PC Update Friday 4/19/02



Port Charles Update Friday 4/19/02

By Beth

Frank, seeing Karen wearing a red teddy and heavy makeup, calls her a whore. Karen doesn't understand why he's turning on her, after swearing it would never happen again. And he's always liked this dress. He tries to pry the engagement ring off her finger. Karen begs him to call Kevin, but he won't listen. She ends up giving him back the ring. Calling her a tramp, he says that marrying her would have been the worst mistake he ever made. Scared, she just wants him to leave her alone, but he doesn't care what she wants. She's the one who used her body to twist his mind and corrupt him and every other man she's ever known. Karen warns him to get away, and she throws the Desire candle at him in self defense. It goes past him and hits the floor, where the flame extinguishes. He threatens her, and she cowers in fear. Slowly, Frank's reason returns. Horrified at the way he treated her, he runs out of the house. Karen tries to phone for help. She tries her father, then Kevin, but neither answers. She almost calls Eve, then remembers her tragic fatal accident. Finally she thinks to call Ricky, and when he answers, she begs him to come get her.

Ricky arrives to pick up Karen. She can't explain, but she has to get out of there, and she's afraid to go outside alone. Ricky understands; he'll take her wherever she wants to go. Although she says she can't be there another minute, she looks around longingly and sadly before walking out the door. It can't ever be the same again. After they leave, Frank asks himself what's happening to him.

Sitting in a white room and complaining about how boring his new job is, Rafe is on Conscience Duty. There's a door marked "DO NOT ENTER." Wearing a telephone headset, he calls someone named Betty and warns her not to steal those pantyhose. Ed enters and commends him, but Rafe isn't amused. Alison's whole life is falling apart, and even her friends are turning their backs on her, and he can't go down there and help her. Ed reminds Rafe that he's the one who bent the rules in the first place; he knew his time would be limited. Rafe counters that he didn't know he'd feel this way. He asks Ed whether he's ever loved anyone, and how to stop caring about what happens to Alison when it's all his fault. He promised he wouldn't leave her without saying a real goodbye, but he broke his promise. All he's asking for is five minutes back on Earth with her. She's getting involved in things she shouldn't, just to try to reach out to him. He's the only one who can help her let go, and he can only do that by going there and talking to her. Ed explains he doesn't have the authority to let Rafe go back; it's against the rules. Rafe tells him to take his rules and go to Hell. This saddens Ed, who leaves Rafe there wishing he could take back what he said.

Jack and Jamal can't believe how fast Alison got the barn put back together and got her candleshop open for business. Although the shop is closed, they're more than welcome to pick out some candles. They explain that they're not customers. They've come to take her out of there, for her own good. She orders them to get out of her shop, but they won't leave without her. All she's been doing is fighting with Livvie, talking to Rebecca's portrait, and grieving for Rafe. Something is seriously wrong. Jamal picks her up and carries her out of the barn. Jack stays behind to take some photos. As he walks around the barn, he is spooked when he feels a chill, then hears an owl. Ready to take one more picture, he looks through the camera and sees a ghostly Rebecca walk past, but tries to convince himself it was nothing.

Jamal takes Alison back to his place, where he harps on how Rafe left her. He insists that he and Jack are just trying to help her. Alison excuses herself to splash some water on her face and take an aspirin, and when she returns, she's holding something behind her back. Jamal becomes very sleepy and can't stay awake. Once he's asleep, Alison reveals the Deep Sleep candle, which she lit while in the bathroom.

Jack takes the old camera home and starts developing the film. Although there isn't anything too unusual about the first two photos, the third is a photo of Rebecca standing outside her shop. It is identical to the one of Alison he saw earlier. Alison is living her ancestor's life all over again.

Alison returns to the barn and starts talking to Rafe. She promises to never leave the barn ever again, or to ever leave him. No one will ever keep them apart. They'll always be together, even if it's only in her dreams. Lighting the Love candle and chanting a spell, she begs Rafe to come to her.

Rafe's phone rings, confusing him. He didn't know anyone could call in; he thought the phones only worked one way. A voice claiming to be his conscience is calling. The voice, which is familiar but Rafe can't quite place, tells him to open the door. Even angels have free will. If he opens the door, he'll have all the answers. No one's watching--except his conscience, of course. Rafe decides to open the door and go through it. Noting that it's pretty dark, he keeps walking, then sees someone. It is James Richfield, Caleb's servant, and he wants to make a deal with Rafe.

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