PC Update Monday 4/15/02



Port Charles Update Monday 4/15/02

By Beth

Ian sits in his chair and looks out the window. Making a decision, he picks up Danny and tells him he knows what they have to do.

Kevin and Lucy share some wine. Lucy is surprised that Kevin invited Ian to stay with them, but she's not surprised the offer wasn't accepted. She wonders whether it had anything to do with the Comfort candle burning down. Kevin has no idea what she's talking about, so she fills him in on what she knows about the candles. He's skeptical, but Lucy insists they're working their magic all over Port Charles. First she saw the portrait of Rebecca, who looks exactly like Paige. She thinks it must be the portrait that was missing from Paige's family gallery. Maybe Rebecca was the black sheep. Why else would the painting be hidden away for a hundred years? Lucy doesn't think this has anything to do with the candles, because they seem good. There was Ian's experience, which Kevin already knows about. Then Victor and Mary must have been exposed to a candle of some kind, because Lucy caught them going at it like rabbits on the couch. Hearing this about his father, Kevin yells and jumps up off the couch. Lucy adds that Chris had an experience with them as well, and he was all over a female cop he didn't know, but Kevin isn't surprised by that. Lucy's own experience with the Warmth candle doesn't sway his skepticism. Lucy announces that she's going into business with Alison; she's going to finance her candle shop and provide business advice. Kevin thinks the candles should be tested first, since a lot of harmful drugs were legal back when they were made. Lucy can't believe they contain any drugs, and Kevin wants to pursue his argument but is interrupted by the doorbell. It is Ian and Danny.

Ian thanks Kevin for his offer to stay with them, but he wants a complete change of scenery. Therefore, he's taking Danny to Ireland. Kevin doesn't necessarily agree with his decision but he understands and respects it. Lucy protests; he dropped into their lives out of nowehere, and now he wants to just disappear?!? They recall the day they met, when Lucy was grieving the loss of Christina, and Ian told her that no matter how dark things get, there could always be a happy ending. Ian doesn't think he can believe that anymore. He's not changing his mind, and he's not sure when they'll be back. He's just going to take it one day at a time. Lucy gives him the Warmth candle, explaining it's not the same as the other one. He should light it if he feels cold and lonely, then he'll know there are people in Port Charles thinking of him and wanting to help. He thanks her for the candle and stops Danny from trying to chew on it. They leave, and outside he tells his son they'll be all right as long as they have each other.

After collapsing on the kitchen floor, Frank is gasping for breath. He needs air. Karen and Ricky help him to a chair outside, and Ricky goes back to retrieve Karen's medical bag. Panicked, Frank asks what's happening to him. He doesn't understand, and neither does Karen. She wants to know how he could say those hurtful things to her, but he swears he has no idea. Saying he's fine, he goes inside to get some water. The Desire candle is still burning, and Frank, again in its presence, becomes enraged. Ricky still wants to take Karen away from Frank, but she refuses. In fact, she wants to talk to Frank alone. Ricky protests but she's serious, so he leaves, promising to check back with her later. Karen goes back inside. Frank turns on Karen again, scaring her. Then he complains about the smell and puts out the candle, and his mood changes again. His head hurts tremendously. Karen doesn't know what to think. She's always trusted him, and he just brought back a lot of horrible feelings. Frank swears he didn't mean a word of it, and he promises she can trust him to never do that again.

Alison is convinced that Rafe was there with her. Rebecca emerges from the portrait and inquires about her dreams. Alison tells her it wasn't a dream; Rafe touched her. They laughed, danced, and made love. The candle brought him to her. Rebecca tells her not to be silly; the candle was merely the doorway that helped her experience her love for Rafe, in her heart and mind, but he wasn't actually there. Alison tells her to explain how the rose got there. Surprised at this, Rebecca doesn't know how that happened. The only explanation is that Alison must have a gift, just like hers. She's suspected it since Alison was a little girl. Alison is thrilled. Maybe she can bring Rafe back. Rebecca assures her that anything's possible when it comes to love. Maybe Rafe really was there with her. Alison is happy that Rebecca is here. She can't believe anyone would ever think she was evil, because she represents nothing but beauty and magic, and made it possible for her to see Rafe again. Rebecca tells her to give herself some credit; Alison believes in the power of her love for Rafe.

Alison won't be swayed; she's convinced it's all in the candles. She wants to light one and bring Rafe to her instead of just talking about him. Rebecca stops her; a gift like hers must be used carefully. Using it only for personal gain is a terrible abuse of privilege. The candles were created to make others' lives fuller and richer. Thinking about how the town turned against Rebecca, Alison thinks maybe this should just be their little secret. Rebecca reminds her that it's a new century and people are more open-minded about such things. Alison wants to know what to do about Rafe, but Rebecca tells her they'll deal with that later. This gift carries a great responsibility and needs to be shared with others. Rebecca needs her help. Alison can right a great wrong and fix what was nearly destroyed a century ago. Alison feels honored to be able to help her. She will continue Rebecca's work, and this time people will believe. Alison says she and Lucy can open up a candle shop in the barn as Lucy suggested, but she doesn't know much about candles. Rebecca will teach her everything she needs to know.

They begin making candles, using tears of a lover, baby's breath, wood moss, rose hips, sage, cinnamon, and lavender. Warning her not to spill any, Rebecca tells Alison she's always envisioned having a daughter to share her work with; she's grateful to have her great-great-great granddaughter. After adding all the ingredients, Alison must repeat a spell, truly believing the words she's saying: "Breaking free, moving high, aiming up towards the sky. Floating, soaring ever on, days of want are all long done." The two of them say the words together, then Rebecca slowly withdraws and returns to the portrait while Alison continues to chant the spell.

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