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Port Charles Update Wednesday 3/6/02

By Dawn

Jack knows Jamal has a death wish, but Jamal doesn't want to hear it. Jack says it anyway. JD is dangerous. Jamal breaks away from Jack and leaves Jack with Ricky. Ricky informs Jack that Jamal is a lost cause. Jack is angry that Ricky doesn't know much about being a friend.

At the Recovery Room, Frank asks Karen about Christina, but there is no change in her condition. Victor and Mary enter with a Bon Voyage poster for Joe and Gabby. Finally Gabby and Joe arrive and everyone surprises them. Chris isn't impressed, but Eve thinks it's nice to see someone happy. Chris advises her to get out of Dodge with Ian, but Eve wants Amy to be the one to leave. Chris still can't get the picture he has of Amy out of his mind, but Eve doesn't want to hear it. She doesn't care who Amy is or why she's there. All she cares about is Amy leaving because she can't get her marriage back on track as long as Amy is there.

Amy is sitting on the sofa next to Ian holding his hand. She knows she made things worse by talking to Eve, but she wanted Eve to see what a great guy he is. Ian knows he's made a few mistakes. Amy's is sorry. Ian wonders where Christina's test results are, and Amy knows he's pretty sure he knows what the child has. He just hopes he's right.

Kevin drags Paige away from Christina's bed, demanding to know what Paige thinks she's doing. When Paige tries to explain that she was trying to comfort Christina, Kevin is furious that Paige is comforting a child by telling her that it's okay for her to die, and he wants to know what the hell is the matter with her.

Gabby and Joe say goodbye to Frank, Karen, and Mary, despite Mary's affirmation that they can do a lot of good in Port Charles.

Jamal and Ricky enter the Recovery Room to join the party. When the tell Gabby they got held up, she knows something is wrong. Frank interrupts them to make a toast. Gabby goes to Ricky and reminds him of his going away presents to get along with Jamal and stay out of trouble.

Chris offers to take out a hit on Amy, but Eve admits that if she and Ian were getting along, 1000 Amy's wouldn't matter. Chris asks her what went wrong, and she can't answer. Something is broken and neither of them knows how to fix it. There is too much anger, especially from her. Chris wonders if she has fallen out of love with Ian and if she should make his move on her. Ignoring him, Eve confirms that she'll always love Ian and she needs to find a way to show him. Going to Joe and Gabby, Eve wishes them luck and advises them to hang on to each other. Outside, Eve remembers Ian telling her Merry Christmas at Harris's compound. She didn't have to tell him she loved him, he could feel it. But it took them so long to say it.

Ian thought the past was buried, but Christina brought it all back. He tells Amy that the kids in his care put their faith in him, but Harris stole the medication. Amy seems shocked that anyone could be that cruel. When Ian continues to tell her about Harris kidnapping him and Eve, Amy is quiet. It's so horrible that she can't imagine it happening. Ian knows that she's been to hell and back faking her own death. Amy thinks it was better then really dying. When Ian calls her strong and honest, she begins to cry, which confuses Ian.

Paige is angry at Kevin for twisting her words. She remembered his dream and how comforting he said it was. All she was trying to do was help Christina. Kevin can't believe her. He heard her tell Christina that it was okay to die and to not be afraid. Kevin tells Paige that Lucy has a gut feeling about her. Paige puts that down to Lucy not liking her because she and Kevin were loves. Kevin denies that is the reason, and he's beginning to believe Lucy. Paige is shocked that Kevin believes her, but Kevin reminds her that he doesn't know her anymore. When Paige tries again to convince him that Ed told him everything, Kevin gets angry. He knows less about her now then when he and Ian started investigating her. Now Kevin isn't sure if Paige is the one being protected or if they all need protection from Paige.

Colleen took up collection and they came up with mountain climbing shoes for Gabby. Ricky takes her aside and says that he doesn't think it's fair that she leaves right as he gets back into town. Promising him that she's only a phone call away, Gabby asks him to give Jamal a break and look after him. After walks away, Ricky will do it if Jamal doesn't kill him first.

