PC Update Friday 3/1/02



Port Charles Update Friday 3/1/02

By Kathy

Ed is sitting at Amy's hospital bed (she's asleep). He's talking to the angels, as we see them all sleeping. He tells them he knows one of them is a dark angel and will take a life. He then tells them they will not remember his visit and with a bolt of lightening and a crack of thunder he disappears and they all jump awake.

Paige is leaving. Kevin asks if she's sneaking away. He tells her Christina will want to say goodbye. Paige says she should be going, but Christina appears and tells her not to go.

Nurse Colleen has flowers for Eve. She gives Eve the note and takes the flowers to put them in water. The note says "Meet me in the On-Call Room. We need to talk." Eve makes her way to the room expecting to find Ian. What she finds is Amy laying in wait. She sent the flowers.

Rafe and Alison are unpacking Alison's childhood boxes at the house. They find old candles and Alison tells Rafe there is a story behind them. She tells him that she's got a secret. She tells him the candles were made by her great great great great grandmother Rebecca. Alison explains that when she was little and she was lonely she would go to the attic, which held a portrait of Rebecca and she would talk to it. One day she was staring at the painting and Rebecca came out of it and talked to her. Alison said her grandmother really cared about her unlike the rest of her family. Rafe apologizes for bringing up sad memories, but Alison tells him it's okay. That he just brought back to her a wonderful part of herself that she had forgotten. She tells him he has helped her open her heart from the first time she met him. They snuggle up with each other.

Eve tells Amy they have nothing to talk about. Amy tries to explain that nothing happened, but that she is attracted to Ian. She tells Eve that Ian refused to act on her feelings, that Ian loves Eve. She keeps trying to hammer this fact home, but Eve gets her back up. Eve becomes furious when she finds out that Ian has known about Amy's feelings. Amy warns Eve that if she keeps alienating Ian, even though she, Amy, knows that she will never have him, someone else might come along and take him. Eve tells Amy that she's mistaken that her husband is no saint. Ian overhears this, and says it's nice to find out what his wife thinks of him.

Casey is in her room listening to her boom box. "Teen Angel" is playing. She figures she needs to find someone to teach her how to love, how to act with Ricky. She picks up the phone to call Amy, but remembers she's a snobby blind chick and that Paige is a whiney Brit and that they'd be of no help.

Paige asks Christina what she's doing out of bed, that it must mean that she's feeling better. Paige gives Christina something she embroidered to remember her by. Christina leaves. Paige tells Kevin she would do ANYTHING to have a little girl like that.

Ian asks Amy to leave so that he can talk to Eve. Eve asks how long he had been standing there. He says long enough to hear his friend singing his praises and his wife setting her straight. She goes on and on about how humiliating it was to hear someone tell her how much she wants her husband. Ian points out that Amy didn't get him, but this matters not to Eve, who keeps on ranting. Ian says Amy implied that Eve was pushing him away. He asks Eve if Amy was right. Eve just rants away. Ian begs Eve to give him a reason to keep fighting for their marriage. Eve gets beeped and tells Ian she has to answer it.

Amy is talking to her dead papa again. She tells him she misses him and loves him. She tells him she misses how safe she felt when he had his arms around her. We see the gloved hands of someone standing behind her and holding her.

Taxi horn blows telling Paige her ride is there. Christina gives Paige her favorite Raggedy Ann to keep her company. Paige doesn't take the doll, but tells Christina she will see her soon. She hugs Christina and tearfully leaves. Kevin asks Christina if she would like some pancakes. Christina tells him no, that she doesn't feel good. He takes her into his arms and feels her fever. He asks her if it hurts anywhere and she passes out. He calls Lucy and tells her to meet him at the hospital.

Rafe and Alison are kissing. Rafe goes over to start a fire, as Alison puts on some music. The gas fire won't light. There is knock on the door and it's Casey. She tells Alison she needs to see Rafe immediately. Alison becomes worried that the person for the 5th chair died. This lets Casey know that Rafe told Alison. She tells Rafe she wants to speak with him alone, that it's important. He apologized to Alison and tells her he'll only be a few minutes and leaves. Rafe and Casey go outside. Casey tells Rafe that Alison has a big mouth and if she doesn't watch it, she might be in the 5th chair herself. Alison curls up on the sofa to take a nap, as the gas from the fireplace seeps into the room.....

Previews for Monday: Lucy to Christina "Can you tell me what's wrong? Can you answer me?" Christina to Lucy: "Mommy why can't I hear you?" Rafe to an unconscious Alison: "Alison are you okay? Come on. Come on. Wake up. Wake up. Come on you can do it. Come on, just wake up!!"

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