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Port Charles Update Tuesday 3/19/02

by Dawn

Jamal is on the phone looking for JD. When he hangs up, he finds Jack waiting for him. Jack wants to know why Jamal is looking to get killed.

Casey is chasing Ricky, who wants her to go away. He's also looking for JD, and Casey wants him to stop. He won't look at her as she keeps walking around him begging him to not go looking for revenge. Reminding him that the cops haven't been involved yet, going after JD will bring them in. Ricky is sure that no one can help him, including the plastic surgeon. Ricky wants Casey to leave him alone because he's a freak.

Ian sneaks up on Eve from behind and kisses her. They hold each other and kiss passionately, but Danny cries. As Eve moves towards him, the lights go out. Ian checks the fuse box while Eve takes a candle to Danny's playpen. As she picks up Danny, Amy hides out of sight.

Ricky knows the gash on his face makes Casey sick no matter how much she denies it. Teasing him, Casey informs him that he was a freak before he was cut, and she thinks scars are hot. The look on Casey's face when she first saw it tells Ricky different. It was the sight of blood in general that made Casey sick, and it looks better now then it did. When Ricky refers to his face as a Halloween mask, Casey accuses him of wallowing in self pity as if it's the only thing that ever happened. Ricky wants revenge, and he'd rather die then look like that. That makes Casey freak. He doesn't know what it's like to die, but she does.

Jack confronts Jamal, who wants no part of Jack's help. Jamal wants Jack to go to his white picket fence life with Livvie, but it's not real for him and he's booking. It's over for Jamal. Jack grabs Jamal, but he pulls away. Jack insists, and Jamal finally punches him.

Amy blows out the candle and Eve turns. Intending to relight it, she puts Danny down and goes to the desk calling for Ian in fear when someone makes a sound. Finally getting nervous, Eve crosses the room, but the lights come back on. She goes to Danny and picks him up again. Amy is holding Eve's bag and standing back in her hiding place.

Casey and Ricky are on the bench together. Ricky has had it with the freak that knows all about being dead. He accuses her sarcastically about being dead and coming back to life. Casey nods, but Ricky doesn't believe her. First she's a virgin that knows all about sex, now she's the healthy girl that knows all about death. When Ricky asks her why she isn't on cable with this information, Casey decides that he won't get it. She only has one week left and he's blowing it. The news shocks Ricky and he demands details. When she refuses to give him any information, he decides that she's leaving because she's bored and she planned it all along. He knows that it's because of how he looks, and he doesn't believe it when she denies it. Finally, she goes to him and kisses him.

As Jamal watches Jack get to his feet, he asks Jack why he made him do it. Jack punches Jamal. They start to really fight, and Jamal gets Jack down on the ground. He orders Jack to stay away, but Jack crawls to his feet to hit him again. Jamal refuses to be a wimp, but Jack considers wimp better then fool. Jamal asks Jack who cares, and Jack emphasizes that he does by knocking Jamal to the ground again. They're both bloody, but neither are going to give up. Jack accuses him of kicking Ali to the curb, and Jamal accuses Jack of being a lousy friend. Jamal calls him a pain in the ass, but Jack reminds him that he's not responsible for Val's death.

Eve is playing with Danny as Ian returns. The switches were off, but only to their apartment. They decide that someone is messing with them. Eve admits that she had a feeling they weren't alone. When Ian reminds her that they're going to be away alone, Eve is upset with herself for thinking there's danger everywhere. As she goes to change into something more comfortable Ian checks the back door. Amy moves to the playpen as they both leave the room.

Casey admits to Ricky that she never let herself feel. Ricky is confused, but Casey keeps trying to explain. She finally admits that she loves him, and Ricky wants her to stop. Ricky forced her to say something that she's never said before. That stupid thing on his face doesn't mean anything to her. When Ricky asks her if she's still leaving, she tries to explain that it has nothing to do with him, but he doesn't believe her. He doesn't need her pity, and her words are cheap. When Casey tries to tell him that seeing him hurt made her realize that she loves him, he orders her to stay away from him. As far as he's concerned, she's nothing but a joke to him. Crying, Casey admits that she thought she could trust him, but she was wrong.

Jack and Jamal are too tired to continue to fight. As they sit on the bench, Jack talks to him. There was a time that Jack wanted to die. He came to Jamal for help and trusted him. Jamal stopped Jack from killing himself and helped him find another way. He refused to give up on Jack. Jamal doesn't want to hear it, but Jack forces him to listen. He's not going to let Jamal give up on himself. Jamal can't save the world, and he couldn't save Val. It sucks that she died, but she was going to kill Ali. Jamal saved Ali's life, and Jack insists that Jamal shouldn't kill himself for doing the right thing. Jamal starts to cry. He never wanted anyone to die and he tried to stop Val without hurting her. Jack holds Jamal while he cries.

Eve puts Danny in his crib while Ian gets the wine. When Eve reaches the playpen, she panics. Her purse is next to Danny and it wasn't there before. Eve is convinced that someone was in the house.

Amy is on her cell reinstating her order. She is aware it's dangerous, but she assured the person on the other end that she will be careful. Hanging up, she whispers to herself that it's so dangerous that Ian won't live to enjoy his honeymoon.


Jamal interrupts Rafe and Ali at the Recovery Room to talk to Ali.

Chris asks Eve if she saw the picture he put in her purse.

Amy is holding the picture at the counter in GH and Ian asks her what she's doing.

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