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Port Charles Update Thursday 4/4/02

by Dawn

Scott holds Serena's hand and they approach Lucy. Scott keeps thinking Eve is going to come through the door like it was all a big mistake. Serena knows it's not going to happen, and she can't believe that she'll never hear Eve call her girlfriend again. Lucy tells Serena that she will hear it in her heart. Kevin appears and he's ready to go. Lucy tries to hug him but he doesn't want to lose it again. Whispering, Lucy reminds him that they KNOW Eve is with the angels- not just a belief, but that they know it. He hugs her and thanks her. They leave to go get Ian.

Livvie is getting dressed and Jack stops her. Jack reminds Livvie that all Ali asked him to do is help find her grandmother's things. Livvie calls it hunting for a witch's belongings. All Jack knows is that she asked for help. Livvie knows that she didn't have to ask and Jack didn't have to give it to her. Livvie responds to someone knocking on the door and she isn't thrilled to find Ali. Ali knows that Livvie is still mad at her, but she needs company to go to Eve's funeral. Jack enters the room and asks her if she's had any luck finding Rebecca's things. She hasn't, but she won't give up. Sarcastically, Livvie asks her if she won't or can't. Glaring at her, Ali repeats that she won't give up.

Ian holds Danny, amazed at the fact that he managed to dress Danny in Eve's favorite sweater with matching shoes. He warns his son that there are going to be a lot of crying people because they loved his mother very much. As he answers the door, the comfort candle is still lit on the table. Lucy and Kevin enter and they ask him if he's ready to go. He doesn't know.

Frank and Karen at memorial in park. Jack Livvie and Ali arrive. Jack can't imagine what Ian is going through. He had no warning. Ali knows even if you have warning that doesn't make it better. Amanda arrives and Ali has no intention of speaking to her because she gave away all of Rebecca's things. Jack advises Ali to not think about that because they're going to find them. Livvie abruptly leaves them to go hug Victor. Lee and Gail join Scott and Serena and they hug. Ali surmises that Livvie is still angry. Jamal approaches them and shares a tense hello with Ali. Ali spots Chris, who ignores Jack calling his name. Ali suggests to Jack that Chris shouldn't be alone. Kevin, Lucy, Ian, and Danny enter. Ian hands Danny to Livvie as they move down front. Ian tries to start, but he begins to cry. Karen asks if she can help, and he asks her to start. As Karen begins, Ian sits next to Lucy and she takes his hands.

Karen doesn't know where to begin. Eve was her sister in every sense of the word. As she describes their friendship, she begins to cry and can't continue. Ian stands and hugs her briefly before she moves into Frank's arms.

Ian takes over and starts by telling everyone that Eve loved them all very much. He wants them to know how special she was to him. As Kevin put his arm around Lucy, Ian tries to find the words to describe what Eve did for this world. He breaks down for a moment and apologizes for losing his train of thought. He mentions the candle that someone left for him and how everything changed for him when he lit it. A sense of peace came over him. Ali watches him in shock as he continues. The box from Eve was missing, and Ian looked everywhere. But after he lit the candle, he found it. Ian watches Danny smile at him and knows that he can feel the love and warmth of his sweet wife.

Kevin is speaking about how divine Eve was. He means it in ways they're supposed to share the spark of god inside them all. She was compassion and love, the deepest of a true friend. A day won't go by that she isn't with him. Everyday he'll thank god for that. Moving back to his chair, he hugs and kisses Lucy. Ian reaches for him and they shake hands over Lucy's lap.

Chris goes next, talking to Lambert. She's always has a special place in his heart and she know that. If for no other reason then she enjoyed a good martini. They were very close when the shared a place and Chris calls it the good old times before she became a respectable woman. She was always his best friend, but she was messy. She would never pick up after herself. She would also sit and watch sappy movies that made her cry. And her favorite song was the sappy love song that he hated the most, so he got to her it a million times. The song is ťThe Way You Look TonightŁ and Chris sings it as everyone moves to the front and lights a small white candle off the Comfort candle.

While Chris is still singing, flashbacks are shown. Eve and Ian's wedding. Eve dancing on the bar and falling into Ian's arms. The Nurses's Ball with Victor and Kevin. Karaoke with Kevin. The mud pit at the lighthouse. Hugging Lucy in front of the church. Having Danny. Holding Danny. Holding Danny and smiling at Ian. Kissing Ian on the park bench.

Chris lights the last candle. Ali blows hers out and leaves crying. Chris tells Ian that he loved her very much. Hugging him, Chris tells him that Eve loved him, too.

Ian wishes Eve could bet here for this. She would have loved it. He knows that he's not good at asking for help, but he needs it. He needs them to all tell Danny the stories about his mother. Ian remembers out loud that he told her that he wanted her not just for one night but for always. To him, there was never a truer thing said. Telling Eve that he'll always love her, he moves to Danny and holds him.

Livvie tells Jamal that Ali and Jack left together. Jamal is surprised to know that Rafe is gone and wonders if Ali and Jack went to look for him. Livvie tells him that Ali si looking for trouble and finding it with her boyfriend.

Ali admits to Jack that she was the one that left the candle for Ian. It was Rebecca's and she knows what it's like to give someone everything and have them be gone. Jack knows it's about Rafe. Ali admits that she would give everything to have one more second with Rafe. Jack tells her to go to their special place for a proper goodbye.

Ian enters the apartment with Danny. Telling his son that it's just the two of them against the world, he puts Danny down before sitting on the sofa. As he says that Eve will always be with them, he finds the candle. It's half gone and he stares at it. Taking a picture of the three of them off the table, Ian quietly quotes verse. Out, out brief candle. Life is but a walking shadow of the poor player that starts and frets his life out upon the stage.He puts it on the table and lights it. Hearing something, he goes to the window, realizing that Danny's blanket isn't with him. Apologizing for maybe leaving it at the park, Ian goes to find something else for him, but he turns again and Danny has his blanket. At first he's confused and convinced that he's losing it. But he decides that Eve is watching over them and begs her to keep doing it because they need her.


Frank grabs Ricky demanding that Ricky tell him what happened to Casey because she would never give up the key that Ricky has.

Ali shows Jack Rebecca's portrait. Jack knows her. He's seen her.

Jamal asks Livvie what Jack and Ali are looking for, and Livvie answers ťTrouble with a capital TŁ

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