Jack approaches Jamal at the bar. Jack is watching Jamal's back because someone has to. Jamal is working the cons like he's supposed to. It's his life, and as far as he's concerned, his life with Ali was just a fantasy. Jack thinks trying to con a guy that's connected to the mob is not smart. Jamal is just aggravated that he has to find a new way to make money. Jack suggests the bike shop, but Jamal considers it to be part of his old life. Jamal tells Jack to go talk to his screwed up brother because he might want help. After Jamal storms out, Jack walks over to Chris, who notices how down Jack is. Chris is worried about a friend, too, and he asks Jack to take a look at the picture of Amy. Jack can get a clear image of the guy standing behind Amy if he can get it on a computer and work on the image. Chris hands Jack his credit card and tells him to go get whatever he needs to find out who the guy in the picture is. At first Jack wonders what the scam is, but when he hears it's for Eve, he takes the card and agrees to do it. After Jack leaves, Chris promises to find out the truth about Amy.

Amy is crying, and Ian is confused. Amy knows that it's the last thing he needs, but Ian knows how hard it is to have no home and go from town to town. Amy promises him that she's not usually so upset. Ian is rubbing her shoulders and comforting her as Eve exits the elevator and watches them. Taking his hands for a moment, Amy runs off crying. Ian turns and finally sees Eve watching him.

Paige never intended to bring trouble to Kevin, but Kevin knows that bringing the witness protection program to his house brought trouble. He knows less about her then when he started. He saw her telling Christina to let go and it's all right to die. Paige is shocked. She cares for him and Christina, and she sat by her bed and tried to make her feel better. Kevin hears all the right things, but something is wrong. He can't put his finger on it, but if she really cares, she'd tell him the truth.

Joe and Gabby have to catch a plane. Frank says goodbye and they thank him and Karen for helping them get back together. Frank turns to Karen and hopes that they're as happy as he is with her. Gabby goes to say goodbye to Jamal. Her last words to him are that good things can happen even when you're at your worst. Ricky announces that he borrowed the limo and he's taking them to the airport. Everyone waves goodbye except Jamal, who is sitting at the bar alone drinking.

Even though it's eating Paige up inside, she can't tell Kevin the truth. Kevin moves back to Christina's bed and covers her. Paige begs him to believe that she can't tell him what happened or where she's going. Kevin's tired of hearing it. He'll never know and he no longer cares. He doesn't want her anywhere near him, Christina, or Lucy so she can't misunderstand him or his intentions. All Paige ever wanted was to love him, but all he knows is that she doesn't love him enough to tell him the truth. Paige promises him that he'd never believe her, but all he wants is for her to leave. Crying, Paige leaves the room. Kneeling beside Christina, Kevin holds her hands and strokes her hair. He promises the sleeping child that he will never let anyone or anything ever hurt her.

Lightning appears and Paige looks at her watch as it moves to the number 3. She only has three more weeks and this isn't how she hoped it would be.

Amy's watch moves as well and she feels it. She reminds herself that she can't be feeling these things with only three weeks to go. Wiping her eyes she walks away.

Ian begins to tell Eve that he and Amy were just talking, but Eve doesn't care anymore. Eve came back to tell him that she loves him. She thought she could give him the answer he wanted, that they could make it work. Seeing where she's going, Ian begs her not to. Eve is convinced that they have to stop fooling themselves. Every time she sees him she thinks they can do it, but when one says or does something wrong, the anger takes over. It's not supposed to be like this and they need to stop fooling themselves. The marriage isn't working and one of them has to have the guts to admit it. Tearfully, Eve informs him that it's over between them.


Eve has made up her mind and she informs Ian that she's filing for divorce.

Finding Rafe and Ali kissing, Livvie hates to interrupt the lip lock, but she wonders if Ali cares that Jamal is trying to kill himself.

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