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Port Charles Update Thursday 3/28/02

by Dawn

Rafe demands to know what Paige wants with Ali, and she's excited to tell him that she's related to Ali. Rafe thinks Paige's purpose is Ali. He refuses to let Paige see Ali and informs her that she's not going to make Ali the 5th chair.

Ricky enters the warehouse cautiously, but as he moves towards a bound and gagged Jamal, JD hits him from behind and knocks him out.

Ian remembers Amy talking about the way she feels about him and that she only has a few days. He can make her last wish come true. Eve joins him and she's almost ready to leave. They kiss so passionately that Colleen hastily disappears. They are anxious to get away as a family and they continue to kiss.

Amy holds a glass vial thanking her 'friend' for helping to bring about Ian's demise.

JD ties up Ricky and Jamal, thanking Jamal for calling Ricky. Ricky wakes and figures out what's happening. JD taunts Ricky for not listening when JD gave him something to remember him by. Jamal wants JD to let Ricky go, but JD tells them that neither of them will ever leave. The guys try to convince JD that someone will look for them, but JD knows that no one is looking and no one cares.

Casey is bored waiting for Ricky to come back. She begins to suspect there is more to the story, and he might not be coming back. It occurs to her that she might be nothing more to him then his latest hit and run. But she can't deal with that. Remembering that he wrote something down when his mother called, Casey wonders why he'd have to write down his mother's address. Grabbing the pad, she colors on the page under to see what the address was. Her suspicions that it's another woman turn to worry when she reads a warehouse address. She runs out the door.

Colleen asks about rotation. Eve will give her schedule for the next two weeks. As Eve promises Colleen a list of everything she needs, Ian returns and asks her if she's ready to go yet. Eve hands Ian a brochure of things to do at the resort, promising to get a babysitter for Danny for at least a night. Ian asked about more then one night so he can make love to his wife. They kiss and discuss how happy there are, and how they have the rest of their lives together. Her beeper goes off, and he promises to check the brochure. After seeing Ed's photo again in it, his cell phone rings. It's Amy.

Rafe refuses to allow Paige to see Ali. When Paige accuses Lucy of being behind his attitude, Rafe sarcastically wonders why Lucy would think Paige would hurt Ali. Rafe was in the Barrington attic and he saw Rebecca's portrait. Paige is shocked that Rafe found the missing portrait from her home in England. Rafe admits to Paige that he dreamt about Ali's name being in the book. She thinks it was a dream, but he thinks it was a vision of the future. Death has followed Paige around since they came back. Everyone she got close to was in danger, and she can forget all about Ali being next. Paige begs Rafe to allow her to see Ali and promises to not hurt her. She understands he wants to spend every moment they have left together, and she doesn't want to take Ali away, but she needs to make the connection to Ali and find out what their connection is. Rafe finally gives in and goes inside to talk to Ali. At Rafe's insistence, Paige waits outside. .

JD smiles his cigarette and brags about how perfect it is that he gets to kill two birds with one stone. He drops his cigarette and it ignites a rag next to Ricky. JD takes his crew and leaves Jamal and Ricky tied up. They light another fire and shut the door behind them. Jamal and Ricky struggle to free themselves. JD and his friends hear something outside, but leave. Casey is hiding and as soon as they're gone, she pounds on the door to the warehouse and hears Jamal and Ricky screaming for her.

Ian was thinking about Amy. He can't be with her, but she reminds him that he said he'd do anything else. She begs him to help her. She's a coward and she's terrified to face death alone the second time. She only has a few hours left and she begs him to not make her face it alone. Ian agrees to come see her. After she hangs up, she smiles and congratulates Ian on never being able to resist a lady in distress.

Eve almost finished. Ian tells her that he has to go take care of something and they'll meet later. As he goes to the elevator, Eve calls him back to kiss her again. They discuss how much they love each other.

The fire in the warehouse is spreading and Casey can't open the door. The guys continue to struggle to get out of the ropes. Ricky screams at her to call 911, but they don't have time.

Paige enters the barn to find that Rafe and Ali are gone. She begins to cry, wondering what Rafe has done.

Rafe and Ali are running, but finally she stops him. She's not taking another step until he explains what's going on. He tries to take her to a really nice spot, but she doesn't believe him. She wants the truth.

Amy hears Harris in her mind telling her to avenge him. She remembers him dying in her arms and promises to give him his vengeance. She opens the door to find Ian. As he enters, she tells him that she's been waiting for him.


Rafe admits to Ali that there is another angel, and he's afraid she wants Ali for the 5th chair.

Ricky yells at Casey that it's too late to help him and Jamal. Casey is hysterical outside.

Amy toasts Ian, the man that gave her journey so much meaning.

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