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Port Charles Update Wednesday 2/27/02

By Dawn

Ali is giving Rafe a message and he's enjoying it immensely until she asks him what happened when he disappeared. He begs her to let it go, but she can't. She loves him, and she doesn't care if it's bad. She can't live with secrets, and she begs him to tell her what happened after he disappeared. 

Jamal taunts Casey to repeat that she tried to kill him. Ricky finally intervenes and tells Jamal to back off. Jamal traps him into admitting that he knew about it, and orders him to get his squeeze away from him. Ricky denies that Casey is his girlfriend, but Jamal doesn't believe him. Casey taunts Ricky by saying that she won't give it up to an ex con that will end up back in jail. Then Casey laughs at Jamal about Ali kicking him to the curb for Rafe. As far as Jamal is concerned he's wasting his time and he leaves. Ricky advises Casey how lucky she was but when she gets sarcastic and accuses him of caring, he gets angry and denies that he cares. She yells at his back while he's walking away that she doesn't need him. 

Eve is glad to see Amy and Ian. She's been looking for them and waiting for them to come back. As Eve goes on about being worried, Amy offers to leave. Eve tells her that it's more important that all three of them talk. She needs to plan out the rest of her life and she wants to know when Ian and Amy intend to run off. Her tone gets more sarcastic when she admits that she knows spontaneity is have the fun, but with a marriage, a career, and a son, sacrifices have to be made. Before Ian or Amy can reply, Eve asks Ian how long he's been sleeping with the Bitch.

Rafe wants Ali to understand that he can't tell her anything. Ali had convinced herself that the only thing that mattered was having him there. But when he disappeared, she was forced to think about what it was going to be like when he was gone for good and she doesn't think she can handle it. Rafe wants to talk about what it's going to be like for her, but she wants to change the subject. He holds her and wants her to picture herself smiling with Livvie and Jack. Sitting up all night talking about a recipe with them. When she gets home, she'll dream about him. She goes along with him and they discuss her dream of them being together holding each other. They describe kissing each other in the dream, then begin to kiss each other passionately.

Ian tells Eve she's wrong, but she doesn't believe him. When he tries to tell her that it's not what it's looks like, she knows that it's never what it looks like with him. But it is always a woman. Eve wants Amy to know that she's in line after Arianna and Lucy, and she understands how special Ian makes a woman feel. Eve's curiosity gets the better of her and she has to know if it started when Amy first moved in with them. Amy finally speaks, and she knows why Eve thinks what she does. Her words only make Eve angrier and Eve vows to help Chris find out what Amy is hiding. Ian orders Eve to leave Amy alone.

Ricky corners Jamal in the alley. Clipping him is Casey's project, not Ricky's. All Ricky wants is for the two of them to stay out of each other's way. But he wants Jamal to leave Casey alone. She's just a stupid kid who has no idea what she's doing. Ricky tries to play it off that Casey is just a kid and he doesn't care about her, but Jamal doesn't buy it. Before they can continue, two men join them and offer them some action in a high stake game. Jamal smiles.

Ali and Rafe are holding each other in the living room. She wants another story, but she wants it to be about when he disappeared. Rafe can't talk about it, but she was afraid it was her fault. She asks him if discussing having a baby did it. Rafe swears it didn't, but he does know for sure that they can't have a baby together. Ali isn't happy to hear it, but she understands. She wants him to promise that when he does leave forever he'll say goodbye to her, not just disappear. He promises, and the alarm on the stove goes off. When Ali goes to check on her muffins, someone pounds on the door. Casey enters begging for Rafe's help. Ricky thinks she's a tease because she disappeared. Ricky went off on her and she went off on him. She admits to Rafe that she pushed him away because she's afraid of the 5th chair being him. She doesn't want Ricky to have a death sentence because she slept with him. She knows what Ed said about the 5th chair being someone close to them. Rafe tries to stop her, but it's too late. Ali heard every word.

Eve accuses Ian of taking Amy's side. Ian tries to tell Eve that he loves her more then anything. Eve is sorry she can't believe him, and he's sorry he has to convince her. He tells Eve that Amy is leaving in 5 weeks and things will go back to normal. But as far as Eve's concerned, Ian is a cheat and a liar. She's heard enough. Ian's pager goes off and he has to go to ER. He wants Amy to go with him, but she insists on staying with Eve. After Ian is gone, Amy tries to talk to Eve, but Eve doesn't want to hear it. All Eve knows is that she feels stupid for falling for the poor blind girl act. She invited Amy inter the house and treated her like a friend while Amy was scooping her husband. Eve tries to convince Amy that the only reason Ian looked at her is because she's needy. The needier, the more Ian can feel like a hero and he loves that. This angers Amy, and she's furious that Eve would accuse her of using her blindness to get a man. Eve orders Amy to leave or she'll blow her out of the water. Eve leaves Amy alone.

Ricky tries to decline the offer, but Jamal wants in and Ricky's pride won't let him walk away. They men drop the dice on the ground, but Ricky suggests that they get boxes to trap the dice. When they're backs are turned, Ricky switches the dice for loaded ones in his pocket.

Ian returns to Amy. She wants him to go find Eve, who is very upset. Ian will find her, but deep down, he knows that Eve knows he loves her. Amy knows that Eve suspects something is between them and she's right. Amy suggests being honest with Eve, but Ian is afraid that it would put Amy or Eve in danger. He asks her if she's okay, and she plans to stay okay. After he leaves to find Eve, Colleen enters. She advises Amy that Eve headed for the roof for some air. Amy gets to her feet.

When Ali demands to know about the 5th chair, Rafe tries to calm her. But the instant Rafe calls her Angel, Casey begins to yell that she knows Ali isn't an angel. Ali figures out that Casey is the other angel. Rafe congratulates Casey on her big mouth. Terrified that Ed will find out that Casey spilled the beans, Casey runs out in a panic. After she's gone, Ali wants answers. She remembers him acting like he expected someone to die. First Jamal, then Kevin. Ali puts it together that someone is going to die and Rafe knows it. He tries to deny it, but she wants the truth.

Eve is on roof talking to herself about Ian. After months of trying, she still can't trust him. Amy joins her, and she wants to talk to her. Eve tells her to go away and tries to leave her. Amy stops her and it becomes a shoving match. They hit the railing, which breaks and they both fall.


Paige is telling Christina how much she loves her. Lucy stops her and tells Paige to not talk to her daughter that way.

Ian holds Eve and demands to know where Amy is. Eve tearfully admits that Amy fell.

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