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Port Charles Update Thursday 2/21/02

by Dawn

As Ali is looking for Rafe in the living room, he sneaks up behind her and lifts her into his arms to carry her across the threshold. As they're laughing, Lucy enters with Christina. She's shocked to see Rafe with Ali like that and all three of them stare awkwardly at each other.

Amy is yelling at Paige over the phone about Chris. He's getting too close, but that's not her only problem. She is flooded with memories of life before she died. This was her chance to deal with past, but things keep getting in the way. She can't keep feeling all of this because it's too confusing. Paige knows they didn't expect to feel this human. Paige admits that she has never felt so alive or so sure. Amy doesn't think it's worth it. Suddenly understanding, Paige tells her to admit she's in love with Ian.

Ian is pacing in the lighthouse living room. There has to be a mistake, he knows that Amy can't be dead. Finally a messenger arrives with pictures of Jane Doe. The men tear into them and stare at them. They are of a dead woman that is clearly Amy.

Lucy takes Christina's jacket off and sends her into the bedroom. As soon as Christina is out of hearing, Lucy orders Rafe and Ali to spill. Rafe tries to apologize for not asking Lucy's permission before he invited Ali to stay with him, but that's not what Lucy is talking about. She knew that Ali and Jamal split, and she knew that Rafe was falling for someone, but she never put the two of them together. They both admit that they didn't, either. Rafe thought it would be okay with Lucy for them to stay there together, and Lucy is fine with it. But she wants a word with her cousin alone. Understanding, Ali leaves them alone, and Lucy immediately questions Rafe about the fact that 5 minutes ago, Ali was in love with Jamal. She believes that it's a rebound relationship for Ali, but Rafe is convinced that it isn't. Staring into his eyes, Lucy realizes that he really loves Ali, and she's worried about him. When she presses him, Rafe has to admit that he's never been in love before, but he goes on and on about how good and how right it feels to him. Lucy can't deny he loves Ali. She's even happier to assume this means Rafe is staying in PC. When he tells her that he's still leaving, Lucy is confused and worried about Ali.

Amy denies Ian is the reason she's there. Paige knew they didn't expect it to be this intense, but Rafe found Ali, and even Casey found a boy. They all know that someone is coming back with them, and Paige wonders if it's Ian or Kevin. Amy reminds her that it could be neither of them. Amy doesn't understand what good it's going to do Paige if Kevin has feelings for her. Paige wants her last Earth memory to be of Kevin loving her. Amy tries to explain why it's not the same for her. She was in love with a man that cared more about her then his own life, and after he died, she got involved with the man that killed her. Suddenly, as if remembering something else, Amy says that she has to go and hangs up on Paige.

Ian can't believe the pictures are of Amy. He's seen her and she knows that she's alive. He wonders if the picture was staged for some reason. Kevin reminds him that this was a murder investigation, but maybe it wasn't Amy. The cane next to the body convinces Ian that it's Amy. He wants to go confront her immediately, but Kevin stops him. They need to find out the connection between Paige and Amy. They have the same watch, the same time to leave, they arrived at the same time, and their stories have holes in them. Whatever the truth is, it's connected to both of them and Kevin thinks that they can draw it out of them. He knows Paige trusts him, and Ian is close to Amy. Kevin doesn't think interrogation is the answer. They need to let Paige and Amy talk about themselves. Get them to talk about why they're leaving, the past, or anything that might help. Areeing, Ian leaves Kevin to look at the pictures of the dead woman again. As he does, he doesn't notice Paige at first and she asks what he's looking at.

Rafe tries to explain to Lucy. Ali understands that he's leaving. Lucy wants to know what kind of woman would get involved with a man that's leaving. Ali enters and tells her how much she loves him even though he's leaving. They intend to spend every moment they have left being grateful for the time they have. The way they say it makes Lucy ask if Rafe is dying. When he convinces her that's not true, she wants to know what is. His destiny to save the world from Caleb was one thing. But Caleb is dead, so what does he have to do now that he can't stay in PC. Love is a better reason to stay as far as Lucy is concerned. Ali asks Lucy to let it go because Rafe can't explain his reasons. He loves Ali and they're happy. Rafe asks Lucy to be happy for them, and she can't help herself. As she moves closer to Rafe, Christina comes out of the bedroom. She doesn't feel good, and Lucy feels her forehead. After Lucy takes Christina out of the room to take her temperature, Rafe thanks Ali for the speech about time being a blessing. Ali doesn't believe it herself, and she still hasn't accepted the fact that he's leaving.

Hiding the pictures, Kevin tells her that he can't share because of professional reasons. Paige wants to talk, they haven't seen each other in years and they have a lot they haven't talked about yet. Kevin offers her a glass of Chardonnay, and she's thrilled to realize that he remembers it's her favorite. Kevin begins to question her about this appointment that she has in 6 weeks that she can't miss, but all Paige will say is that it's very important. Going on, Kevin informs her that he's glad she came back into his life. She thinks things have changed, but some things haven't. Kevin remembers a ski trip that they never made it to the slopes. Paige tells him they spent the entire trip snuggling. Kevin mentions birthday presents he gave her. She remembers every one of them. He mentions a watch he gave her. She denies he ever gave her one. As he goes on about it, she realizes that he's testing her and trying to trick her. She demands to know why. Ian finds Amy in the On Call room. She wants to apologize to him for being so provocative. Ian tries to deny he's been perfect, but Amy knows he didn't cross any lines. She knows he's staring at her, which reminds him how perceptive she is. It's almost scary to him how much she knows. He wants to know about her. When she replies that she has already told him everything, he knows that she hasn't told him anything about what she's been doing since she left her parents three years ago. Amy knows he's fishing for something, and her pager goes off before he can continue. After she leaves the room, Ian calls someone and asks them to come take fingerprints off of Amy's mug.

Kevin admits that he's testing Paige, but he wants her to think that it's because of all the wonderful memories he has of her. He wants to know if she feels the same way. Paige was the first person Kevin could trust, and she changed his life. Paige feels the same way, and Kevin acts relieved that she feels the same way. Paige hugs Kevin and tells him that she loves him, and she never stopped loving him. Before Kevin can react, Paige grabs him and kisses him.

Fingerprint technician informs a shocked Ian that there are no fingerprints. No human has touched that mug. Amy is at the door while Ian stares in confusion at the mug and she wants to know who Ian is talking to.

Rafe lets go of Ali. He holds her hand and admits that he wants everything for her. Lucy comes back into the living room with Christina. She has a fever and Lucy has to take her home. Wishing Ali and Rafe luck, she hugs them and leaves. After Lucy is gone, Ali tells Rafe that she knows he has to leave, but there is a way for him to leave part of himself with her. Ali tells a stunned Rafe that she wants to have his baby.


Ali believes that a child is meant to be between them.

Ian wants to sit down and talk to Amy, and she knows it sounds serious.

Paige tells Kevin to admit that she loves her as Lucy enters the living room and calls his name.

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