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Port Charles Update Tuesday 3/5/02

by Dawn

JD and his buddies are furious at Jamal and Ricky for using loaded dice. Before the fight can start, Jack interrupts.

Rafe is holding Ali in his lap on the sofa while Frank is explaining on the cell phone that there is no reason for Ali to still be unresponsive. Rafe whispers to Ali that she can't be the 5th chair and she has to wake up for him. As she lies still in his arms, he begs her to come back to him.

Paige is at the Recovery Room at a table. She remembers Christina offering her the doll and begging her to not go. Amy joins her and informs her that Christina is in the hospital. When Paige remarks that it's only Lucy being overprotective, Amy is suspicious. Paige isn't concerned, and Amy thinks she knows why. She accuses a shocked Paige of wanting to take Christina back with her because she can't take Kevin. Before Paige can stop her, she accuses Paige of wanting to kill Christina.

Lucy is talking to a sleeping Christina about taking her home where she belongs. Finally Lucy stands and faces Kevin crying. She can't believe this is happening to her. When Lucy starts to talk about losing her again, Kevin promises her that nothing will happen to their little girl. Ian enters and admits that he thinks he knows what's wrong with her, but from the look on his face, Lucy knows it's not good.

Frank is still on the phone explaining that Ali is sleeping, not in a coma. Rafe is still begging her to come back. When Frank approaches them and wants to take Ali to the hospital, Rafe begs him to not take Ali away from him. Asking Ali to come back to him one more time, Rafe kisses her. Ali opens her eyes and Frank is amazed at her response to Rafe's mouth to mouth. Talking about a fantastic dream she had, Ali sits up and is surprised to see Frank. Both guys smile at her confusion.

Ian asks Kevin and Lucy if Julie was ever in South Africa or the Ivory Coast. Kevin knows she was, which convinces Ian that it's a virus from South Africa. He explains that he treated a group of children that had the same virus, but the supplies they needed were stolen. Lucy figures it out that the children died. When Ian hears that Lucy just took her to the doctor for her checkup and she was fine, he doesn't understand the symptoms not appearing until now. Suddenly Lucy turns to Kevin and points out that Paige was the last person to be with Christina before she got sick. Kevin tries to reason with her, but Lucy knows that their lives have been upside down since Paige arrived. Kevin almost died, Christina hasn't been the same, and now she's sick. As far as Lucy's concerned, Paige is some angel of death. Ian stares at them.

Paige is speechless at Amy's accusation that she would want a child to die. Amy is convinced that Lucy's little girl is Paige's choice for the 5thchair, and obsessed people can be capable of all sorts of things. Paige admits that she cares about Christina, but she wouldn't sacrifice a child. Amy knows that the other angels have been trying to save the ones they care about. Paige hasn't, and that scares Amy. If Amy were alive, she'd keep her distance.

Jack asks if they group is going to play for money or not. JD accuses Jamal of using loaded dice, and Jamal steps closer. As they begin to fight, Jack steps in the middle and offers JD money to go away. As JD takes the money and leaves, he motions a gun at Jamal, which sets Jamal off. Jamal tries to go after them, and Jack stops him. Jamal doesn't want Jack to save him.

Frank is glad to tell Rafe that Ali is fine. He'd still like to take her to GH, but Ali refuses. After Frank leaves them alone, Rafe goes to her and grabs her. He wants her to promise that she'll never scare him like that again. Ali tells him that she had a beautiful dream about the two of them. They were together, had all the time in the world, and they were in love. Rafe was so afraid that talk about the 5th chair had started this. Casey actually suggested that Ali would want to be in the 5th chair. Rafe admits to her that a selfish part of him wanted her to go with him. The thought of leaving her is too hard for him. As much as he loves being with her he knows it's wrong. Ali stops him to tell him that she loves him and they kiss.

Kevin tries to reason with Lucy, but Lucy knows that Paige is responsible. Ian steps in and tries to help. Lucy doesn't want to hear it from either of them. Kevin almost died, Christina is sick, and Lucy wants Paige out of their lives. When Kevin promises that she'll be gone soon and Ian adds that it's only 3 more weeks, Lucy gets furious that they're protecting her. Kevin and Ian tell her that Paige and Amy are in the Witness Protection Program. The men are serious, but Lucy doesn't believe a word of it. She's convinced they want sympathy. The Witness Protection Program never lets the witnesses use their own names, and Lucy knows that she's lying. Frustrated, Kevin admits that he only told Lucy because he wanted to stop worrying about some dark force. With all the experience they've had with dark forces, Lucy knows that it's entirely possible. But she doesn't care what Paige is, she's out to harm Lucy's family and Lucy is going to put a stop to her. As Lucy begins to get hysterical, Kevin pulls her into his arms and holds her while she cries.

Paige reminds Amy how well the fall off the roof could have made things for her. Casey sits at the table and begins to talk about Ricky, but Paige and Amy are intent on attacking each other. Amy is the one that fell, but Paige knows that Amy is dead. A fall off the roof wouldn't hurt her, but Eve wouldn't have bounced. Ed appears and watches them argue. They look so angelic and sweet, but one of them is rotten to the core. One of them is the dark angel and he doesn't know which. It's breaking his heart, but as the angels leave the Recovery Room, Ed states that one of them is back on Earth for murder.

Ricky, Jamal and Jack are sitting at the table. Ricky wants Jamal to realize that Jack saved them. Jamal gives Jack money and tries to leave. As Ricky grabs for some of the money that was his, Jack grabs Jamal. Jack wants Jamal to pull himself out of it, or he wants to know if Jamal is trying to kill himself.

Casey stands out of their sight and watches the entire conversation.

Ali is telling Rafe how hard it was to wake up from the peaceful dream. Rafe reminds her that it was a dream. But she didn't need anything or anyone but him. He's there in the flesh and he real. Real crazy about her. That was the best part of the dream for her. Nothing she can imagine is better then being with him. She unbuttons his shirt and he reaches for her.

Lucy finally pulls away from Kevin and apologizes. He tries to get her to keep it together for Christina. Ian will get her well, and Kevin suggests that Lucy take a break. He promises her that they're in this together and he'll be there in case Christina wakes up. He walks her out the door, and Lucy tearfully agrees that she needs to breathe. He kisses her softly and watches her walk away.

Ian asks Colleen if she rushed Christina's blood work. Amy exits the elevator and asks about Christina. Ian tells her that she has a virus that he saw in Africa and he couldn't give those victims the help they needed. Amy tries to make him feel better by reminding him what would have happened to Christina he hadn't been there. He thanks her for knowing what to say to make him feel better. Amy knows he cares about Christina and things aren't great between him and Eve. She's sorry if she made things worse, but Ian knows that he and Eve created their problems. He's glad he has Amy to support him. They smile at each other.

Paige enters Christina's room and she's alone with the sleeping child. Sitting next to her, Paige whispers to her. If it's too hard for Christina and she wants to let go, Paige promises to be there to help her every step of the way. Furious, Kevin demands to know what Paige is telling her. Paige stares at him.


Chris promises to find out the truth one way or another.

Amy asks Ian if he's sure what Christina has, and he says that he is.

Paige insists that she was only trying to comfort Christina, but Kevin asks if that means telling her that it's okay to die.

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