PC Update Monday 3/18/02



Port Charles Update Monday 3/18/02

By Kathy

Rafe and Alison are basking in the afterglow of post wedding lovemaking.

Lucy is on the Internet searching genealogy sites for Paige's relatives. Paige is skeptical that Lucy will find anything. Lucy insists her cards never lie, and that Paige is related in some way to someone in PC. Kevin walks in and wants to know what is going on.

Poor pitiful Amy is weeping on the bench. Evil daddy appears and tells her that he told her so. Amy blames Ian for ruthlessly taking her daddy away from her. She promises daddy that she will kill Ian for his birthday.

Chris tries to get Eve to look at the picture he had blown up. She refuses as Ian walks in with Danny. Eve goes to Ian and Danny and coos to her son. Chris secretly slides the photo in Eve's purse. She, Ian and Danny scamper off.

Lucy tells Kevin what the cards have been saying. Paige makes a sarcastic comment, but Kevin backs Lucy up. Kevin wants to finish Paige's portrait, so that Paige can take it back to London to hang with the other family portraits. Lucy decides to sit in, but Kevin chases her out.

Amy is at the hospital and Chris walks in. He tells her she looks remarkably like her father.

Eve, Ian and Danny are now on the bench. Ian tells Eve about Amy's misunderstanding of his intentions. Eve brushes it off, saying Amy is a strong woman and will get over it.

Kevin and Paige chat a bit. Kevin starts to see Paige's halo and begins to paint.

Rafe and Alison are "kanoodeling." Rafe suggests they have a real wedding, so that he can meet Alison's parents. She lets him know that they wouldn't find it important enough to attend. Lovemaking continues.

Ian sees that the photo envelope fell out of Eve's bag. Eve shows him the vacation brochure. She is excited about the vacation. Ian mentions it would be their honeymoon. They are so in love. (Warning: Happy family alert, all is not well) He tells her he doesn't want her for just one night. She chimes in, but for always.

Chris tells Amy he has blown up the photo. He asks if she is ashamed of her father and that's why she doesn't want anyone to know about the photo. This ticks Amy off and disturbs her. She asks for the photo, but Chris tells her he put it in Eve's bag.

Kevin has finished the portrait. Paige is very pleased. Lucy comes in with three tickets to London. She tells them they will all go together, so see can see Paige's journey completed.

Rafe goes into Alison's pocketbook and takes out her cell. He calls someone and tells him or her he's a friend of Alison and that there is something he needs to do for her.

Ian, Eve and the baby return home. The lights won't go on. They wonder what happened. We see Amy hiding in the corner.

Previews for Tuesday: Jamal to Jack: "You're done." Jack to Jamal: "No I'm not done." Jamal clocks Jack. Ricky to Casey: "All of a sudden you know something about dying?" Casey to Ricky: "Yeah, I do. Okay, I know everything about it." Eve in the dark: "Ian, I told you not to sneak up on me like that." Amy looks on evilly.

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