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Port Charles Update Wednesday 4/3/02

By Beth

On the phone with Kevin, Lucy tells her husband she's glad he's helping Ian make the final arrangements. Victor arrives, sad about Eve's death. He doesn't know what to do with himself. Mary keeps baking, and they've sent food over from the Recovery Room, but he wants to do something to honor Eve. He wants to make the charity auction at GH the most successful one ever, in Eve's honor. Lucy wholeheartedly agrees with his idea; Eve would have loved it, and Ian will appreciate it. Victor says everyone feels that way. Everyone has been making donations, and now they don't have enough room to store everything. Amanda Barrington sent over a humongous shipment. He goes to the door and tells Ricky and Jamal to bring it on inside, while Lucy stands there confused. The guys drop off some large boxes, and Victor gives them a tip. Then Mary runs in with a painting. Not knowing how this happened, Lucy tells them she can't keep these things. There's no room. When Victor starts unpacking the candles, Lucy says she's afraid Christina would try to eat them. Mary and Victor hadn't even thought of that; they'll find someplace else to keep them.

Lucy tells Victor and Mary that Ian is in a great deal of pain but he's staying strong for Eve and for Danny. She just knows that Eve is up there watching over them. The memorial service tomorrow won't be easy, but everyone will be there for Ian. Lucy asks where all these items came from and is told they came from Amanda Barrington's attic. She picks up a candle and realizes it looks almost exactly like one she found on Ian's doorstep last night. Victor points out that they're clearly handmade and very unusual. He has no idea why Amanda got rid of them. Lucy notices that each one is actually different, even though at first glance they look very much alike. Lucy won't let them leave without seeing the pictures Christina drew of them. When Lucy goes to get the pictures, Mary picks up a purple candle and says the color would be perfect in their bedroom. She doesn't see that it is marked "Lust." Victor wants to buy it for her, and he lights it to see how it smells. They are immediately affected by it and start taking off their clothes. Lucy and Christina find them hot and heavy on the couch, and Lucy has to hide her three-year-old daughter's eyes. Embarrassed, Victor and Mary pull themselves together. Victor takes the candle and gives Lucy $50 for it; it's well worth the money. Lucy makes him take the painting, which is just too big for her to store, and they leave. Lucy tells Christina her grandparents were playing tag, or leap frog. Or maybe checkers. Outside, Mary and Victor feel like teenagers again. They decide to leave the truck there, go home, and take up where they left off. The wind blows off the painting cover to reveal the portrait of Rebecca.

After helping out with the boxes, Ricky and Jamal go to the Recovery Room, and Ricky shows Jamal what he took from the boxes: a candle and candle holder. Although Jamal is annoyed that he stole them, Ricky thinks they were fair game. He lights the candle to look at the markings on the holder, in case it's valuable. Jamal still can't get over Ricky's face. It's a miracle. When Ricky asks whether he believes in miracles, Jamal admits he doesn't know, but Ricky sure is on a lucky streak. Ricky says it wasn't luck; Casey saved them. Jamal knows that, and since she came to the warehouse to save Ricky, he doesn't understand why she left town. He appreciates what she did, but she was really freaky. Ricky grabs him and tells him never to talk about her that way. If he does, it will be his face that will need a miracle. Jamal had no idea they were that close. Ricky admits that nobody did. Casey was cool and sweet, and she doesn't deserve to be called a freak. Jamal apologizes; he sure doesn't know anything about relationships. Ricky admits he really misses Casey. He tilts the candle, which is marked "Desire." When Jamal goes to feed the meter, Ricky remembers Casey's goodbye. He'd give anything to have her back. Seeing the word on the bottle of the candle, he tells Casey he'll never forget her. Suddenly he sees what looks like Casey go by the window. He runs out to find her, but Jamal didn't see anyone go by, much less Casey. They go back inside, where the candle still burns.

Alison is sitting alone in the empty attic when her grandmother comes upstairs to check on her. She didn't spend the night there but thinks she might as well have. When Amanda calls this ridiculous, Alison turns it around on her; Amanda's the one who locked herself in her room last night and refused to talk. Amanda insists there's nothing more to discuss. The matter is closed. She won't say where Rebecca's things are, and Alison should forget about it. She warns Alison that she has no idea what she'll be getting into if she doesn't just drop it. She leaves Alison alone in the attic, but Alison won't forget.

Jack notices that Livvie has lit candles all over the house. She explains that she got one that belonged to Alison's ancestor and wanted to light it in honor of Eve, but she got carried away and lit all the candles they had. Jack thinks it looks beautiful but expresses concern that the old candle might not be safe. Livvie assures him it is, so they light it. This one is marked "Trouble." They snuggle up on the couch for a while, and then Alison drops by to ask for their help locating Rebecca's things. Her grandmother won't help; she thinks Rebecca was a witch and that her belongings are dangerous, but it's just a family superstition. These things are important to Alison because they remind her of Rafe. Jack agrees to help but Livvie flat out refuses. If Rebecca was a witch, she wants nothing to do with this, and she can't believe Alison would even ask after everything they went through with Caleb. Alison apologizes and Jack defends her; she just wants to find her things. Rebecca isn't Caleb; Rebecca is dead. Livvie points out that the fact that she's dead doesn't mean anything, and Alison of all people should know that. She begs her friend not to pursue this and make the same mistake she did. Jack asks for a minute alone with Livvie, so Alison goes out to the porch, where she thinks about the time she told Rafe about Rebecca. She tells Rafe that she can't lose both him and Rebecca.

Jack tries to reason with Livvie. They do have horrible memories of Caleb, but this is different, and Alison isn't looking for trouble. Livvie isn't so sure. Jack points out how important this is to Alison, who is really hurting over losing Rafe. Finding Rebecca's things could somehow help her move on. Livvie argues that they could be bringing evil back into their lives, and she won't let that happen. Jack counters that they can't let what happened with Caleb make them superstitious. Livvie begs him not to get involved and says he's just asking for trouble, but she realizes he's already made up his mind. Refusing to turn his back on Alison, he goes out to the porch to help her. Alison apologizes for upsetting Livvie; she wasn't trying to scare her. Jack hugs his friend as Livvie watches through the window. Livvie then takes Rebecca's candle and throws it down.

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