for opening the shop when he told her not to do so. Alison tells him that people kept coming in, and that she was trying to call him and tell him she was still open. He tells her the candles are dangerous and about Jack's bad reaction. Kevin goes out to the car. Alison swears as he leaves that she didn't put anything dangerous in the candles.

Jack tells Lucy about Livvie lacing the candle with a hallucinogen. Livvie scoffs and tells Lucy she doesn't know what Jack is talking about. Livvie says Jack is imagining things because of his condition. She blames Alison. Lucy decides to wait until Kevin arrives before she does anything. Livvie hangs back with Jack. Jack is pissed off that Livvie didn't tell him what she did, and he wants to know why she is continuing to lie.

Rafe continues to rail at Ed about tempting him. Ed tells Rafe that this is his crossroad. That Rafe has to find that he can resist temptation before he can move on. Ed assures him the pull to Alison will lessen and he and Alison will move on. Ed tells Rafe he has to let go. Rafe yells after him that Ed doesn't ever have any answers. The phone rings. It's James, telling Rafe that he DOES have the answers. Rafe goes through the "evil" door.

Rebecca assures Alison that there is nothing wrong with the candles. She suspects that someone is doing to Alison what was done to her - persecution -- using the candles, that they fear, as weapons against Alison. Alison observes that the world hasn't changed that much. Rebecca reminds her that one thing has changed. She had to fight alone. Alison has Rebecca to help her. Rebecca tells Alison to not show fear and to do what Kevin says - pack up the shop. She holds Alison and says, "They won't get away with it this time."

Jack and Livvie continue to argue about Livvie's dishonesty. Jack says he believes Livvie that weird things were happening with the candles, but that Livvie has gone too far. He wants to know why she doesn't trust him. Livvie says all she wants is to stop Alison from getting into the same type of trouble she herself got into with Caleb. Jack tells her she has gone about it the wrong way. Alison will end up in prison. He tells her she doesn't care about anything but being right. The "Gospel according to Livvie." She tells him to shut up.

Kevin comes into the shop as Alison rifles through her candle "book of shadows." She tells him to take a look at the book and he'll see that there isn't anything dangerous in the candles. Kevin doesn't believe her. He tells her she got in over her head. He tells her about Jack and Frank. Alison says she didn't sell a candle to Frank or Jack. Kevin tells her it doesn't matter. Alison is panicking. Kevin says she put the candles out there and now they have to get them back. He tells her the shop has to close now. Alison doesn't understand why he's doing this to her. She tells him the shop is important to her because of Rafe. Kevin offers to help her pack it up. She tells him he can't make her, he says he can't but the police can. She tells him he's wrong and someday everyone will realize how wrong they all were. Kevin says he wishes that were true. He tries to comfort her. He tells her he knows how she feels about Rafe and the shop, but she's doing the right thing by closing. He tells her she is going to have to let both Rafe and the shop go.

Rafe meets up with James. He tells James to stop his sick little games and offers. He tells him to leave him alone. James points out Rafe stepped through the door on his own accord. Rafe claims it was just to get James to stop tempting him. James asks if Rafe's father didn't tell him he can only be tempted by something he truly wants. Rafe is confused with the father reference. James gives away to Rafe that Ed is his father.

Livvie is sick of the fact that everything goes back to protecting Alison. Jack tells Livvie that she is out of control. He tells her not to start a witch-hunt. Livvie tells him she is going to go so he can take a nap. Maybe then he will listen to reason. He tells her not to come back unless she comes clean. Livvie walks out.

Lucy is worried. She calls Ian in Ireland and tells him of her concerns. She tells him she wishes he were back in Port Charles.

Kevin is walking around the candle shop and spies the portrait of Rebecca. Rebecca steps out of the picture with a candle. Kevin is in shock. Rebecca lights the candle and Kevin disappears.

Previews for Monday: Alison to Lucy: "Do you know what Kevin is trying to do?" Lucy to Alison: "Yes, I do. That's why I'm here. I need to see him. Where is he? Rafe to Ed: "So it's true you are my father." Frank is struggling with two hospital guards: "Kevin Collins didn't order this." Karen enters, "No, he didn't. I did."

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