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Port Charles Update Wednesday 4/10/02

By Beth

After hitting Chris with his nightstick, Officer Jim tells Chris not to move, and asks Doree, his partner, whether she's okay. Despite being ordered to stay put, Chris gets up. He tries to explain that they were just dancing, but the policeman won't listen. He knows what he saw; it was attempted assault on an officer of the law, as well as lewd and lascivious behavior. Doree picks up the candle and hides it behind her back. Jim is ready to arrest Chris, but Doree tells her partner to let it go. He accuses her of being too easy on Chris. Innocent of any wrongdoing, Chris tries to explain that while it may have looked improper, it wasn't. Just ask Victor and Mary. Suddenly Victor and Mary come running wildly into the room, and he's chasing her with a rope. They're mortified to see that they're not alone. Lucy comes into the pub, saying she saw the police car as she was driving by. Indicating Chris, Officer Jim says the drunken brute was all over his partner. Lucy interrupts Chris as he insults the other man, saying that Doctor Ramsey has the utmost respect for the police. They've all suffered a terrible loss and just aren't themselves. On hearing that Chris is a doctor, Doree becomes even more interested. She tells her partner they should just leave. She's fine. In fact, she's never been better. She winks at Chris as they leave, and she still has the candle behind her back.

Lucy demands to know what's going on, and Mary and Victor explain that this simply happens whenever the candle is lit. Mention of the candle makes them look for it, and they panic when they can't find it. Lucy offers to get them another one, but they say it wouldn't be the same. Realizing it's the one Victor paid $50 for, she wants to know what's so special about it. Victor and Mary say it makes them out of control. One whiff is all it takes. Lucy realizes that's what happened when she found them on her couch; they just couldn't help themselves. She runs to Chris and asks him whether that's why he jumped on Doree, but he insists he didn't, although he admits there was something in the air. The only thing he knows about candles is that Ricky has one, and he told Chris that he sees Casey when he lights it. Chris saw this one and thought he'd light it and maybe see Eve. Then Doree walked in and came onto him. Needing to get some air, Chris walks outside and is approached by Doree.

Lucy wants to know everything about those candles. When she learns they were in the boxes sent to the auction by Amanda Barrington, she wants to know where they are now. On her way out, she runs into Chris and Doree, who claims she's apologizing for her overprotective partner. Alone now, Doree waves the candle in front of Chris, who is obviously nervous. She slips him her number and says to call her.

Kevin knocks on Ian's door but no one answers. He calls out that he knows Ian's in there. He tries the door, and finding it unlocked, he lets himself in. Ian is sitting in the dark, watching a home video of Eve and Danny. Kevin tells him that Lucy went to the store and picked up some things, so he came by to drop them off. They're both worried about Ian. Ian thanks him but says he's busy, so please leave. Instead, Kevin turns on the lamp and takes the remote from Ian, angering his friend. Ian lunges for the remote and falls, not letting Kevin help him up. He doesn't want his help, his sympathy, or his advice. He's not ready. If he wants to sit in the dark and watch a video of Eve, he will. He's not going to get rid of her things and pretend she never existed. He can't do that. He doesn't want to foregt one minute he got to spend with her. He won't forget all the time he wasted playing hero to Ariana, Amy, and everyone else except his wife. Kevin tells him to stop punishing himself; Eve's death wasn't his fault.

Kevin thinks Ian and Danny should move in with him and Lucy, just for a little while. They've hired a nanny for Christina, and she and Serena would love to have Danny around to play with. Ian asks why he's doing this, considering their history. Kevin thinks he's probably doing it for Eve. Ian doesn't think it matters where he lives; the whole town is cursed. Kevin believes people all have their own curse as well as the ability to overcome it. Tossing the key to the lighthouse on the couch, Kevin says it's up to Ian whether or not to use it.

Rebecca tells Alison she knows what she's going through, but all she has to do is light the Love candle and Rafe will come back to her. She just has to believe it will work. Alison doesn't know what to believe. How can she believe that when she just found out that Rebecca was hanged for murder? She wants the truth now or else Rebecca should just go back where she came from. Rebecca admits that it's true, but they hanged her without any evidence. All she did was help the minister fake his own death so that he could be with the woman he loved--a woman of ill repute. He thought that by leaving his bloody clothing in the woods, the townspeople would think he was killed by a wild animal. However, they chose instead to believe that Rebecca had murdered him. With no evidence against her, they took her child away and sentenced her to hang. She did place a curse on the town, promising that every bad thing that would possibly rain down on them from Heaven or Hell would, from that day forward. However, she was only a candlemaker; she couldn't curse anything. The town was just caught up in hysteria. Now she sees that Alison is starting to doubt her. She wants her to be happy, and seeing Rafe would make her happy. She can make him appear simply by believing. Alison isn't sure. Rebecca tells her the Love candle is there if she chooses to use it, then returns to the portrait. Alison wants to believe Rafe can come back. Ian was comforted by a candle, and Rafe saw one and didn't think there was anything wrong with it. Finally, she believes. She gets the candle and starts to light it.

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