PC Update Friday 3/15/02



Port Charles Update Friday 3/15/02

By Kathy

Amy remembers her misunderstood conversation with Ian on the bench. She arrives at the Recovery Room where she meets Ian.

Eve is talking to a travel agent to plan a vacation for her family. Karen mentions it could also be called a honeymoon. She asks Eve why she isn't at the restaurant with Ian. Eve tells Karen they are short staffed and she had to fill in. Frank comes running in and tells Karen and Eve he has Ricky in an empty room, and he is badly injured.

In the room Ricky looks at Casey and tells her he will never forgive her for turning him in.

Back at the barn, Rafe asks Alison if he heard her right. Did she really ask him to marry her? She tells Rafe she knows he wants her to go on, but her love won't go anywhere. She asks that they make a vow that they will love each other for eternity.

Jack has blown up Chris' picture in the computer and is re-imaging it. Chris wants to know who the man is standing behind Amy. Chris tells Jack the picture was taken at parents' weekend in college and that the man could be Amy's father. Of course we can see it is Harris. Jack informs Chris that Amy has just walked in and sat down behind him.

Amy is all-aflutter with Ian, thinking he's in love with her. He's holding her hand; she tells him she doesn't think Eve would like it. He tells her Eve wouldn't care, and besides this isn't about Eve, it's about him and Amy. He tells Amy that she saved him from losing everything important to him when she came to the hospital. Are you saying........Amy asks? Ian says yes, if it weren't for you Eve and I wouldn't have found our way back to each other. Amy is deflated, but Ian doesn't notice.

Rafe comes in with a wheelbarrow full of flowers. Alisoin asks what's going on? He tells her he has never seen a bride without flowers, that they're getting married right here and now. Alison is ecstatic. Rafe tells her to get behind a stack of hay and do what brides do when they get married. He sets up a stone circle and decorates it with flowers. He steps into the circle. Alison, who has stripped down into her lacy chemise, comes out and sees what he has done, she's pleased.

Eve and Karen are tending to Ricky. Ricky as usual is complaining. He's still worried he will get thrown into jail. Eve tells him the plastic surgeon will fix him right up and leaves, to run into Colleen with her vacation brochures.

Chris steps behind Jack's laptop and sees the picture. He asks that Jack put it on a disk. Amy is getting agitated. She asks how Ian and Eve got back together. Ian tells her about Harris' compound and finding love. Amy tells him she has to leave. He asks what's wrong and in a childish temper tantrum she tells him she hates him.

Alison steps into the circle with Rafe and they exchange vows to carry each other's love in their hearts for eternity.

Ian asks what's gotten into Amy. She tells him she misunderstood why he wanted to have dinner with her. He tells her he's sorry, she tells him not to be sorry. She tells him it's better this way and that he will get what he deserves, then gives him a Judas' kiss and leaves. Ian is perplexed.

Karen gives Ricky a strong antibiotic and tells him he should feel better. He gets up to leave; Karen tells him he can't leave, that he will need surgery. He doesn't know what she means (we don't either because we still haven't seen the damage to his face). Casey asks him to just wait until he hears what the plastic surgeon has to say. He tells her he doesn't need to know. He walks to the door and sees himself in the mirror. The right side of his face is a mess.

Alison and Rafe are talking about the kids they saw earlier and what a coincidence and how great they were. They begin to kiss and make love. The camera pans to a wooden beam carved with a heart with the kid's two names inside and above that another heart with Rafe and Alison's names. Slowly the kids' heart disappears and leaves only Rafe + Alison.

Amy's out in the snow crying and telling herself she is such a fool. Her father appears (must have arrived from Hades) and tells her he told her so. She tells him she will make sure he pays for the both of them.

Chris has the blown up picture of Harris, he wonders aloud why Amy wants no one to see the picture. He figures the guy has some kind of part in what is going on. Eve walks by and Chris tells her he has something he's sure she will want to see. She tells him she's busy. He tries to tell her what's in the photo. She takes it......

Previews for Monday: Chris to Amy: "You really do resemble your father." Lucy to Paige: "If I do not figure out why you're here and what journey you're on, you are going to haunt us for the rest of our lives." Kevin walks into this: "What's going on?"

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