PC Update Friday 4/12/02



Port Charles Update Friday 4/12/02

By Beth

Franks demands to know what's going on. He knows what he saw; Karen and Ricky looked as if they were about to kiss. Karen explains that they were just having a heart-to-heart talk about how to deal with loss. She's insulted that Frank would think anything else was going on. He tells her that he trusts her, but Ricky was taking advantage of her kindness and making a move on her. Ricky points out he doesn't know why Karen would have anything to do with Frank. Admonished by Karen, Ricky apologizes. Frank claims he was just reacting to what he saw, and Karen warns him that things aren't always what they seem. Nothing happened. Ricky thanks her for everything and leaves. Karen tells Frank that putting him and Ricky in the same room is like a testosterone tournament. Sighing, Frank apologizes. She reminds him that Ricky is in love with Casey, and he's trying to deal with the fact that she's gone. He's confused and feeling very abandoned. Regardless, Frank can't work up any sympathy for him. He notices that Ricky didn't take his things with him, and Karen is sure he'll be back for them sometime. She wants to forget about him for now and focus on the two of them.

Frank turns on some music, and Karen lights the Desire candle that Ricky left behind. As they dance, Frank starts sniffing the air, and a look of revulsion comes over his face. Suddenly, he pushes her away and tells her to stop. He says he can't catch his breath. He needs a minute to just try to breathe. Karen jokes about being flattered she took his breath away, and Frank admits he's always said that about her, but for it to literally come true is weird. As she tries to help him, Ricky returns for his things, and Frank goes ballistic, calling Karen a whore. She is shocked, and Ricky repeats that nothing happened between them. Disgusted by her immodesty, Frank throws her something to cover up her pajamas. Karen is scared. Ricky defends her and threatens to punch Frank out. He tries to get Karen out of there. Suddenly, Frank collapses on the floor.

Jack develops another photo and sees Rebecca, who then vanishes. In the living room, Livvie wants to help Alison, who's trapped in the fireplace behind the candles. Trying to pull her out, she reaches her hand into the fire and screams. Jack comes running and is stunned when Livvie keeps yelling about having to help someone who's in the fire. Trying to calm her down, he assures her that no one is in the fire; it was just a bad dream. Livvie insists she saw Alison; they have to help her. Jack points out that she's worried. They all are. He looks at her hand and runs to get some ice. Livvie explains that at first, she knew it was a nightmare. She saw Alison trapped in a ring of candles. When she woke up, she looked at the flames and saw Alison's face. She looked really terrified, and she was trying to call out, but no words came out. Livvie knows she's really in trouble. Jack agrees that Alison might be in over her head, but before they can really help her, they have to figure out what they're up against. Livvie doesn't want him fooling around with the camera, but he thinks it could hold the key. He fills her in on the second photo from which Rebecca disappeared. He needs to know more before he can bury the camera in the yard. Jack wants to talk to Alison, who he thinks has some other photos. She wouldn't listen to Jamal, but that was different because of their past. Jack thinks she trusts him. It's worth a try. Livvie is still worried that it's already gone too far. What if Alison isn't really Alison anymore? Jack thinks she's overreacting but won't say as much. He points out there's nothing in the fire. He wants to take it one step at a time and do it his way. Livvie reluctantly agrees. When he returns to the darkroom, Livvie thinks about her nightmare. She tells an absent Jack that she's not going to let Alison make the same mistake she made. Alison won't like what she's going to do, but she has to help her.

In the barn, Alison can't believe Rafe is standing in front of her. Rafe says it doesn't matter how he came back; the important thing is that they're together. Alison touches him and realizes that he's real. She feels as if her heart has been aching for a thousand years, but now here he is. They make love, and Alison feels complete for the first time since he left. He produces a rose, and she's delighted that he has his magic back. Happy, Alison wants to dance. He lifts her and spins her around, then dips her for the grand finale. As she's telling him not to let her go, she awakens beside the candle, where she fell asleep. Saddened by the realization that it was just a dream, she asks Rafe to please make this real for her. She then asks the portrait of Rebecca what happened. It all felt so real. She looks at the candle, which is no longer lit, and sees the rose Rafe gave her.

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