PC Update Friday 4/5/02



Port Charles Update Friday 4/5/02

By Beth

Ricky is at the Recovery Room, but he's not enjoying his meal because he's thinking about how Casey's never coming back. He might as well face it; whoever went by the window wasn't Casey. Karen and Frank come in, and Karen is upset. She wasn't able to say much at Eve's memorial service before breaking down, but Frank understands; everyone is having a hard time accepting Eve's death. Seeing Ricky, they go over to talk to him. They're astonished to see that his scar is gone. Wounds like that don't just heal, and certainly not overnight. When Frank mentions Casey, Ricky says she's gone. Frank doesn't believe him. He grabs the key she used to wear, which is now around Ricky's neck. Ricky says it was a going-away present, but Frank thinks he's lying; Casey would never give him that key. He grabs him and demands the truth, and Karen makes him let go. Ricky says he really doesn't know where she went. She said she had to go, and she did. Not satisfied with his explanation, Frank insists on more details. Ricky admits that Casey wasn't who they thought she was. As he starts to reveal her true identity, he sees someone looking in the window--someone he thinks is Casey. Frank tries to stop him as he runs after her, and when he gets outside, she's nowhere in sight. As Ricky calls out for her, Frank grabs him again. Karen again makes him back off; it's obvious to her that Ricky's telling the truth. Ricky says he would never do anything to hurt her, and Frank admits it's just been a long day. He and Karen go home, telling Ricky to take care. He doesn't know how; he misses Casey.

Livvie is waiting for Jack to come home after the memorial service. Convinced he's helping Alison against her wishes, she tries to call his cell phone but he's out of range. She picks up the candle made by Rebecca, wondering why it's so special to Alison, and notices the word "Trouble" written on the bottom. Unnerved, she throws it away, then gets it back out when she decides it's too creepy to ignore. It even feels creepy when she touches it. She calls Jamal and tells him to stay put because she's coming over. Something really strange is happening to Alison, and she has a weird, dark feeling about it. As she leaves for the bike shop, she moves the candle to the table. When she's gone, the candle rolls across the table.

Carrying an envelope filled with newspaper articles she copied at the library, Livvie meets Jamal at the bike shop. She explains Alison's obsession with finding her ancestor's belongings. Jamal admits it doesn't sound like her but doesn't understand why Livvie would freak out over this. Livvie tells him that Rebecca made candles, and she got hold of one. After she lit it, she and Jack got into a huge fight, and then she noticed the word "Trouble" on the bottom. Jamal laughs at this, but Livvie persists. She has a really strong feeling about this, and she can't ignore it. She's afraid it will turn out bad, like with Caleb, if they don't find out what's going on. She doesn't want that to happen again. She's convinced that Rebecca was a witch. Jack wouldn't listen to her, and now he's getting pulled in. Jamal agrees to help, and they start looking at the articles Livvie brought. They're articles about the Barrington family and date back to the founding of Port Charles. In one article, Livvie learns that the Barringtons can be traced back to royalty in England. However, she doesn't understand why Rebecca isn't on the family tree. Jamal can answer that; he found a story on the candle shop, complete with a photo of Rebecca. Livvie gasps; Rebecca looks exactly like Paige. She knew Paige and Alison were related, but Paige really does look just like Rebecca. Is it because of the family connection, or are they both witches? Jamal continues reading and discovers that Rebecca was born in Port Charles in the mid-nineteenth century. She owned a candle shop but liked to cast spells in her spare time. The people of Port Charles became convinced she caused someone's death, and they turned against her. Although she denied the accusations, she was hanged for witchcraft.

Alison and Jack are at the barn where she and Rafe spent so much time together. Somehow, Rebecca's things are all there. Jack thinks this is weird, but Alison doesn't care how they got there. She finds the portrait of Rebecca, drags it out, and uncovers it for Jack to see. He can't believe it; he knows her. He's seen her in Port Charles. He tells her about Paige, who left for London a couple days ago. Alison puts it together; that must be who saved her life. She relates her scare at the railroad tracks, ending with how she was rescued when a woman appeared out of nowhere and pulled her to safety. Jack is upset to hear about this, and worries when she says she thought it was Rebecca. Alison explains that she thought it was a sign or omen. They have a special connection, and maybe Rebecca sent Paige to her. Now that she's found her again, she's never letting her go. They resume looking at the items, which hold Alison's favorite childhood memories. Getting them back is a huge gift. Jack finds an old camera, and Alison gives it to him for helping her. It actually has film inside, so he takes a picture of her. She finds an old quilt and wraps it around herself. Finding everything in the barn feels right, linking the little girl she once was and the woman she is now. Jack reminds her it's time to say goodbye to Rafe. She agrees, asking for privacy and promising to call him as soon as she gets home. Jack leaves, picking up the camera on his way out.

Alison tells Rafe that she's been trying so hard to be strong, but she has a terrible ache in her heart that won't go away. She wants to just lie down, close her eyes, and fade away, never getting up again. She remembers the vows they made to each other at their unofficial wedding. He left her without saying goodbye, and she feels so lost now. No one understands how much he meant to her; they don't want to know. They don't want to talk, or help, or anything. She feels so alone. Suddenly she hears a voice saying, "You're wrong, Alison." Startled, she doesn't know where the voice is coming from. Telling her great-great-great granddaughter that she's never been alone, Rebecca steps out of the portrait.

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