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Port Charles Update Tuesday 4/9/02

by Dawn

Ricky stares out the window of the Recovery Room. Victor offers to settle the bill, but Ricky wants another soda. Mary enters the dining room with the candle and Victor is ready to throw Ricky out. Mary suggests not lighting the candle tonight, but Victor wonít hear of that. Ricky walks back to the window as Chris enters.

Chris enters drunk and announces that heís run out of vermouth. Victor makes his martini and Chris stares at Ricky. He asks Ricky what heís looking for, telling Ricky that heís bored. Ricky tells him a girl that disappeared.  Thatís the story of Chrisís life, and he offers to buy Ricky a drink and tell him all about disappearing women.

Jack asks Livvie what her fortune cookie said. When she shrugs, he opens her fortune cookie and pretends to read it. Sheís going to have dinner with a handsome man that loves her. She doesnít attempt to be amused. Jack knows that Livvie is thinking about Rebecca. Livvie is shocked that her best friendís ancestor is a witch and murderer. Jack points out that Rebecca was accused. Going to the candle Ali gave her, Livvie shows Jack the word trouble on the bottom of it. She demands to know who would write that on a candle. Jack still doesnít think itís a big deal. Livvie refuses to take chances and throws the candle in the fireplace.

Ali tells Paige that she will do anything to get closer to Rafe. Jamal enters the barn and Ali is alone. He asks her if she expects the portrait to talk back to her.

Chris tells Ricky the problem with women is that they leave. He admits that men do, too, but at least men give excuses or lie before the leave. Ricky accuses him of drinking, and Chris corrects him. A martini is not an average drink. He and his best friend developed a tolerance for martinis. They never got over sentimental on them, so Chris wants Ricky to know that itís not the martinis talking. Ricky tells him that his girl died, then he lit this trippy candle and heís been seeing the dead girl, but sheís not dead. Chris thinks Ricky is crazy, and Ricky is disappointed that there isnít a medical reason for whatís happening to him. Thanking Chris, Ricky leaves him to his martini. Chris decides itís time for another, and he goes behind the bar to make one. As he searches for everything he needs, he finds the Lust candle. Remembering the candle Ricky told him about, he lights it and asks Eve if she wants to join him for a cocktail. Deciding heís stupid and drunk, Chris leaves the lit candle on the bar and goes into the kitchen. Victor and Mary enter the dining room begin to clean up. Smelling the candle, Victor turns and stares at Mary, who is having the same dirty thoughts. They grab each other and kiss. When Mary tells him she needs help with heavy lifting in the storage room, Victor takes her hand and runs behind her.

After they disappear, a female cop enters and calls out for someone. Chris enters with a plate of food and walks by the cop as she smells the candle. Carrying the candle, the cop approaches him. As Chris moves to sit down, he realizes that the cop is standing behind him with the candle, staring at him.

Ali tells Jamal that she wasnít talking to the portrait. She was talking to herself. Jamal is worried about her being alone. He thinks sheís been spending too much time with Rebeccaís things, but he understands how it can be easier to deal with the past then the present. Ali denies that sheís avoiding, but Jamal knows that a lot of people have let her down, himself, Jack, Livvie and Rafe. When he accuses Rafe of taking off on her, Ali is furious. As far as Ali is concerned, none of them understand. Jamal asks hr to explain, but itís none of his business. Jamal tells her that he cares about her, and so does Jack and Livvie. When Ali responds that she wants to be by herself, Jamal accuses her of wanting to hide out and talk to a picture of a witch. He thinks she needs to deal with the fact that Rafe left her, and Ali gets it. Itís not about Rafe, itís about Jamal, and he wants her back. Jamal asks her if that would be so bad. 

Chris doesnít get it. He promises the cop that the owners of the restaurant know him and wonít mind him getting his own food. She says nothing, so Chris continues. He admits that heís been drinking, but heís not drunk and he has no intention of driving. The cop says nothing, but sheís moved closer and sheís practically drooling at him. Nervous, Chris asks her if heís under arrest. She takes her hair down and moves closer.

Ricky is outside trying to convince himself that Casey is never coming back. A girl walks by that looks like Casey. Chasing her, Ricky grabs her hand and turns her around to stare at her. 

Livvie wants nothing to do with Rebecca and she wants to be sure the witchcraft canít touch them. Jack promises to not let anything happen to either of them. Livvie begs him to stay away from all of Rebeccaís things. Jack wonít let anything come between them. They kiss and tell each other how much they love each other.

Ali tells Jamal that what she had with Rafe was special, but Jamal doesnít want to hear it. He wishes Rafe had never come to town and Ali could forget him. Jamal does want her back and he hates to see her locked away because she misses that wimpy jerk. Ali gets furious with him for talking about Rafe like that. She doesnít understand why itís wrong to be in a place that was special to her. And she informs Jamal that Rebecca was not a witch, no matter what Livvie told him. Jamal tries to fill her in on what they know, but Ali doesnít want to hear it. When Jamal tells her about Rebecca being convicted of murder and being hanged, Ali is adamant that Rebecca never told her any of that and they never talked about any of that. Jamal asks Ali if she really believes that Rebecca talks to her.

The girl Ricky grabbed is not Casey and she screams at him. He apologizes and the girl asks him if heís okay. He admits that heís not. His girl is gone and he misses her. The girl he grabbed offers to buy him coffee, but he declines. Wishing him luck, she leaves. He whispers to himself that he is crazy.

The cop holding on to Chris begins to unbutton her shirt and Chris compares it to a bad porn movie, then he rethinks that and decides that itís a good porn movie. Beginning to enjoy this, Chris begins to kiss the cop and she lays down across the table. Her male partner enters and thinks Chris is attacking his partner. Ordering Chris to let her go, he clubs Chris with his nightstick and knocks him to the ground.

Watching Livvie sleep on the sofa, Jack kisses her head and promises that he can handle this.

Stunned, Jamal asks Ali again if Rebecca talks to her. Ali asks him what heíll think if she says that Rebecca told her the entire story. Jamal thinks Ali really needs help if she believes it. Ali knows that Jamal will only believe what he wants to believe. He begs her to go somewhere, anywhere with him and talk, but she refuses. Heís upset that she wants to stay alone in an old barn, but her reaction tells him that itís more then an old barn to her. She admits to him that it was a special place for her and Rafe. That only convinces him that being there isnít good for her. She reminds him that itís not his decision anymore whatís good for her and what isnít, and she begs him to go. Finally, he agrees, but makes sure she knows that heís not bailing on her again, and if she needs anything heíll help. After heís gone, Ali moves to the carving of her and Rafeís name, whispering that everything is falling apart since he left. When she says that no one understands, Rebecca says that she does and reaches for Aliís hand. Rebecca knows what Ali needs and she can bring Rafe back to her. Ali is confused because Rebecca said she couldnít to that before. But now that Rebecca sees how much pain Ali is in, she begs Ali to let her help.


Kevin tells Ian that he thinks it would be good from him to stay at the lighthouse with him and Lucy.  

Rebecca tells Ali that the candle is there, and itís Aliís choice to use it or not.

Lucy asks Victor and Mary what is so special about the candle. Victor and Mary admit that it makes them lose control. Lucy gets it and sheís sorry she does.

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