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Port Charles Update Tuesday 2/26/02

by Dawn

Jamal is in GH, looking about to go inside Gabby's room. He is not happy to see Ricky there. Before the two of them can really get into it, Casey shows up and Jamal leaves them in the corridor. She’s happy to see Ricky, but he wants her to get lost.

Chris is still looking at the photo of Amy when Eve finds him in the On Call Room. He’s amused by her overworked status, and the fact that she’s looking for Ian again. Chris tells Eve that Ian signed out and Amy never showed up.

Ed, Paige, Amy, Kevin, and Ian sit in the living room of the lighthouse. Kevin and Ian want answers, but Ed will only say that he's responsible for Amy and Paige's protection. They want to know what the women need protection from, but Ed tells them that it's none of their business and if the men keep snooping, they'll put them in danger.

Casey is confused, but Ricky spells it out for her. Her disappearing act freaked him out and he's done. She tries to talk to him, but he’s not interested. He doesn't know if she’s the biggest tease or she’s nuts. Either way, he’s finished. She apologizes for hurting him, and he laughs. She’s nothing more then the flavor of the month for him, but now he wants her out of his life. Turning his back on her, Ricky goes in Gabby's room to find Jamal trying to get her to eat. Jamal and Ricky argue about Casey being Ricky's accomplice and girlfriend. As Gabby orders them both to stop, Joe enters the room. All her tests are showing improvement, which means that she can travel. Gabby admits that she needs a vacation, but Joe has another idea him mind. He wants her to go home with him.

Ed advises Kevin and Ian to be more patient. They’re not happy to hear it. As far as they’re concerned, both women fell out of the sky then vanished. Both men want answers. Kevin demands to know how he and Ian could put them in danger. Ed relates everything they’ve both done to check up on Amy and Paige, stunning both men with his knowledge of their activities. Ed tries to convince them it would be catastrophic for them to continue to investigate. Kevin wants to know how they could be putting the women in danger, but Ed insists that it's classified. He refuses to discuss the watches, and informs the men that Amy and Paige will be relocated in 5 weeks when they both leave. Ian doesn't believe one word of Ed's story.

Gabby can’t believe Joe is serious, but he missed her and can't stop thinking about her. Jamal accuses Joe of dumping Gabby, and Ricky joins in. Stopping them, Gabby asks Joe to leave them alone for a moment. Ricky and Jamal begin on Joe again, but Gabby insists that she's the one that dumped Joe. Joe is still the one Gabby wants, and she's going to take the second chance with him. Ricky and Jamal still think she needs to take some time before running away with Joe, but she's already decided that Joe makes her happy. Jamal and Ricky finally agree to let her do what's right for her. The last thing she wants from them is that they'll promise to get along. She wants them to look out for each other, but Jamal apologizes for only being able to not fight with Ricky. When Jamal leaves the room, Casey grabs him in the corridor. He makes it clear to her that he doesn't care what Ricky is up to, but she isn't interested in Ricky anymore. Now Casey thinks Jamal is kind of cute.

Eve tries to blow off Chris’s suspicious nature. Amy and Ian are both missing, but that does not convince Eve that they're together. Chris shows her the photo and tells her about Amy refusing to admit that it's her in it. Eve tries to avoid the truth. Amy probably didn't want Chris to drool over the picture. Chris won't let her avoid it. The necklace Amy is wearing in the photo has the initials AH, and Chris shares his theory that Amy is definitely hiding something. Eve still thinks Chris is obsessed because Amy blew him off, but Chris thinks Amy's agenda has something to do with Ian. Chris reminds Eve that Amy and Ian have been joined at the hip since she came to town, and that they still have no idea who the mysterious patient was that Amy and Ian were going to see when they got stranded. Before they can continue, Chris's pager goes off and he asks Eve to think about it.

Ed refuses to give Kevin or Ian anymore details. Kevin accuses Ed of doing a lousy job of hiding Amy and Paige, but Ed blames Kevin for them being found. Amy admits to Ian that she needed certain people to think she was out of commission. Kevin points out that this is the connection between Amy and Paige. But Ed refuses to tell him who is after them or why. He knows Kevin and Ian don't believe, but he tries to convince them that if they keep exploring, they'll be putting the women at risk. Kevin and Ian finally agree to leave it alone for now. Reminding Amy and Paige where they might end up if they're not careful, Ed leaves. Kevin can't understand why Paige didn't tell him. Ian has never seen Amy this quiet. Amy couldn't get him anymore involved then she already had. He asks if he can do anything for her, but all she needs is a ride back to the hospital. After Ian and Amy are gone, Paige asks Kevin if he's sorry she came back into his life. He's sorry she misinterpreted his friendship for more because now she has to leave. Paige knows Lucy wants her out, but can't blame her. Kevin wants Paige to understand that he and Lucy have been through a lot and he can't jeopardize it. The best part for Paige was being part of his family, but the worst part is that the portrait will never be finished. For Paige, it was something to cling to. Kevin thinks about it and agrees to find a way to finish it.

Gabby tries to convince Ricky that Jamal is good guy, but Ricky isn't interested. Gabby reminds him of being 17 and getting a hot rod thanks to her. He agrees to play nice with Jamal, but they'll never be pals. Joe enters, and Ricky stands. He’s leaving, but first he threatens Joe to be good to Gabby. Joe sits next to her. She asks him if he’s going to treat her good. He has a lot of good in mind for her. Admitting that she is happy and she wants to go with him, she kisses him.

Casey is coming on to Jamal, but he's not interested. Ricky sees them and laughs. When Ricky tells Jamal to go for it, Jamal pulls away from her. Casey decides that she wants a real man this time and propositions Jamal. At first he moves closer to her and smiles, but informs her that he wouldn't go for her if she was the last thing on Earth. Furious, Casey informs him of what would have happened if she had cut the right line on his bike. Jamal is shocked that she tried to kill him, but she's shocked that she admitted it.

Kevin is looking at the portrait. After he thinks about it for a minute, he finally picks up brushes and begins to paint.

Eve is on the phone, checking up on Amy’s story about having a patient where she and Ian got stranded. She finds out that Amy had no patients out there and hangs up. As she tries to calm herself, Amy and Ian enter. Eve has been looking for them, and isn’t surprised to find them together. She thinks it’s time they all had a talk.


Ali tells Rafe that she doesn't care if it's bad, but she can't live with secrets. She wants to know what happened when Rafe disappeared.

Amy starts to leave Eve and Ian alone, but Eve stops her. They all need to talk.

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