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Port Charles Update Tuesday 4/16/02

by Dawn

Ricky finds Karen at the Nurses Station and asks if she's okay. She's embarrassed, but Ricky thinks Frank should be. Karen begins to defend Frank, but Ricky stops her. He came to make sure Karen is okay, and even though she swears she is, he doesn't believe her.

Kevin opens the door to his office to find Frank pacing in the hallway. He apologizes for showing up, and asks Kevin for help. Something is wrong and he needs to talk to Kevin.

Jack calls Ali and asks to talk to her about Rebecca. He's on his way to the barn, but Ali tells him no. She offers to come see him and hangs up. Ali is sitting in the barn inside a circle of candles, reading Rebecca's book.

Livvie heard him on the phone and is glad that Jack got her to leave the barn. Jack admits that Ali didn't want him there, but Jack doesn't now why. Livvie is sure that an evil force is behind it. Jack wonders if they're all overreacting. Surprising Jack, Livvie leaves them alone to talk because Ali might listen better to Jack on his own. Outside, Livvie whispers to herself that Ali will thank her someday for this.

Ali blows out all the candles and Rebecca asks her where she's going. When Ali explains that she has to go see a friend, Rebecca advises her that it's not wise to leave now when she has so much to learn. Ali insists that she needs a break. Rebecca warns her to be careful about whom she trusts. Not everyone wishes her well, sometimes even those closest to her. Rebecca tells her to run along and Ali promises to be right back.

Alone, Rebecca wonders what kind of friend Ali is going to see.

Karen tells Ricky that it's none of his business what happens between her and Frank. He has no right to judge Frank based on one incident. Ricky reminds her that it's not the first time he's had a run in with Frank. They had words over Casey. Karen admits that he has a good reason to not like Frank, but she loves him. She's knows Frank forever and she knows that is won't happen again. Ricky is worried about her because she's counting on Frank mellowing like he did last night. Karen realizes that he was watching them. Ricky admits to staying outside the house until he was sure Karen was safe.

Jack lets Ali in and she wants to know what he wanted. Jack starts to tell her about the strange things related to Rebecca. First he mentions the camera that takes pictures of people that disappear. He starts to repeat the things that Jamal and Livvie found out, but Ali doesn't want to hear it.

Livvie enters the barn to find Ali's candles. She remembers her dream and the similarities scare her. Staring at the portrait, Livvie realizes that Ali has turned the barn into a shrine to Rebecca. Livvie calls it a witch's den.

Ricky doesn't understand he hung out because he was worried about her. Karen is afraid that she's giving him the wrong idea. Ricky admits that he misses Casey, but he's not into Karen. He's just worried about her as a friend. He knows that Karen is Frank's girl and he just wants to be friends with her. Ricky insists that he wants to watch her back when Frank is psycho. Karen swears it won't happen again. Ricky knows it was the first time, but what if the first time is not the last time. He's seen it before, but before he can continue, Karen stops him. Giving her his phone number, Ricky promises that if she ever needs help, he'll be her personal Superman. Finally Karen laughs, but she's convinced that whatever got into Frank won't happen again.

Kevin tells Frank to start from the beginning. Frank describes feeling violent and angry. When Kevin asks him what happened before that, he remembers Karen being in the kitchen with Ricky and catching them about to kiss. Shocked, Kevin wonders if that's what caused Frank to feel that way, but Frank knows it was nothing, and Karen explained to him. They talked it out and started to dance. They lit a candle and were getting romantic. The next thing he knew he was screaming and pushing Karen. Frank admits to a silent Kevin that he called Karen a whore. All he remembers is feeling like he was burning up and suddenly going from loving her to hating her. All Karen was doing was getting close to him, and he begs Kevin to help him figure out what could have made him do it.

While listening to Frank, Kevin is writing on a pad. The word candle is circled several times.

Ali swears that Rebecca was hounded and executed for something she didn't do. Ali knows Livvie thinks it's like Caleb, but it's not. All Ali wants is for Jack to believe her, but he stops her. Evil or not, he wants to look into it, and asks her if she knows about the curse Rebecca put on Port Charles. Laughing, Ali asks him if he really believes Rebecca is a witch. To Jack, it explains a lot. Ali demands to know if he thinks Rebecca was responsible for Caleb. Jack asks her for a reason to not believe Rebecca is a witch. All Jack wants to do is look through her stuff and if she has nothing to hide, it shouldn't be a problem Ali hesitates.

Livvie takes all of Rebecca's things, telling the portrait that she'd going to get rid of her for good so she can't hurt Ali.

Ricky is not happy to hear that Karen believes that Frank will never do it again. He tells her to call him if Frank ever gets out of control again. They both lost good friends and he swears that he's not hitting on her, but he just needs another friend. Karen admits that they both might. As Karen watches Ricky leave, Frank approaches her. He's been looking for her. She is happy to hear that he just came from Kevin's office and he's trying to make sure that it never happens again. She needed to hear it. Frank knows she was afraid and he promises to make it up to her. Smiling, they kiss.

Ricky watches them from the elevator and decides that he's going to see about that.

Kevin reviews his notes about Frank, but he keeps thinking about the candle. Making a list of names, he remembers the things that have been said to him recently. Frank's words about the candle, Ian's words at the memorial about lighting the candle, then Lucy telling him about Victor and Mary, then Chris. Kevin remembers that they couldn't stop after being around the candle. Suddenly he grabs the phone and calls Lucy, asking her to come over and talk about the candle shop.

Livvie is burning everything outside the barn. Ali and Jack find her and Ali can't believe it.


Doree smiles and Chris and informs him that she has to frisk him. Chris smiles at her declaration.

Kevin tells Lucy that he doesn't want her to open the candle shop because the candles aren't as harmless as she thinks they are.

Ali jerks the Love candle out of Livvie's hand, ordering her to not touch it.

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