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Port Charles Update Friday 3/29/02

By Beth
Proofread by John

Alison wants to know why Rafe woke her up and dragged her out of the barn. She doesn't believe his explanation that he simply doesn't want to waste any more time sleeping. It's obvious they've been running from something for the past two days, and she's not taking another step until he tells her what he's protecting her from. Reluctantly, Rafe admits that there's another angel--one she hasn't met--and he's afraid she plans to take Alison back with her. Alison points out that if an angel is coming for her, there's no use in running. Rafe yells that he's not going to let her take Alison. She tries to reason with him; they don't even know whether he's right about this. In any case, they don't have much time left together, and she doesn't want to spend it talking about something they can't control. She just wants to focus on the two of them in the time they have left. Rafe wants to know that when he leaves, she's staying behind. Alison assures him she has every intention of living to a ripe old age. She will always carry their love with her. Lightning and thunder signal time for Rafe to leave. Alison cries that she can't let him go, but he has no choice. They embrace; they have their love to hold onto forever. He breaks loose and yells, "I love you Alison Barrington! I will love you forever." Suddenly, he's gone in a flash of light.

From inside the burning warehouse, Ricky yells to Casey to leave while she still can, but she refuses to leave him there to die. Getting a running start, she throws herself against the door, but it doesn't budge. Then she looks at the key around her neck, and suddenly realizing its purpose, she uses it to unlock the door. Looking up and thanking God, she unties Ricky, then helps him get Jamal out of the warehouse as burning beams fall from the ceiling. Once they're away from the building, Casey and Ricky set Jamal down on a park bench. Casey looks at her watch and says she has to go. Ricky protests, asking whether his love counts for anything, and she replies that it counts for everything. She wishes she had known that from the beginning. She just wanted to party. She didn't set out to fall in love, but she did, and that's the most awesome high there is. It will last her into eternity. She kisses his hand and gives him the chain and key from around her neck. Casey kisses Ricky goodbye and tells him she loves him. Then she vanishes in a flash of light. Jamal looks at Ricky and asks what happened. When Ricky explains that Casey saved their lives, he brushes it off. He wants to know what happened to Ricky's face. It's completely healed. Amazed, Ricky touches his face and admits to himself that Casey really is an angel.

Kevin is sad because he'll never see Paige again, and he didn't even get to say goodbye. He doesn't know that she's standing in the doorway, but Lucy sees her. Paige announces that she didn't get to meet Alison because Rafe stole her away. She thinks it's all a cruel joke; now she has to leave without knowing the real reason she was here. Christina asks her not to go, but Paige explains that it's time for her to go home. Christina is very lucky, because she's part of a family. Paige wants her to promise to take care of her family, and Christina nods. Lucy tells Paige she hopes she finds peace, and Paige acknowledges that Kevin is where he belongs, with his true soul mate. Promising to love Kevin forever, Lucy takes Christina out of the room to give her husband some time with his first love. Neither knows how to say goodbye. Kevin promises to tell Alison all about her. He adds that Alison isn't her only legacy; Paige is the reason Christina began to trust and accept him. They're a real family now, and her heart and spirit will always be a part of that. Paige tells Kevin she'll never forget him. As she turns to leave, he pulls her back and kisses her one last time. Telling her he'll see her again, he embraces her. Tears are falling down her face; tears are welling up in his eyes. She tells him to have a good life, then walks out the door. When Lucy returns with Christina, Kevin is crying. Paige is gone and she never found what she was looking for. Calling him "Daddy," Christina tells him not to cry. He kisses her and says he's all right. Then he kisses his wife.

Amy thanks Ian for coming to her. She just wants him to spend time with her and join her for a drink. Ian offers to get the drinks, but she insists. She adds the spider venom to one of the glasses, wishing her father a happy birthday under her breath. She gives Ian the poisoned champagne and toasts the man who gave her journey such meaning. Ian follows with his own toast. He's been doing a lot of thinking about Amy--who she is, her journey, and his role in it--and he can't figure it out. He does know he's a better man for having known her. As he praises her openness, honesty, and innocence, she remembers the good times they shared. Ian says she'll always have a place in his heart. He's honored to be loved by her. She touched his heart, and he loves her for it. Obviously affected by his speech, Amy tells him that was some toast.

As he starts to drink, she knocks the glass out of his hand, telling him to stop. She can't do this. How can he says those things about her when he has no idea what she's capable of doing? She confesses that she was trying to kill him, and that's why she came back. Ian listens in disbelief as she tells him that her name is actually Amy Harris, and that her father's dying wish was for her to make Ian suffer the way he did. She tried to hate Ian but couldn't. Instead of hating him, she fell in love with him. Crying, she sits on the bed, her head in her hands. Ian sits beside her to comfort her. Amy doesn't know how he could have ever loved a monster like her. Ian assures her she's nothing like her father; she has the heart of an angel. They embrace, and Amy begins to see his face. She is ecstatic to tell Ian that she can see him. Loving Ian gave her heart back to her. That's the real reason she came back. Ian tells her he's glad he had a chance to know her. They embrace, and Amy announces it's time to go. With a sense of peace that she never thought she would have, Amy returns to Heaven.

Devastated, Alison sinks to the ground. She runs along the tracks, then falls, pleading for Rafe to come back to her. Suddenly she hears the sound of a train whistle. She tells herself that Rafe was right; she's going to die. Just in time, Alison is yanked away from the tracks by Paige. They tumble down a ravine. When they stop, Alison looks at Paige in awe, realizing how much she looks like her great-great-great grandmother Rebecca. Happy at last, Paige tells her this is why she was here. Her mission fulfilled, Paige vanishes.

Paige is the last to arrive back in Heaven. Rafe thanks her for saving Alison's life and admits he shouldn't have doubted her. He and Casey point out that the fifth chair is still empty, so apparently no one died. Suddenly there's a new arrival. Ed welcomes the newcomer and says they've been waiting for her. It is Eve.

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