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Port Charles Update Thursday 2/28/02

by Dawn

Ali insists that Rafe tell her who is going to die, but he tells her that he doesn't know. Ali figures out from Casey's outburst that it's someone close to one of them and Rafe is forced to admit that it's all he knows. Casey's references to a 5th chair tells Ali that there are four angels. It suddenly occurs to her that she might be the person to die and get to go back. Rafe screams at her to not talk like that.

Kevin is holding a sleeping Christina in his arms. Paige asks him how she is and is not happy to hear that Christina has been sick all night. Paige informs him that she's packed and ready to leave in the morning, and she knows it's a good thing. Kevin disagrees that it's good, but he can't give her another answer other then the hotel is nice. When Paige tells him that she'll miss being part of his family, he thinks it's for the best that she leave. The phone rings and Paige takes Christina so Kevin can answer it. When Christina wakes, Paige promises her that she'll feel better. As Paige tells Christina that they're connected and she loves the little girl as if she were her own daughter, Lucy calls Paige's name. Lucy doesn't want Paige to talk to Christina like that.

Amy finds Eve on the roof and wants to talk to her. Eve wants no part of it and wants to leave. Amy gets in her way and it turns into a shoving match. They both hit the rail, which breaks, and they both fall over the edge. Ian comes out of the stairwell looking for Eve. From hanging off the side of the building, Eve screams for help. Ian pulls her up and holds her. He asks her what happened, and Eve tells him that Amy fell.

Casey flops on the bed whining about how her second chance at life really blows. As she plays with the key on the chain around her neck, she remembers telling Ricky she was sorry she hurt him and Ricky informing her that she was nothing more then the flavor of the week.

Ali tells Rafe to calm down. It's not that she wants to die, but if she does, it's okay. She believes everything he said about what happens. Rafe tries to tell her that she has a long, wonderful life ahead of her. Her answer is that it's not going to be wonderful if he's not going to be there. Rafe wants her to find someone else after he's gone, but she wants no part of that. Going to him, she holds him and tries to change the subject. All that matters to her is what they have right there and now. Rafe kisses her.

Eve is checking Amy's vitals while Ian asks the doctor in the room how she is. Amy had cuts and bruises, but no broken bones. Eve and Ian are shocked to hear this. Amy wakes and Ian pushes Eve out of the way to get to her. Ian asks her what happened, and Eve wants her to relax. Amy tells Ian that she went to look for Eve to tell her there was nothing going on between them. They argued and Eve grabbed her. The next thing she knew she was flying. Eve takes this to be an accusation that she pushed Amy, and her reaction leads Ian to ask if she did. Eve is shocked that Ian would think she tried to kill Amy.

Casey is pulling Kleenex out of the box in a "wants me, wants me not" chant. When she ends on "wants me not," she gets furious. As far as she's concerned, she's wiped him out of her hard drive and he can kick it with Satan for all she cares. Her intention is to find the trashiest clothes she has and go get a fine guy. As she's ranting, she rips her pants, which makes her cry. She hates Ricky.

Lucy takes Christina away from Paige, who is not sure why Lucy is angry. Kevin comes back and asks Lucy what the problem is. Lucy informs him that the problem is Paige. Lucy repeats what Paige said to Christina, spelling everything out and reminding her and Kevin what the child has been through. After telling Christina that she loves her, Paige is going to have to tell Christina that she's leaving. Lucy takes her sick daughter upstairs, promising her that she'll make her feel better. After Lucy and Christina are gone, Paige admits to Kevin that all she seems to do is make matters worse. Kevin thinks Lucy would be more understanding if she knew the truth, but Paige knows they can't tell her. She reminds Kevin that he promised to make it work, and he still intends to. Lucy comes back downstairs to see if Kevin's ready for bed. As Lucy and Kevin head upstairs holding hands, Paige wants Lucy to know that she never meant any harm. Lucy thanks her for that and hopes that Paige finds what she's looking for. After Lucy and Kevin are gone, Paige whispers that she does, too.

Eve is in shock. First she finds out her husband is having an affair, then she ends up hanging off a roof by her fingertips, now Ian is accusing her. Amy yells at them that it was an accident. Ian keeps trying to tell Eve that he isn't having an affair and he didn't accuse her, but Eve continues. She can't believe Ian would do that, but now she's beginning to realize that she doesn't know him, and she's not sure she cares to. After Eve leaves the room, Amy tells Ian to go after her. But Ian is afraid that they'll only say more hurtful things they can't take back. Laughing about the fact that she fell off the roof, she decides that if they're going to suffer for it, they might as well have the affair. Ian's glad she's alive, which makes her laugh harder. He's amused, even if he doesn't get it. Sitting next to her bed, he promises to not go anywhere.

Ed watches while Casey sleeps. He's her official supervisor and he begs her forgiveness for the intrusion.

Casey is dreaming about her wedding to Ricky. He is thrilled to be her first and wants to be with her forever. They kiss and declare unending love for one another.

That's all Ed needs to know and he moves on to Lucy's house, where Rafe and Allison are asleep.

Rafe's dream is of being with Ali. She asks him how long his pass is for this time, and she is thrilled to hear him say that it's not a pass. This time he is with her forever and they're going to have babies and grow old together. As they kiss, Ed watches and smiles.  Ed moves to the lighthouse.

Paige's dream starts with Kevin begging her to stay with him. He loves her and he begs her to say the words to him. She is happy to tell him that she loves him and she never stopped. Lucy arrives and apologizes to Paige and Kevin for fighting what she should have known. Paige and Kevin are soul mates that belong together. Giving Kevin to Paige, Lucy has another gift for them. When Christina calls Paige "mom", Lucy decides that all is right with the universe. Lucy leaves and Kevin kisses Paige.

Ed goes to watch Amy's dreams.  Amy runs into the On Call room to find Ian. She can't wait to tell him that a miracle has happened and she can see him. He's more handsome then she imagined. She's been dreaming of this moment, and being in his arms. He wants her more then anything in his life. As he kisses her, he lifts her to put her against the locker. As his lips travel to her neck, she holds him against her.

Ed can tell that nothing has changed. Their dreams are magic and sweet. But they can't fool Ed. One of them is a dark angel with a dark purpose. There's nothing he can do about their real plan, no matter how much he wants to. It's going to play out in a different way. Evil is evil, and all Ed can do is watch. Ed's voice repeats Dark Angel as all four of them are startled out of their sleep.


Paige tells Kevin that she never intended for things to turn out this way. As she prepares to leave, Christina begs her to not leave.

Eve tells Amy that she knows Ian is no saint. He's far from it. Ian enters the room, glad to hear how his wife really feels about him.

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