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Port Charles Update Wednesday 3/27/02

By Dawn

Ricky and Casey are snuggling on the sofa. She can't get over how amazing making love was, even better then she ever imagined it would be. She is just sorry that she doesn't have much time. Ricky demands to know what she means, and when she admits that she's leaving, he wants to go with her. Casey panics and admits to him that he'd have to die to go with her.

Livvie and Jack still haven't heard from Jamal. Livvie is worried, but Jack thinks she might have come on too strong, and she needs to back off.

Jamal is tied to a cot in a warehouse.

Kevin and Lucy find Paige in the park. Rafe and Ali's things are at Lucy's, but they're not there. Paige is anxious, but Kevin assures her that they're going to keep trying. Lucy wonders if the end of Paige's journey is finding out about Ali, but not actually making contact. Paige is not happy with Lucy's suggestion. It was Lucy's idea to go to England, it was Lucy who pushed her to find out about Ali, and now Paige can't understand Lucy not wanting Paige to find Ali. Paige walks away and Kevin follows her. Lucy wonders to herself what happens when Paige finds Ali.

Rafe wakes up alone in barn and panics at the thought that Paige came to take her. Not letting Ali die, he runs to the door as Ali enters. She knows something is wrong, but he tries to deny it.

Ricky doesn't get the fact that Casey knows that in 3 days she's leaving Earth. There is no way for her to know when she's going to die. Casey confesses to him that she's already dead.

Jack leaves another message for Jamal. Livvie knows something's wrong. Kevin and Lucy arrive, looking for Ali. Livvie is not happy to see Paige with them, and she's afraid that it has something to do with Jamal. Paige tries to explain how important it is that she finds Ali, and Kevin finally just tells Livvie that Paige and Ali are related. Not happy to hear the news, Livvie agrees to tell Kevin where Ali and Rafe are. Knocking on door. Kevin and Lucy are looking for Ali. Taking the directions, Paige hugs an unwilling Livvie before heading for the door. Lucy doesn't want Paige to go alone. Kevin agrees that Paige and Ali need time alone and he drags Lucy aside to demand answers from her. Lucy has a feeling and she doesn't trust Paige. Lucy isn't sure how this is going to end.

Rafe is leaving in two days, and it's a lot harder then he thought it was going to be. He doesn't want her out of his sight for the time he has left. Ali reminds him that they promised each other they would stop thinking about it. All that matters to her is that they're together now, and this is all the time she has to memorize him. His face, the way his skin smells, the way his eyes squint when he smiles, and the way his heart beats when he holds her. He wants to remember the way her lips tremble when she's about to laugh or cry. He pulls her to him and she begs him to never let go of her.

Ricky doesn't answer Casey at first. He doesn't know what to say, but she didn't feel dead to him last night, all night, or this morning. Casey tells him about being an angel taking one last shot at life and being glad she did because of him. He holds up her key and asks her if it's the key to the pearly gates. Staring at it, she admits that she has no idea what the key is for, but she can't take it off. Still trying to convince him, she shows him her watch. It doesn't work, and she finally reminds him of time they were about to make love the first time and she disappeared. She explains that she got yanked up by her boss. Ricky gets thinks she's saying these things because she's afraid. It's okay with him, he's afraid, too. This is the first time he's ever been in love, too. If she wants to pretend she's an angel, he'll pretend he's the devil and they can play hell's angels. Frustrated, Casey gives up and returns his kiss.

Paige asks Lucy if she actually thinks that she'd hurt Ali. Lucy isn't sure what Paige would do, but she's going to use her cards to find out. Paige is angry that Lucy is holding her up, and Kevin agrees with Paige. After telling Paige to go, he argues with Lucy. Livvie wants to know what this is about. Lucy spreads her cards on the counter, wanting to know if she's right about Paige or Kevin is. Livvie wants to know what's going on.

Rafe promises that he'll always be with Ali. He begs her to promise that she'll never forget him. He'll be in her heart forever. They kiss each other.

Kevin tells Livvie that everything would be fine if Lucy would listen to him. Paige needs to leave town, and she wants to see Ali before she does. Lucy turns over the Fool card, which means something unpredictable is going to happen. Then the Hermit card, which means the seeker of truth. The cards freak Livvie out and she wants Lucy to put them away. Kevin thinks Lucy is making herself crazy wondering what's going to happen. He turns over a few cards, telling Lucy they mean he wants to go home and get into bed with her. That works and he drags Lucy out the door with him, but she leaves her cards on the counter. At Livvie's insistence, Jack picks them up to put them away. As he does, he drops the death card face up on the floor.

Jamal is still tied to the cot. He screams and struggles to get away, but he can't. His cell is in his pocket, and he dials Ricky.

Ricky and Casey are still on the sofa. He suggests they take the longest, hottest shower in history. Casey is afraid that it will freak him out because angels disappear in hot water. Before Ricky can finish telling her that he still doesn't believe her, the phone rings.

On the other end, Jamal informs Ricky that JD found him and gives directions where he is.

Ricky writes it down and hangs up the phone, telling Casey that he has to go. He refuses to tell Casey who was on the phone, but he wants her to wait there for him. When Casey whines that he can't leave her like that, Ricky tells her to stay because he loves her. After he's gone, Casey smiles to herself.

JD takes the phone from Jamal. He thanks Jamal for calling Ricky before he knocks Jamal out again.

Rafe wakes in the barn and is relieved to find Ali next to him. He hears someone coming and jumps to his feet. Grabbing the barn door, he opens it to find Paige.


Rafe wants to know what Paige wants with Ali. He isn't going to let Paige have Ali.

Ricky approaches Jamal, but JD hits him from behind.

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