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Port Charles Update Monday 4/22/02

By Beth

Kevin calls the Recovery Room looking for Livvie, but she walks in the door while he's on the phone. He was worried about her. Livvie thinks everyone thinks she's crazy and Alison's an innocent victim, but Kevin tells her he agrees that there's something strange about those candles. She asks what they're going to do about it, but there's a knock at the door before he can answer. He answers the door and Frank bursts in, ranting and raving about his latest lapse of reason. He thought he was fine, and he even proposed to Karen, but then he lost it and called her terrible names. He feels as if he's losing his mind. Kevin manages to stop him before he says any more with Livvie in the room. Frank didn't even realize she was there. She leaves the room but stays close by where she can eavesdrop on their conversation.

Frank relates how he came to mistreat Karen again. He was back in control, and he proposed. She accepted, and they were on Cloud Nine. Then it seemed as if something flipped a switch in his brain. Something came over him, and he thought she looked like a cheap slut. He was completely repulsed by her and couldn't touch her or even look at her. He honestly doesn't know whether his vision of her was real or imagined. With prompting from Kevin, he thinks about everything that happened leading up to his episode. He had wanted to set the mood for his marriage proposal, so he lit a candle. Kevin stops him to ask about the candle. Something is triggering an emotional response, and a candle was burning on both occasions. He doesn't know whether it's an allergy or something else, but he's going to order some tests. He needs to do something first, but he'll meet Frank afterward.

Livvie reappears and admits that she was eavesdropping. She tells Frank it's witchcraft that's affecting him, and it has to do with Alison's ancestor's candles. Her great-great-great grandmother was a witch, and now Alison is picking up where she left off. Frank thinks this is crazy, but Livvie points out that an allergy will cause an itch, hives, and sneezing, but not a psychotic reaction. They go to his house to get the candle, but it's gone. Livvie is scared. Somebody has that candle, someone who either has no idea what it can do, or who knows exactly what it's capable of. As long as it's out there, Frank is in danger.

Ricky gives Karen a cup of tea and assures her she's safe now. He doesn't understand why Frank said those terrible things to Karen, but she explains she used to be a stripper. She did that to have control over men, and over being a victim, unlike when she was ten years old and being sexually abused by her drunken mother's boyfriend. Popping pills made it easier to live with being a stripper. Ricky gives her much-deserved credit for overcoming a bad situation. Karen is sad because in all their time together, Frank never once made her feel dirty or ashamed until now. She wants to get out of Ricky's hair, but he wants her to stay; he'll gladly sleep on the couch. This way, he can be sure she's safe. She considers this briefly and agrees, sending him to her house to pick up a bag she keeps packed for long shifts at the hospital.

Ricky comes back from Karen's place, having stopped to pick up some groceries along the way. He notices that Karen is asleep on the couch. Happy to have found his candle, he lights it and places it on the table near the couch. Karen stirs, beginning to be affected by its magic.

Alison sits in front of the Love candle, which is burning on top of a stool. She talks to Rafe, asking why he won't come back to her. Remembering that she was asleep when he came to her before, she lies down, but then she sits up again. She doesn't even feel him. He needs to concentrate; he needs to think of her the same way she's thinking of him. She looks at a photo of the two of them and tells him about going to the movies alone last week and crying the whole time. She hates this place. She doesn't want to be there if he's not there. She doesn't want to be anywhere without him present. She begs him to please come back to her.

Rafe isn't interested in making a deal. James reminds him that Alison is suffering; it's so tragic. All he asked for was a little time to say goodbye, but it was against the rules. Where James comes from, the rules are much more flexible. Rafe continues to resist, but James points out that he can offer him a lifetime with Alison. They can be married in a real ceremony in the eyes of ... whomever. They'll have children and grandchildren. The image of Alison appears, telling Rafe that they're going to have a baby. Rafe knows there would be a price to pay: his soul. James informs him there's always a price for everything. Rafe refuses, and James says it must have been some other lovesick fool who cried out that he'd give anything to see her again. James answered the call; sorry if he expected someone else, but James is all he's got. Alison is aching for him. Rafe doesn't want to lose his soul, but James says it's the greatest gift a man can give the woman he loves. He looks around, sensing something. Alison is suffering. Can Rafe feel it?

Alison is telling Rafe to concentrate. She needs him so much. She tells him to come back if he loves her. Rafe covers his ears, tears streaming down his face. James tells him to end her suffering; her happiness is in his hands. Rafe orders him to stop; all he's offering is misery. It goes against everything he believes in. James points out that love can change the best of men. When Rafe steadfastly refuses to give up his soul, James accuses him of wasting his time. He thought the angel was truly in love with Alison, but obviously he's not. Otherwise, he would be willing to sacrifice something of himself for her. Saying that Rafe doesn't have what it takes, he walks away.

Kevin goes to the barn/candleshop, where he finds Alison surrounded by candles, staring at the portrait of Rebecca, and totally lost in the experience. Alarmed, he blows out most of the candles and gently puts his hand on her shoulder. She thinks Rafe has come back to her and is displeased to see that it's only Kevin.

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