PC Update Friday 3/22/02



Port Charles Update Friday 3/22/02

By Kathy

Afterglow, Rafe and Alison wake up in the barn after a night of love. Alison jumps up and tells Rafe it's time to meet the one person who has always been there for her.

Lucy, Kevin and Paige arrive at Paige's ancestral home. They enter the hall of portraits. Paige is very emotional being back in her home and feeling as if she could step right back in to her life. It emphasizes to her that her life is indeed over. Kevin hugs her.

Ian asks Victor if Ed's picture looks familiar to him. He tells Victor what Ed told him and Kevin about Paige and Amy and the witness protection program. Victor tells Ian that anyone in the witness protection program would never reveal himself. Victor notices Ed is dead. Ian says he knows, and is puzzled by it.

Rafe and Alison arrive at the Barrington attic. Alison begins looking for the portrait.

Victor comes up with some scenarios as to the identity of Ed. Ian tells him it's all fishy and rehashes all the clues that he and Kevin have been witness to. Victor tells him none of that sounds like the witness protection program. And that there is no way Ian and Kevin would have been able to find out information about Amy at all, had she been in the program. Victor tells Ian it sounds like a royal scam.

Amy has received a package that she ordered. She goes into the "On Call" room and locks the door. She opens the package. It's a poisonous spider. She puts the box in her locker.

Paige apologized for her emotional outburst. Lucy and Kevin reassure her. Lucy asks Paige for her family record. It is on a scroll and Paige gives it to Lucy. Kevin hangs Paige's portrait, as Lucy reads the scroll. Kevin asks if Paige feels any different, she says no, she still feels something is undone.

Ian is puzzling over Amy, wondering where she is. He remembers all of the odd encounters he has had with her. He wonders who she really is. He gets up and walks toward the "On Call" room.

Rafe and Alison continue to search the attic for Great-Great-Great Grandmother Rebecca, seemingly to no avail. She tells Rafe again, how Rebecca would talk to her and be with her. She tells him it all felt so real. She doesn't think it was her imagination. Rafe pulls off a sheet, and there is the portrait. Rafe gets it out. Alison introduces Rafe to Rebecca as she pulls off the covering. Rafe stares unbelievingly and utters "Oh, my God."

Ian walks into the "On Call" room, grumbling about the door being locked all of a sudden. He goes to get his coat and begins to open Amy's locker. He turns and sees her cane outside of the bath/shower room. He calls to her to come out. When she doesn't emerge, he enters. We see the shower going, but no Amy (that little problem with water, that Rafe apparently doesn't have). The shower is seemingly turned off by itself. Ian is shocked, but not as shocked as Amy when she reappears and hears Ian's voice.

Lucy is studying the scroll. She notes that there is one portrait missing. Paige scoffs, but Kevin gives pause. Lucy reads off the name of the missing relative, shocker of all shockers (not) it is Rebecca Barrington.

Rafe is in shock at what he sees. We pan up the portrait to reveal someone that looks uncannily like Paige (another shocker, not!!!).

Previews for Monday: Rafe to Rebecca's portrait: "You want to take Alison back with you don't you Paige? You want her to fill the fifth chair." Paige to Lucy and Kevin as she looks at the scroll: "This Alison Barrington. I must meet her." Ian to Amy: "What are ya?" Amy to Ian as she somehow knows exactly where the hairdryer is, grabs it and accurately clocks him across the forehead with it. "Leave me alone."

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