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Port Charles Update Monday 2/25/02

By Kathy

Alison is distraught over Rafe's disappearance, but Livvie doesn't help. She tells Alison she's glad Rafe is gone.

Ian is searching the empty alley for Amy. He asks a homeless man if he saw her, he didn't.

Lucy and Kevin go into the studio and find Christina alone. Christina tells them Paige vanished. Kevin's phone rings; its Ian. He tells Kevin that Amy disappeared, Kevin tells Ian that Paige has disappeared as well.

Ed confronts the four angels in the white space with the chairs. He reads them the riot act about their behavior on earth. Ed gives them his observations about their time on earth. He tells them they are making him look very bad and that he has no choice, but to put an end to it.

Ian and Kevin are talking on the phone, they compare situations and realize there was lightening when the girls disappeared. Ian asks Kevin if Paige touched anything before she left. Kevin tells him she touched the book. Ian tells him to have the book dusted and tells him about Amy's lack of fingerprints. Kevin tells Ian to get back as soon as possible and they hang up. Lucy comes into the studio eager to discuss Paige. She is furious that Paige would leave a sick little girl alone. Kevin assures her he will find out what happened.

The girls are full of indignant denials about their behavior and the people they are affecting. Ed takes no excuses. He can see through all their smoke and mirrors. He berates Rafe about the baby idea. The girls backtalk Ed and tell him they're tired of his criticism. Amy tells him they are doing the best they can and if he doesn't like it he can just go to hell. (Not a smart move on her part) Rafe cringes and tries to shut them up, but nothing will stop their lips flapping. Ed has had it; he claps his hands and says "Goodbye Girls." Rafe asks him where he sent them. Ed says Amy gave him an idea when she told him to go to hell......

Lucy is ranting about Paige. Kevin tells her he doesn't disagree with her. He tells her he admits that there is something strange about Paige. He tells her he doesn't know what she wants, but he has to find out about the woman he grew up with. He tells her he doesn't think Paige would hurt Christina. Lucy is not happy. He tells her that he loves his life with her and Christina and wouldn't let anything jeopardize it. He tells Lucy he's going to find out what or whom they are dealing with.

Alison is shocked at Livvie's nonsupport. Livvie indirectly compares Rafe to Caleb. Alison objects to this and tells Livvie he's a wonderful person, who she loves deeply. Livvie tells her Rafe is not real. That he deals in magic just like Caleb, albeit good magic. Alison still disagrees about their similar circumstances. Livvie suggest that maybe Rafe's disappearance was the best gift he could give to her. That he left before the two got any deeper and it's for the best. Alison tells her Rafe wouldn't have left prematurely; he wanted to spend every last moment with her. She says he was worried that someone else would find out what he was and that he would have to go back. She looks at Livvie and asks if she told anyone else; if it is perhaps Livvie's fault that he is gone.

Rafe asks Ed if what he just did to the women isn't just a little harsh. Ed tells him it will teach them a lesson. He brings them back. The girls are a little hot and bothered. He reminds them that their time on earth could have them ending up in either Heaven or the fiery pit. They ask if they are called back for good. Ed says unfortunately that is not possible because of all the messes they created. He's going back with them to try and straighten it all up. Rafe asks him about the fifth chair. He wants to be assured that it won't be Alison, but Ed side steps the question and tells him the person for the fifth chair hasn't been determined yet.

Alison decides it had to be Livvie who told about Rafe. She tells Livvie to go. Livvie goes but before she does, she tells Alison the situation can only end badly for her. Alison is crying for Rafe, a hand reaches out and touches her shoulder; Rafe is back. She flies into his arms and asks that he never leave her.

Lucy returns to the studio after putting Christina to bed. She takes a look at Paige's portrait. Christina enters the room looking for Paige. She asks if Paige is in heaven like her other Mommy. Lucy tells her she, Lucy, will never leave her. Lucy picks her up and takes her back to bed promising to read her a story.

Ian arrives at the Lighthouse. Kevin and Ian discuss the clues, but both are stumped. The doorbell rings. It's Paige and Amy. Ed follows behind. He tells the guys that he is someone with all the answers to their questions about Amy and Paige. He tells them he thinks they deserve to know the truth.

Previews for Tuesday: Casey to Ricky: "Lucy you. I'm back!" Ricky to Casey: "Great, now you can get lost." Joe to Gabby: "I was hoping you'd come back home with me." Ed to Ian and Kevin: "All you need to know. But if you keep snooping into Paige's and Amy's lives you put them in great danger."

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