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Port Charles Update Friday 2/22/02

By Kathy

Amy comes back into the On Call Room to find Ian. He tells her he wants to finish the conversation they started and suggests they go somewhere where no one will interrupt them. She agrees, holds out her hand and tells him to lead the way. He remembers his conversation with the fingerprint expert who told him no human hand touched her coffee cup.

Paige is kissing Kevin. She tells him she knew he loved her. He pulls away and tells her he doesn't love her.

Rafe asks Alison to repeat what she said. He's shocked that she is asking to have his baby. He tries to dissuade her, but Alison believes that having a baby together is something that is meant to be. She can't imagine that they have been brought together for no reason at all and she wants his child.

Casey is in her room when Ricky knocks on the door. Casey is concerned that Gabby died and this is why Ricky came to see her. She mentions the 5th Chair, but excuses it as just a euphemism for dying. He tells her Gabby is fine, he came to discuss what happened in the alley. He tells her he knows she's a virgin. She becomes defensive, but he tells her it's okay.

Kevin tells Paige he does care about her, but what they had was when they were kids. He tells her what is important to him now is his marriage to Lucy. Paige tries to convince him he loves her, but he tells her she misinterpreted his actions. She tells him that he knows her inside and out. Kevin responds that there are many things he doesn't know. Paige tells him if he admits that he loves her she will tell him everything. They are interrupted by Lucy and Christina's entrance. Lucy has observed at least a part of their conversation.

Casey "protests too much" about NOT being a virgin. Ricky sees through her. He tells her he thinks that her being a virgin is cool. He tells her not to do the tough chick act. He says knows inside she's a scared little girl looking for something. Ricky tells her he didn't come to take up where they left off in the alley. He tells her it sucks when she's pissed at him. She kisses him.

Alison is still making a case for having Rafe's baby. Rafe continues to try to dissuade her. He is not successful. Alison is determined.

Kevin looks at Lucy and exclaims she's back. Christina goes over to Paige and asks her to read her a story. Paige takes Christina upstairs. Lucy takes her coat off and turns to Kevin. She tells him to start talking. He tells her nothing is going on. She says when a woman overhears another woman telling her husband she loves him something is up. Lucy tells him she is now really upset.

Ian has taken Amy to the alley in New York City where she died. He tells her it's an alley, but doesn't tell her which alley. Amy tells him the place seems familiar. She asks him where exactly they are. He tells her to tell him where they are. Amy realizes it's the alley where she was killed. She begins to get very upset and asks Ian why he brought her there. He tells her she matches a Jane Doe who died in the alley. She tells him that's impossible. He tells her he knows that, but when he tried to take her fingerprints and found she had none. He tells her he brought her here to find out who or what she is. She tells him she thought he was her friend that she can't believe he tricked her. He tells her that he can't believe he looked a picture of her dead in the very alley in which they are standing and that she's standing there yelling at him because he's looking for answers. She starts to tell him what she is when there is bolt of lightening and she disappears in front of Ian's eyes.

Ricky and Casey are kissing on the bed. Ricky asks Casey if she's sure, if she's ready. She tells him she is. She asks him to make love to her. He kneels up on the bed and takes his shirt off. Just as he gets the shirt over his head, he hears thunder. When he looks down, Casey has disappeared from between his legs.

Kevin and Lucy are discussing Paige. Kevin says Paige got the wrong idea from some of the things he said to her. Lucy asks what he could have possibly said to make Paige blurt out that she loved him. He tells her they were talking about when they were kids. That he was trying to get some information. He tells her he thinks Paige has some secrets. Lucy smacks him and says she was trying to tell him that before. He tells her he knows, but that she might be even more right than even she, herself, realizes. She asks him what he suspects. He tells her he thinks Paige is hiding something significant.

Paige is reading a book to Christina when there is thunder and Paige disappears.

Alison and Rafe discuss how they see their child. Rafe tries to get her to sit back and thinks about it further, but Alison starts kissing him. There is bolt of lightening and Rafe disappears.

Previews for Monday: Alison to Livvie "You're the only one who knows what he is. Did you tell someone?" Kevin on the phone to Ian: "Paige disappeared too." Ian to Kevin "You mean she left the house?" Kevin to Ian: "I think the word for it is vanished." Ed to the four angels: " You four delinquents are making me look very bad and I don't have any other choice than to put an end to it."

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