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Port Charles Update Tuesday 4/2/02

by Dawn

Lucy approaches Kevin while he types on his laptop. He never came to bed because he was busy helping Ian plan the memorial service and taking care of the mountain of paperwork that has to be handled. Lucy wonders who is taking care of Kevin while he's taking care of everyone, but he swears he's fine. She doesn't believe that he's fine. Lucy repeats that no one is fine, Eve is dead.

Jack finds Chris in the On Call room downing martinis. He turns down Chris's offer of a stiff one before breakfast, but he agrees to sit down. After Chris refuses to allow him to sit in ėEve's chair', Jack sits on the other side of Chris and finally toasts with him to Eve's empty chair.

Danny is crying while Ian sleeps on the sofa. At first he calls to Eve to take care of him, but then he remembers. Picking up his son, he knows Daniel wants his mommy. Walking the floor with the baby, he promises Danny that it's going to be okay.

Ali is in the attic talking to the portrait. She stayed in the mansion because she can't bring herself to go back to Lucy's alone. She finds the burning candle and remembers blowing it out last night. It burned all night, but none of the wax is gone.

Kevin knows Eve is dead. There is a lot to do, and he promised Ian they'd come by. Lucy begs him to talk to her. She's angry that someone so young and vital had to die. She's guilty for all the bad things she and Eve did to each other. She's glad that they had a chance to put some of it behind them. After telling Kevin what she's feeling, Lucy wants to hear what Kevin is feeling. Kevin orders her to drop it, but Lucy knows better and reminds him that he was married to her. Angry, Kevin reminds Lucy that Ian was married to her and orders her again to drop it.

Ali is still staring at the candle when someone knocks at the door. Livvie enters and explains that she couldn't find her or Rafe at Lucy's. Ali tells Livvie that Rafe is gone. Livvie is sorry, but Ali wonders if that's the truth. Livvie states that she never wanted Ali to be unhappy. Ali appreciates the support, but Livvie also needs to tell Ali that Eve is dead. Ali is shocked that Eve was the 5th chair. Confused, Livvie demands to know what Ali is talking about. Ali tells her about the 5th chair. Rafe was afraid it was her, but Ali feels like she has to go tell Ian that she knows what it's like to lose someone you love. Stopping her, Livvie is furious. Ali had a fantasy boyfriend for five minutes, and she can't believe that Ali is going to compare that to Ian losing his wife and Danny losing his mother. In Livvie's opinion that's selfish and Ali stops her by slapping Livvie's face.

The phone rings and Ian can't find it. He hears Eve's message on the answering machine and stops looking. Colleen's voice is soft, asking if he needs anything before leaving a message of shock and sorrow. Ian is looking for the box that Eve gave him when Kevin and Lucy knock on the door. Opening the door, Ian tells them that he can't find it. As he begins to babble about Eve trusting him with the box, Lucy takes Danny from him. Ian falls to his knees and cries while Kevin kneels with him and Lucy holds Danny.

Livvie is furious at Ali, who apologizes for slapping her. Livvie is stunned that Ali can compare losing Rafe to Eve dying. Ali tries to explain that it doesn't matter who hurt the most, her heart is breaking, too. Understanding, Livvie stops and apologizes for not understanding. Ali begs her to not trash her relationship with Rafe. They both start to cry, and Livvie asks about the stuff in the attic. Ali doesn't show her the portrait, but she tells her about Rebecca, and lighting the love candle for Rafe. When Ali admits that it's stupid, Livvie stops her and tells her that she doesn't want to see Ali hurt. Livvie is tired of watching someone losing someone and hurting. They hug each other.

Chris tells Jack that Eve was a sucker for him. Every time she'd swear no more martinis with him, he'd come up with a stupid excuse to get her to drink with him. Tuesday worked, as did hangovers. Chris knows that Jack would have loved her, and Jack knows he would have. Jack is shocked when Chris admits that he tried to get Eve to marry him. Chris wonders if he should have pushed harder, because if Eve had been with him¶ Jack stops that train of thought and tries to take him home. Chris swears that he's fine, and Jack reluctantly leaves him alone. Chris reaches for the empty chair and says that he's not alone, he's with his best friend.

Lucy and Kevin put Danny down in his play yard as Ian returns. He still didn't find the box, and Kevin offers to help. Ian does find a picture of Eve and he remembers driving to see the sunrise. Eve didn't want him to take the picture, but he couldn't take his eyes off of her. Lucy tries to tell Ian that she's not really gone, but Ian doesn't want to hear it. Lucy tries to continue that Eve is watching him and Danny. The only comfort Ian wants is to hold his wife, and if Lucy can't give him that, he doesn't want to have this conversation.

Ali and Livvie are going through the trunks and Livvie finds a blue candle. Ali gives it to her and Livvie remembers she has to meet Jack. Ali repeats to her that she's sorry about Eve. After Livvie leaves, Ali uncovers the portrait and tells the portrait how shocked she was that Eve was the 5thchair. All that worrying and it was Eve. Ali thinks Eve is lucky to have Rafe to help her, and it has to be much easier for her. Then she thinks about Ian and Danny. She checks the bottom of the candles, realizing that she forgot to see what was on the bottom of Livvie's candle. Finding one that says comfort on it, she blows out the love candle again and leaves.

Lucy finds the comfort candle at the doorway to Ian's and it smells wonderful. Someone left it for Ian. Ian takes it from her as she and Kevin leave. In the hallway, Lucy takes Kevin's arm and asks him to look at her. He swears again that he's fine. She accuses him of either lying to her or being made of stone. Grabbing him, she begs him to look at her. She demands to know who Kevin thinks he's being strong for. If it's for her, she doesn't need that, she needs him to grieve with her. She knows he loved Eve, and she changed their lives. Lucy tried to convince Kevin that he owes it to Eve and begs him to let go for her. She hugs him and he holds her against him for a moment before breaking down and crying with her.

Ian lights the candle on the table. He can imagine Eve walking through the door. He sees the box on the sofa, which he's searched 100 times. He opens it to find a bracelet like the ones he wears, along with a note from Eve. úTo remember the lives you've captured instead of the ones you've lost. All my love, Eve.Ě Holding the bracelet, Ian can feel Eve.

Ali enters the empty attic and panics. Amanda is pleased to announce that Rebecca's things were trash and she gave them all to charity. Ali is hysterical, but Amanda is relieved. All the candles were a fire hazard, and she's glad they're all gone. Ali demands to know why Amanda hates grandpa's great grandmother so much. Amanda informs Ali that Rebecca was an evil witch that cast a spell on everything she touched. Ali is shocked by the information.


Jamal says that Casey was really freaky and Ricky attacks him, threatening him to never talk like that about her again.

Ali wants Rebecca's things back, and Amanda warns her that she has no idea what she's getting into.

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