PC Update Friday 3/8/02



Port Charles Update Friday 3/8/02

By Kathy

Ian and Eve are in Harris' compound. Ian is trying to get Eve to remember a time when they trusted each other. Eve is resisting, but Ian is fighting for the couple's relationship.

Alison has found Jamal. She is concerned because Livvie has told her that he is trying to kill himself. Jamal doesn't want her concern. He tells her to go back to Rafe.

Rafe is confronting the girls. He asks who they think the 5th chair is. He thinks their time left on earth would be better if they can figure out who will fill the chair.

Kevin is back at his easel. He knows something isn't right about Paige. He begins to draw her as he sees her, and saw her, when he died.

Alison asks Jamal to let her in, to let her help him. He tells her he was about to apologize when he showed up at the apartment while she was packing up to move in with Rafe. She tells him a part of her still loves him. Jamal asks if it's enough to give it another try.

The girls want to know why Rafe is so hot to find out who the fifth chair is. He tells them about the close call with Alison. They accuse Rafe of subconsciously wanting to do Alison in. He starts getting suspicious about them (a "protest too much" scenario). He tells them he suspects that they aren't curious about the 5th chair because they already know the answer.

Kevin steps back from his drawing and sees Paige is a being of light.

The girls are protesting. Rafe goes from one to the other pointing out the possible 5th chair sitters. He again speculates that they know the "sitter" and they don't want him to know. Paige tries to placate him. She tells him he's getting upset. He wants to know why they aren't upset. They tell him to drop it, but he demurs. He says all they talk about is finishing what they left behind, but no one is actually doing anything. He wants to know why they don't finish and go back. He tells them he doesn't trust them anymore and leaves.

Ian is still trying to get Eve to remember how they depended on each other, and how much he wanted to be with her. She says she doesn't think she has the strength to fight anymore. He tells her she needs to fight like her life depended on it, because the life that they have together depends on it.

Jamal tells Alison if she loves him like she says she does, she'd want to get back together. She tells him she can't tell him what he wants to hear, but they can look out for each other. He understands they can't go back and puts up a sarcastic wall. Rafe comes by and Jamal tells them to go, goodbye. They leave and Jamal whispers "Goodbye Spunky." The toughs gang up on Jamal and take him back to beat him. Casey is watching the beating and she winces.

Paige comes to the loft because Kevin has asked her to come by. Kevin tells her he knows she was on the other side when he died and was in the tunnel. He tells her he knows she had the same dress on that she had on when her husband died. She tries to convince them otherwise. But he is sure that she's an angel.

Eve begins to remember, but is unsure that these memories will give them back what they've lost. She says back then she believed him when he said everything would be okay. And she trusted him because she knew he was as scared as she was. He tells her he's scared now, that Danny won't have a two-parent home and that he won't grow old with her. He tells her that he loves her, that he has always loved her. She asks what if they let each other down again. He tells her they will, because that's what partners do, but if they can hang on to each other, they will make it.

Amy is crying for her Papa AGAIN!!! Now we see a flash back and (as if we didn't know) her Papa is Harris. He asked her on his deathbed to avenge him. He asked her to make Ian pay. His last word is "revenge." Amy tells her Papa, that Ian WILL suffer, that he will die, and that he will fill the 5th chair. (Editorial note: Oh, TPTB please no!!!!!!!!!)

Previews for Monday: Eve to Ian: Slap "That's for sleeping with Lucy." Ed to Amy: "You've come back to kill Ian." Amy to Ed: "Let me finish what I've come here to do." Kevin to Paige: "You died," Paige nods silently, "Why did you come back?"

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