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By Beth

First episode of the book "Superstition"

Alison goes to her grandmother's attic, where she talks to the portrait of her great-great-great grandmother Rebecca. She tells her ancestor that she doesn't understand what just happened. How could Rebecca have saved her life? Alison chides herself; of course Rebecca won't answer, because she's just a painting. But when her foot was caught at the railroad tracks, it wasn't a painting that saved her; it was either Rebecca or someone who looked a lot like her. She was real. But how? Alison wonders whether Rafe sent her, knowing that he himself couldn't return to save her. He told her to move on without him, but she doesn't understand how. She can't have a life, be happy, and love again; it's impossible. Sinking to the floor, she tells Rafe how much she misses him. Getting a box of Rebecca's candles, Alison says that a lot of people will agree with her grandmother, who thinks that Rafe just up and left her. She and Rebecca know the truth; Rafe is her angel, her love, and her hero. She unpacks a pale blue candle marked "beauty." Next she finds a candle for comfort, and another for love. She asks Rebecca whether she made the love candle for her centuries ago, so that her love would come back to her. If only Rafe could come back again, with no rules, fifth chair, or ticking clock, they could just be free to love each other. That would be Heaven on Earth. She lights the love candle and looks upward. Nothing happens; she really thought Rafe would come back if she lit the candle, but now she realizes it doesn't work that way. He's never coming back. She blows out the candle and leaves the attic. After she leaves, the candle mysteriously relights.

Ian gets off the hospital elevator, a red flower in hand. He approaches Colleen, who is crying, and Deneice, informing them that they're short one doctor since Amy won't be back. Seeing that they're upset, he asks what's wrong, and Deneice leaves in tears. Colleen calls to Frank, and Ian asks him whether the nurses are going on strike again. Frank replies, "I wish," without elaborating, and Ian tells him he doesn't have time for games; he has to pick up his wife for a much-belated honeymoon. He'll send Frank a postcard, though. He walks away and Frank tries to call him back, but Kevin appears and insists on speaking to Ian privately. Having just heard the news, Lucy arrives at the hospital and asks about Ian. Frank tells her that Kevin is breaking the news now. Ian doesn't believe what Kevin is saying. He drops the flower, then sees Lucy crying on Frank's shoulder.

Kevin and Lucy try to stop Ian from seeing Eve's body, but Ian insists. They watch sadly as he goes inside to say goodbye to his wife. Frank is filled with remorse; he took the call but there was nothing they could do to save her. Ian is glad she had a friend with her. Lucy tries to comfort Ian but Kevin pulls her away, giving Ian time alone with his wife. Lucy starts talking about the trip the Thornharts were going to take, then breaks down when she thinks of Danny losing his mother. Shell shocked, Kevin says that not that long ago it could have been him in that room, and Lucy throws her arms around her husband. After Kevin reschedules his appointments for the next two days, Lucy tries to talk to him, but he refuses. Frank is going home to break the news to Karen; he wants her to hear it from him. When an orderly comes to take Eve's body to the morgue, Kevin stops him, ordering him to give Ian as much time as he needs. Lucy makes another attempt to talk to her husband, but he insists there's nothing to say--nothing that would change anything. He walks away.

Ian looks at the plane tickets Eve bought, apologizing for not going with her to pick them up as planned. He takes her hand and comments on how cold it is. It's a good thing they're going someplace warm; he remembers her calling it paradise. He puts his jacket over her. Grief stricken, he kisses her and tells her he can't fix this. He cries, laying his head on her chest. Then he lies down with her, tenderly running his finger along her face.

Ed gives Eve a warm welcome in Heaven. As she takes a seat in the fifth chair, Rafe tells her not to be afraid, because they're here to help her. When he asks her about the last thing she remembers, Eve replies that she picked up airline tickets for their honeymoon. She was driving over a bridge and the road was slick. She felt the wheel jerk out of her hands. The next thing she knew, the car was rolling and spinning over and over. The angels are saddened by her story. Realizing the implication of what happened to her, she asks whether she's dead, although she doesn't see how she could be. She saw people trying to get to her; she was watching from a distance. Paige explains that she'd already left her body. Eve describes it as soft, warm, and comforting, the way it must be before being born. Putting his hand on her shoulder, Ed agrees that it's very much like that. Eve continues; she saw Frank trying so hard to reach her. She doesn't understand why everyone here is alive and well but she's dead. Rafe explains that they're actually not alive and well. They're angels, and have been the whole time they've known her. They were sent to Earth to complete their journeys.

Eve asks Amy whether this was her secret all along, and Amy replies that it was, in part. She confesses her true identity and her purpose in going back. She wanted to kill Ian to avenge her father's death. This horrifies Eve, who wants to know where Ian is. Amy admits that her father was wrong about Ian; he's truly a good man who didn't deserve to die. That's why she couldn't go thought with her plan to murder him. Eve is grateful; Amy saved her husband's life. If Amy hadn't called Ian away, he would have been in the car with Eve, and Danny would have lost both his parents. Although Amy had thought that her journey was to end Ian's life, it was actually to save it and keep Danny from being all alone. Eve can't thank her enough. Amy asks Ed whether he knew all along that she wouldn't kill Ian. He replies that he knew there was goodness in her heart, and he just had to keep the faith that she'd find it. Looking at Amy, Paige realizes there's something different about her, and Casey points out that she's been looking at Eve funny. Paige figures out that Amy can see, and Amy says this was her gift. Paige then turns to Casey, who has the glow of a woman in love. Ricky loves her because of who she is, not in spite of it. Reminding Ed that she saved Ricky and Jamal from dying in the fire, Casey hopes to be a guardian like Rafe now, and Ed chuckles fondly at her simple way of looking at things.

Rafe thanks Paige again for saving Alison's life. He regrets keeping them apart, but Paige understands. Her destiny was to find her and save her. Rafe misses her so much. He wants to know how he can ever smile again. Paige tells him to remember all the days they were together and in love. One day he will think of her and smile in joy at having loved her. That's when the pain will stop and he'll be able to let go. Rafe doesn't believe that will ever happen. Eve says there was nothing she and Ian didn't say to each other in the end, thanks to Amy. They got past their marital problems, but now it's all over. Now she'll never see Ian and Danny again. Ed promises her that she will. Amy tells her that his last words to her were of his love for Eve and their son. They were the center of his universe.

Paige, Casey, and Amy have fulfilled their destinies, and it's time to move on. Ed is especially proud of Amy, who has really proven herself. Amy briefly takes Eve's hand, and Eve follows the three new angels to the Other Side. Each one gives Ed one last warm look. Rafe stays behind. He and Alison didn't have time to say goodbye, and he wants another chance. Ed stands firm; Rafe won't be going back.

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