PC Update Monday 3/11/02



Port Charles Update Monday 3/11/02

By Kathy

Kevin tells Paige he knows she's an angel. She admits it. Kevin asks why she came back.

JD is beating up Jamal, Casey intervenes, JD grabs Casey and Ricky comes up from behind putting a knife to JD's throat.

Amy is doing her "Yentle" thing again talking to her Papa. A hand touches her shoulder. She asks who it is. It's Ed who replies, "It could be your conscience." He tells her he wants to have a chat with her about her plans for Ian.

Ian tells Eve he wants to know exactly how she feels about things. Eve slaps him and tells him, "That's for Lucy."

JD lets go of Casey and runs away. Ricky runs after him.

Ian and Eve talk about Ian's infidelity, and Eve's loss of trust. Ian apologizes and asks if it will always be between them. Eve says his thing with Lucy made all her insecurities come out and every time she sees him with another woman her stomach turns to knots. She says that's what happened with Amy. Ian admits he was attracted to Amy.

Ed tries to get out of Amy what exactly she's planning to do. She tries to dodge, but ya can't fool Ed!! She wants to know why he let her come back if he knew about her plans. Ed tells her it wasn't up to him. She tells him to get off her back.

Ricky is looking for JD. He calls out for him. He hears crunching in the snow. He turns around surprised at what he sees.

Paige tells Kevin of her death experience. She tells Kevin there was something missing and she was given the second chance. Kevin asks if it was to have the portrait painted. Paige admits that was part of it, but that it became something more when Kevin opened the door. She had never stopped loving him. And she guesses she came back because of Kevin. Kevin asks if she came because of him or for him. He asks if she wanted him to die. Amy tells Ed she can and will kill Ian because of what he did to her "darling Papa," and she doesn't care about the consequences. Ed basically tells her she sounds like an idiot, Amy becomes enraged and tells Ed that her father was suffering and Ian just let him die. Ed tells her it's not true and she knows it. He tells her he knows she hired a hit man to kill Ian and the guy killed her instead. Amy is of course still determined and Ed tells her it won't be easy because she has fallen in love with Ian. Amy denies this.

Eve and Ian continue to hash out their problems. They are both weeping. Ian tells her they can put it all behind them and go forward or go their separate ways. He tells her, "It's your call Lambert."

Casey and Jamal are looking for Ricky. They hear groaning. It's Ricky. They turn him over. Casey blanches in horror, "Oh my God."

Paige and Kevin continue to talk about her "angelness." She slips up and tells him that "they" are angels in training. Kevin jumps on it and asks if Amy is an angel as well. Paige tells him there are always angels all around him. She tells him what being an angel is like. Kevin begins to see Paige as a being of light. She reaches out her hand, takes hold and the light shines brightly upon him. Ed tells Amy that Ian has gotten to her. She denies, denies, denies. Ed tells her if she wanted to kill Ian she would have by now. She tells him she is going to kill Ian on her father's birthday. She says her journey will be complete then. Ed tells her to think about it carefully. He asks if she knows what she wants, if she knows who she is, or if she's just doing her father's bidding. He tells her it's no crime to love someone. He suggests maybe that's why she came back, to find out if love is possible for everyone, even her. He kisses her hair and leaves.

Eve thanks Ian for being honest. Ian asks if she has stopped loving him. She says she's sorry she stopped believing in him and sorry that she hurt him. Eve tells him she remembers how they fell in love in the compound and that he told her he didn't want to love her for just one night but for always. He tells her he still believes in that. She tells him she never stopped loving him. He picks her up and gently lays her on the bed they begin to make love.

Previews for Tuesday: Rafe to Alison: "I need to go to heaven." Alison to Rafe: "Why?" Rafe to Alison: "I have to know who's gonna die." Alison to Rafe: "No, Rafe don't leave me." Lucy to Paige who is in thrall with Kevin: "What are you doing here? What are you doing with my husband?"

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