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Port Charles Update Thursday 4/11/02

by Dawn

Karen is alone in the kitchen and she hears someone in the basement. As Ricky exits the basement, she hits him with the frying pan and knocks him to the ground.

Jack is developing the film again remembering how Rebecca was gone when he tried to show it to Jamal and Livvie.

Ali begins to light the Love candle and Lucy enters. Seeing the portrait of Rebecca, Lucy canít get over the resemblance.

Karen checks Rickyís head. Sheís not happy that he came in without knocking or calling. Ricky is afraid to tell Karen whatís happening to him. Karen knows that he misses Casey and heís seeing her everywhere. Ricky is stunned that she understands. 

Ali shows Lucy the portrait, but she tells her that itís not the Paige that Rafe was talking about. Lucy apologizes for scaring Ali, and she knows that Ali was expecting Rafe. Ali knows that Rafe isnít coming back. Lucy apologizes for her cousin because she doesnít understand why Rafe left her. Ali doesnít want to talk about it, and Lucy understands that. Sheís there to talk about the candles and she explains to Ali the effect it had on Victor and Mary. Lucy mentions the candle that Ian received and from Aliís expression, Lucy realizes that the candle came from Ali. Ali insists that she wanted to help, and Lucy explains that it did help. As far as Lucy is concerned, the candles have powers. Ali explains to Lucy that they only have what you hold in your heart, and Lucy is curious to know how Ali knows that. Ali covers by saying that sheís going through Rebeccaís things. The fact that a Barrington was a simple candle maker amuses Lucy. So does the portrait, and Lucy remarks that it looks like Rebecca could actually stand up and walk out of it. Stunned, Ali agrees. Explaining to Ali that she believes in the power of candles and crystals, Lucy asks if she can try one of the candles. Without showing Lucy the bottom of the candle, Ali lights one for her. The effect it has on Lucy is immediate and extreme warmth and healing energy. Smiling, Ali shows Lucy that the candle is labeled warmth. Smiling, Lucy informs Ali that she has a gold mine.

Ricky doesnít understand, itís not like he and Casey were part of a romantic couple. Karen accuses him of loving her, but Ricky wonít admit it. What he does admit is that it will not happen to him again. Karen offers him a glass of wine and she tries to explain to him that sheís been there and she knows what itís like. But if he wants to feel the incredible feeling that comes with being in love, he has to be open to feeling to rotten side of it as well. Karen tries to convince him that something just as amazing could be waiting for him just around the corner, but Ricky doesnít believe it. Smiling, he begins to describe Casey to Karen. How he thought he knew everything about her, but she kept surprising him. When he tells Karen about Caseyís attitude being an act, he knows itís hard to believe. Smiling, Karen knows that love just snuck up on him, but thatís the best kind of love. Ricky smiles at her. He canít believe that he snuck in, got bashed over the head, and isnít headed for Jail. Taking Karenís hand, he thanks her for listening.

Ali is confused, but Lucy explains that she wants to share the magic. Lucy asks Ali if Rebecca had recipes, and Ali doesnít know. Lucy wants to open a candle shop, which shocks Ali, and she isnít sure. Lucy asks her if she wants to simply give them away, and Ali admits that making a little money wouldnít be so bad. It takes Lucy a few seconds of rambling to decide that the barn is the perfect place to make them and sell them. When Ali reminds Lucy that the barn isnít hers, Lucy promises to take care of that. Ali still isnít sure, but Lucy is convinced that it will be great. Suddenly hugging Lucy, Ali thanks her for not thinking sheís off her rocker like everyone else does. Lucy knows that everyone has their own way of grieving, and she also knows that people donít always understand. Ali is grateful to know that Lucy understands. Ali admits to her that she was lighting the love candle for Rafe. Looking at Ali, Lucy makes her promise that if she needs anything sheíll call. Taking the warmth candle with her, Lucy leaves Ali to light the candle alone.

Alone, Ali lights the Love candle and begs Rafe to come back to her.

Jack wonders where Rebecca is, and why sheís not appearing again in the same picture.

Livvie is asleep on the sofa. She has a dream of Ali calling out to her for help. As Livvie tries to get to her, there are candles between them that are engulfed in flames. Ali screams that the candles are too powerful and she canít get out. Ali begs for help as Livvie tries to get in.

Karen thinks itís great to feel that way, but Ricky canít stand the thought that Casey will never be there again. Karen promises him that time will heal his heart and no one can take his memories away from him. Thanking her again, Ricky stands to leave. Asking him to knock next time, Karen kisses him on the cheek. Frank sees her and demands to know what the hell is going on.

Jack watches the last picture develop and sees Rebecca in it. 

Livvie sits up screaming for Ali. Trying to convince herself that she had a bad dream, she goes to the fireplace, but she sees Aliís face in the fire, still screaming for help.

Ali watches the candle and calls out to Rafe. Begging him to come back to her, she lies down and closes her eyes. Rafe enters and looks at her.


Livvie orders Jack to stop trying to tell her that Ali isnít in trouble. Livvie knows she is.

Ali asks Rafe is he came back to make all of her dreams come true, and Rafe advises her that it doesnít matter why heís there, as long as theyíre together.

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