PC Update Monday 3/4/02



Port Charles Update Monday 3/4/02

By Kathy

At a snack stand Casey asks Rafe's advice about love and men. He tells her to be nice for a change, maybe ask Ricky to a movie. She finds this advice lame. He tells her to get to know Ricky in the correct way in the time they have left. She tells him she's afraid if she gets close to Ricky he'll be the fifth chair. She asks Rafe if he isn't worried that Alison will be the fifth chair and accuses him of wanting it to be Alison.

Alison is seen passed out on the sofa with the gas filling the room.

Karen is taking care of Christina at the hospital. Christina's temperature is high. Lucy rushes in and starts taking to Christina. Christina can't hear her.

Casey is still accusing Rafe of wanting the fifth chair to be Alison. He denies this, but Casey continues to taunt. Angry, Rafe leaves her there alone. Jamal and Ricky come in from winning a craps game. Casey hops out at them. Jamal starts to take off, but Casey apologizes for the bike, etc. She asks Ricky to a movie, Jamal bursts out laughing and leaves. Ricky tells her she's too psycho for him. Casey asks if they can try again. She tells him to buy her a pizza with the roll of cash he's been waving around. She asks if he conned some dumb thugs out of it. He tells her yes, just as the dumb thugs come out of where ever they were and over hear. They say they want their money back.

Lucy is panicking, and asks Karen what is going on. Karen tries to calm both Kevin and Lucy down. Christina whines that her head hurts. Lucy starts shouting for Ian. She wants him to treat Christina.

Rafe comes back to the house to the smell of gas, and a passed-out Alison. In her passed-out state, Alison sees all the moments she has spent with Rafe. Rafe calls 911 and tries to wake Alison up.

Casey mouths off to the thugs. Ricky shuts her up. Jamal comes back and asks what the problem is. The lead thug says he wants to win his money back. Jamal says he'll play him again. Ricky is not happy with the scenario, but Jamal continues to try to persuade Ricky to gamble with the guys one more time.

Rafe is full of recriminations. Frank comes in and tries to revive Alison. Rafe is beside himself and thinks of what Casey has said to him earlier about taking Alison back with him. He hovers over Frank and tries to wake Alison up.

Christina is scared because she is now deaf and doesn't know what's going on. Lucy is very worried. Kevin decides to draw the story of Dumbo and the problems with HIS ears. Christina calms down and closes her eyes. Lucy and Kevin try to figure out what happened for Christina to take such a turn. Kevin calls Ian on his cell. Christina asks Lucy if she's going to heaven to be an angel like her other mommy. Lucy weeps.

Jamal agrees to gamble with the thugs and Ricky buys Casey a pizza. Casey wants to play craps. She rolls the dice. And tells Ricky she is good at the game, that he hasn't noticed that ever since she has rolled his dice she's come up with sevens. The thugs overhear and take a look at the dice. The dice are loaded.

Lucy assures Christina, she will be fine. Kevin can't reach Ian on his cell and he goes to look for Karen. Christina reaches out and says "No." It's the first time she's wanted him with her. He is touched and happy.

Frank tells Rafe that Alison is breathing. Rafe wants to know why she isn't waking up. Frank doesn't know, he tells Rafe that she's fine, but it's like she doesn't want to wake up. We see that Alison continues to dream. In her dream she tells Rafe that if she stays in her dream, they can be together forever. Frank asks Rafe if he can think of any reason why Alison wouldn't want to wake up.

Previews for Tuesday: Rafe to Alison: "Please just look at me. Open your eyes. Look at me. Just talk to me, please." Lucy to Ian: "What do you think? Can you help her?" Ian to Lucy and Kevin: "I haven't looked at her blood work yet, but I think I know what's wrong with her" Lucy to Ian: "It's bad isn't it." Amy to Paige: You couldn't take Kevin back with you. So, did you go after Christina?"

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