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Port Charles Update Monday 4/8/02

By Beth

The Comfort candle is burning low when Lucy arrives at Ian's. She wants to know why he turned away the perfectly good nanny she sent over, and he says he doesn't need a stranger to help him raise his son. In that case, he's just going to have to let her help with Danny. Looking around the mess, she starts to blow out the candle, but Ian shouts at her to stop. There's something very special about that candle; there's magic in it. Lucy recognizes it as the one she found on his doorstep and tells him she thinks she can get another one, but he doesn't want another. He thinks Eve left this one. When he lit the candle, it felt as if she were holding him in her arms. Then he found Eve's gift, and Danny's blanket appeared in his crib. The candle must have come from Eve. Ian apologizes for jumping down Lucy's throat, but he really didn't want her to blow out that candle. He knows it won't burn forever, and he knows he has to accept that Eve is gone, but he's just not ready yet. They put Danny to bed and Lucy mentions that she's worried about him. He looks so tired. He admits it hurts to sleep, because he knows he has to wake up. They give each other a hug, and Lucy leaves. When Ian picks up the family photo, he sees the candle go out. Panicking, he tries to relight it but none of the matches work. He trashes the place in frustration. How is he supposed to live without Eve? The candle is now on its side, and the wax is melting through the word etched on the bottom.

Jack is in his darkroom developing the photo he took of Alison. He's surprised the film didn't fall apart, considering its age, but the picture is actually very clear. He's shocked to see that Alison isn't the only person in the photo; Rebecca is right there with her. He knows that's not possible unless Livvie is right and Rebecca was a witch. He carefully puts the photo in a folder and goes to find Jamal.

At the bike shop, Livvie and Jamal are still reading the old newspaper articles she copied at the library. They know that Rebecca was hanged for black magic, which she denied practicing. According to one article, she went crazy when her true love left her. She locked herself away and started making candles. The people of Port Charles were afraid of her candles, so they sent the town minister to ask her to stop making them. He was never heard from again, and his bloody clothes were found in the woods outside the candle shop. Livvie is worried; this is even worse than she thought. Rebecca wasn't just a witch; she was a cold-blooded killer. They continue reading. Before Rebecca was hanged, she cursed the town of Port Charles. Jamal thinks that's crazy, but Livvie reminds him of all they've been through. After the hanging, the townspeople placed the body in a room to await burial, but when they came back for it, the body was gone.

Jack runs into the bike shop with the camera and photo. He wants to talk to Jamal alone and isn't pleased to see Livvie there. When she questions him, he admits that the camera was Rebecca's. This angers Livvie; he helped Alison find her ancestor's things against her wishes. She knows he's hiding something and she wants to know what it is. He tells them about the picture he took, but when he shows it to them, Rebecca's no longer there. He insists she was, and Livvie believes him. She fills him in on what they learned. She's really worried about Alison. Jamal goes to find her and talk to her. Livvie is terrified, but Jack tries to reason with her. Rebecca died over 100 years ago, and now she's just a picture in a frame. Whatever she did was in the past. She's not real, not anymore. They agree to just leave it alone. As they start to lock up the shop, Livvie makes Jack leave the camera there; she doesn't want it in the house.

In the barn, Alison talks about feeling alone. Suddenly she hears a voice tell her she's not alone, and never has been. She looks around and is stunned when Rebecca steps out of the portrait. She must be imagining this. Rebecca assures her that it's not her imagination. Hugging her great-great-great granddaughter, Rebecca says she missed her terribly, and she's finally back. Alison doesn't understand how this could be happening, but Rebecca tells her it's because she believed. Alison has always had an open heart and mind. Her love and need for Rebecca brought her to life. Children are often able to do that. Rebecca was sad when Alison stopped visiting her, but she's glad she found her again. It's a rare adult who has such faith and an unfettered heart. Alison attributes this to Rafe, who showed her so much. Rebecca senses that the barn is a special place for Alison and Rafe; she feels their love in the air. She asks why she's in the barn instead of the attic, and Alison explains what happened. Rebecca tells her she wasn't a witch, just a candle maker. She used powerful scents to alter emotions, but they would only enhance what's in the heart. There's nothing sinister about them, but people didn't understand. When people felt the effect of one of her candles, they labeled it black magic and called her a witch.

Alison tells her it's a shame she lived when she did. She was ahead of her time. Aromatherapy is accepted now, and a lot of people buy this type of candle. She mentions that her favorite is jasmine and rose. Alison tells Rebecca her candles were beautiful, but she did notice that some of the words on them aren't so nice. Rebecca explains that when she was accused of witchcraft, she got a bit mischievous, but the candles are only as powerful as people will allow. If a heart is pure, it will only do good. If not, it will help them see the light. Alison shows her the box of candles, mentioning that they're still working their magic. Rebecca abruptly asks what she means, and Alison says she gave the Comfort candle to a friend whose wife died and he said he felt peace. She also lit the Love candle to feel close to Rafe. She asks whether she might see him again, and Rebecca wishes she could make that happen. Alison has a great gift for making the impossible possible. Alison admits she would do just about anything to feel close to Rafe because he was the best thing that's ever happened to her. The door slowly opens, and Jamal enters, startling Alison.

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