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Port Charles Update Tuesday 3/26/02

By Beth
Proofread by John

Jamal enters the bike shop as an angry customer walks out. Livvie explains that she's trying, but Alison is sorely missed, and baking sales are sliding fast. Jack is swamped with bike repairs, though. Jack, who is working on a bike, stops in frustration, and Jamal offers to take a look. He sees the problem, then sees Jack and Livvie exchange a conspiratorial look. They may as well forget it; he's not coming back to work there, not even for Jack. Livvie asks him to do it for her. Jamal points out that they're never going to be a happy little foursome again. It's time to move on. He accepts their invitation to dinner but doesn't agree to come back to work. After he leaves, Jack and Livvie are happy, thinking he might just agree to come back after all. They close up for the night, and Livvie wonders whether it would help if they went ahead and added Jamal's name above the door. She says that Ali and Rafe won't last forever, but Jack counters that they seem pretty crazy about each other. Livvie points out that Rafe has to leave town because of a prior commitment. Jack knows she wants the whole world to be madly in love, but she shouldn't push it. Jamal needs to get his life back together and try to stay out of trouble. They close up and leave.

As Jamal goes to pick up something to eat, J.D. follows him. After getting some takeout food, Jamal talks to Gaby on his cell phone as he walks home. He tells her he's thinking about going back to work at the bike shop. When he hangs up, he is confronted by J.D. and two of his pals. Jamal throws the first punch, but J.D.'s pals gang up on him. After beating him up, they drag him off.

Ricky comes home with a bag of groceries. He's wearing a hood to hide his face. He senses that someone else is there, and turns around wielding a knife. It's Casey; she knew his sister had moved away, so she figured that's where he was hiding. He picks her up, throws her out, and closes the door, but she bangs on it and yells an apology. She's very sorry. As she sinks to the floor, Ricky opens up and lets her come back inside. She tells him that she's bad at talking about her feelings, but she wants him to know that he's made a big difference in her life. He scoffs at this; ever since she's known him, she's almost gotten killed. She laughs this off and says it's not a problem. She's never found it easy to trust people or care abut anyone until he came along. She hides behind her tough-girl facade, but he caught her off guard. He turned her life upside down, and it scared her.

Ricky understands all too well. He used to have an act; he charmed and conned people. Since he was never the smart one or the hero, he was the charmer. Now, with his face the way it is, he won't be able to charm anyone ever again. Casey tells him it's not his face; it's him. He can't push her away. She finally has a chance to see who he really is, and she likes what she sees. Ricky is angry; he doesn't need her pity. Casey can't believe he still thinks that's what it is. She takes off some of her jewelry, lets her hair down, and rubs off her makeup to reveal the real Casey. She feels very vulnerable, but Ricky is amazed at her beauty. He caresses her face, and she removes his bandage. They kiss tenderly, and Casey tells Ricky she loves him. Now on the couch, Ricky tells Casey they can wait if she's not ready. She is ready, though. She wants to spend every minute with him. She tells him to look into her eyes and see himself the way she sees him. She gives him tender kisses all over his face. He unbuttons her blouse and pushes her back as they become more passionate.

Amy tells Ian she was given a chance to return to Earth to experience love with a man she respected--one who would sweep her off her feet. Ian is that man. When he reminds her that he's married, she says she knows he's attracted to her. She can tell. She doesn't want to ruin his marriage, but she'll be gone in a few days. She rubs his hand. She's aware of what she's asking. She wants to know what love feels like. She asks him to make love to her. Although he agrees that any man would want to make love to an angel, he can't betray Eve that way. They've worked too hard to get back together, and he won't risk losing that. Amy urges him to think of it not as a betrayal to Eve, but rather as granting a dying friend's last wish. She'll be in her hotel room, waiting. Asking him to think about it, she kisses his cheek before leaving.

Amy answers the door to Ian, who couldn't deny her last wish. They embrace and kiss passionately, then she pulls away. There's no rush; she wants to savor every moment. She pours two glasses of champagne, surreptitiously drugging his. She makes a toast and encourages him to take a drink. He does, and within seconds, he is dizzy. He drops his glass and falls to the bed, asking what's happening. Amy tells him that this is justice; he's dying. He may as well know the truth; her name is Amy Harris. Ian killed her father, and now he's going to die. She hopes it's as painful for him as it was for her father. He falls to the floor, and Amy comes out of her reverie. Ian was never really there, but she's certain he will be. As she holds the container with the poisonous spider, she tells herself it's just a matter of time.

Eve is excited about the first Thornhart family vacation. She asks Ian to watch Danny while she checks the work schedule, showing her husband a tiny pair of sunglasses for Danny. Ian puts Danny in the playpen and then thinks about his conversation with Amy. He calls her and informs her that he's not going to meet her. He just called to make sure she's all right. She's snippy; her ego is bruised, but it won't kill her. Ian stresses that she should call him if she needs a friend. Eve returns, ready to leave for their trip. Ian kisses her and says he wishes everyone could be this happy.

After hanging up, Amy tells herself that Ian is weakening; she could hear it in his voice. She has no doubt he'll do the heroic thing and try to rescue the damsel in distress. Soon, he'll come to her, and he'll die.

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