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Port Charles Update Tuesday 4/23/02

by Beth

Kevin asks Alison what's going on. She was too busy dancing, too wrapped up in the moment, to even notice he was there. It was as if she were in a trance. Alison takes offense; he's probably there because Livvie told him about her "evil" candles. Kevin explains it isn't just Livvie. The candles are much more powerful than she realizes. Alison says they're special because she makes them with so much love and care. She just wants to make people happy. Kevin tries to tell her that not all the candles are good. He thinks she should close down the shop, just for a few days until he can have some of the candles analyzed. Alison assures him there's nothing harmful among the ingredients, and scoffs at his claim that one of them caused hallucinations. She feels persecuted. People did the same thing to Rebecca. She thought she was doing a good thing and making people happy, but they didn't understand. They called her a witch and killed her. Is that what's going to happen to Alison now? Kevin assures her that history isn't repeating itself. Livvie did accuse her of being a witch, and although Kevin understands her concerns, he admits she had no right to burn Alison's things. Alison is truly hurt by all this. She just wants people to trust her. Is that too much to ask?

Kevin has a question for Alison. When he walked in, she thought she was dancing with Rafe. Is this new venture trying to fill the void he left? He's disturbed by her admission that Rebecca is all she has now. Rebecca is just a picture in a frame, but her real-life friends are worried about her. All he's asking is for her to close the shop for a couple of days while he has some tests run on the candles. In the meantime, she should give serious thought to whether this is really how she wants to spend her life. After all, Rebecca didn't have a happy life. Alison agrees that he's right about one thing. She does miss Rafe with all her heart. She wouldn't even have the shop if it weren't for him, and it's the only way she can stay close to him. Finally, she makes a decision, telling Kevin to take whatever he wants. He'll see that there's nothing harmful in them. She also promises to think about her situation. Satisfied, Kevin leaves with some candles, promising to be in touch. Alone, Alison expresses doubts. What if Kevin's right? She admits to spending too much time there, but she won't let Rafe down. Not him or anyone else. Suddenly she sees that the portrait of Rebecca is crying, and Alison is remorseful.

Lucy visits with Gail, whom she invited over to see Christina. She also wants to talk about Livvie. They hear her on the phone, telling Frank he has to get rid of a candle because it was made by a witch. Livvie is surprised to see Gail, who asks her about the witch. She brushes off the question and tries to get away, but Gail insists on visiting with her for a few minutes. It soon becomes clear that Gail is trying to determine her mental state, which angers Livvie. Gail defends Lucy, who is simply concerned about her stepdaughter. Livvie admits her side of the phone conversation did sound somewhat bizarre, but she's been under a lot of stress for the past year, and she's handling it the best she can. To add to her problems, she and Jack are fighting now. As far as the candles are concerned, Lucy should know how suspicious she'd be of anything that even remotely sounds like what she went through with Caleb. She was just trying to make a point, and she pushed it too far. Gail is understanding, and she decides to head home. Livvie is upset with Lucy for trying to sneak a psychoanalysis on her, and although Lucy admits it was a mistake, Livvie won't let it go. Lucy of all people should understand what she's going through. Lucy, with her tarot cards, crystals, and universe, would be in the loony bin herself if she had to see a shrink every time she had a premonition.

When Kevin returns from seeing Alison, Lucy admits what happened earlier, and Kevin can't believe she did it. She also admits Livvie said some things that struck a nerve. Livvie's just trying to warn them about Alison and the candles, and they should know better than to ignore one of her warnings. Kevin explains that it's all taken care of. Alison agreed to let him take some candles in for testing. Livvie, who is eavesdropping, decides to take matters into her own hands. If the candles are going to be analyzed, she has to make sure there's something in them to find. There's more than one way to destroy a witch.

Ricky puts a blanket over Karen, and it wakes her up. He didn't mean to wake her, but she says she's glad he did. Feeling the effects of the Desire candle, she pulls him down to her and kisses him passionately. When she calls him "Frank," Ricky pulls away, and she realizes she must have been dreaming. Frank starts pounding on the door and refuses to leave. Ricky opens the door and claims that Karen isn't there, but she tells him to let him in. She wants to talk to Frank alone, so Ricky leaves the room but stays nearby in case she needs help. She's glad Frank is there; she wants to work things out. This pleases Frank, who says he now knows why he keeps turning on her. It's the candle; it was burning both times it happened. He doesn't know why, but that's what happened. Suddenly he realizes it's happening again. Watching from the doorway, Ricky is bewildered.

Frank again accuses Karen of being dressed like a whore. Going back and forth between reality and his hallucination, he realizes he has to get out of there. Karen naively wants him to stay and work things out. She reaches for him, and he violently pushes her away. Ricky comes to the rescue, and Frank hits him. Karen may be a whore, but if Ricky ever touches her again, Frank will kill him. Ricky gets up and throws Frank out, with a warning not to come back. Outside, away from the candle, Frank breaks down.

Although Karen still wants to be with Frank, Ricky tells her she's better off without him. She doesn't know what's going on, but she can't stay at Ricky's anymore. Ricky won't admit that he now knows the candle is behind Frank's disturbing behavior.

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