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Port Charles Update Wednesday 2/20/02

By Dawn

Ali enters the living room at Lucy's looking for Rafe. She finds a note from him that he'll be back soon. Just as she reads it, he enters with pink roses, coffee, and croissants. She's surprised that he bought them, but he reminds her that he can't just creat them out of thin air anymore. He knows how much what happened with Jamal bothered her. She keeps thinking about how hurt Jamal was when he realized that she and Rafe were together. Rafe has been doing a lot of thinking about how unfair this entire 6 week thing is to her. Ali is too shocked to reply at first.

Chris is staring at the picture of Amy, wondering if he missed something before. She enters the On Call room and asks him what he's up to. He's digging, and he's convinced that he'll have answers to what she's hiding soon. Amy can't believe that he's spending all this time on non existent secrets. As he replies that everyone has secrets, Amy realizes that her ID badge is missing and demands to know what Chris is doing with it. Chris denies that he has it.

Ian hands the ID to Kevin at the lighthouse. Kevin scans it and sends it to Victor's contact at the agency. They add up everything they know so far about the weird watches, Amy leaving in 6 weeks, and not knowing what Paige's plan is. Paige enters and wants to know what Ian and Kevin are up to.

Ali wants to be with him for however time they have. The only thing that isn't fair is that he can't stay with her. She knows that he's sorry he can't stay, but she is right where she wants to be. She wants to stop the hand from moving. Furious, she takes the watch and slams it against the wall because she hates it.

Kevin and Ian stammer while Kevin hides the ID. They're working together on a patient that's withholding information. Kevin tries to explain to Paige that this patient is going to take up his time, and the portrait will have to wait. Understanding, Paige tells him that she's anxious to resume as soon as he can. When he replies that it could be weeks or months, Paige panics and admits to him that she doesn't have much time left. The portrait can't wait because she has to leave. Still probing for information, Kevin offers to resume painting when she can return. Paige is forced to admit to them that she isn't coming back and she has to leave in 6 weeks.

Amy is still searching her purse, and Chris asks her what the big deal is. He misplaces things all the time. He knows he's close to some secret. Amy sarcastically agrees to give up. She claims to be undercover for the CIA. Chris suggests a porn star or a con artist. Amy knows he's looking down, and tells him to look at her when he's talking to her. He finds a clue in the picture he has. She's wearing a necklace in the picture with the initials AH. Staring at her, Chris knows that the name she gave everyone isn't right and he wants to know what her real name is. Amy glares at him, but doesn't answer.

Kevin isn't surprised to hear that Paige is leaving in 6 weeks, but he acts confused that there is a time limit. Paige offers to work with him every spare moment and begs him to squeeze her in. When he agrees, she hugs him and thanks him before she leaves. After she leaves the room, Kevin and Ian discuss the fact that they now know Amy and Paige are connected. Ian thinks there is more to the portrait because Paige was frantic at the thought that Kevin might not finish it. Kevin still believes that she has to be Paige. She knows too much about Kevin that no one else could know. Ian wonders if something happened to her, and Amy, and that is where the connection is. When Kevin reminds him that Amy is a stranger to them, Ian remembers that Chris knew her from somewhere.

Chris tells Amy to tell him who she really is. She tries to leave, but he blocks her. Amy taunts him for having so little of a life that he has nothing better to do then dig into her non existent secrets. He knows that she's lying, and he intends to find out what her secret is. When she advises him to get a life, he asks her for advice for starting a whole, new, life.

Ali is still trying to destroy the watch by slamming a book on it. Exhausted, she finally stops and begins to cry about how unfair this is. He agrees that it's not enough time. Moving to sit next to him, she apologizes for destroying his watch. Rafe shows her that the watch is fine. It's not of this Earth and beyond all human attempts to harm or change. Ali remembers Livvie telling her about the watch Victor found in the woods that later disappeared. Standing, Rafe puts his watch away and informs her that it wasn't his. She knows it wasn't because the watch Victor had was a wristwatch. Ali knows there is a connection, but Rafe tries to change the subject. She begs him to tell her if she's right that there is another angel in Port Charles.

Ali can't believe this, and neither can Rafe, but what he can't believe is that she's so close to the truth about the other angels. He begs her to let it go, but she can't. Ali knows there are angels everywhere watching out for them, but she has to know if there are any more hanging around in town. Ali suggests reasons they're there, starting with vacation and ending with missions. Rafe is desperate to put it out of Ali's mind, and he begins to rant. No one else can find out about them or they can pull 'us' back. Ali pounces on the word 'us', but she also gets that Rafe is terrified. Rafe explains to her that they have 6 weeks, but if anyone else suspects the truth about any of them, they won't have 6 minutes. Ali hugs him and promises to not say a word about it. She refuses to lose him one minute before she has to.

Paige is alone. She whispers to herself that time is running out and Kevin has to finish the portrait. Suddenly she has a vision of Kevin painting her and Christina. Kevin wants the portrait to be as pretty as Christina and her mommy. Paige asks Christina if she knows how much she loves her Daddy, and Christina asks them if they're going to kiss again. Smiling, Kevin thinks this is a good idea and he moves closer. The vision fades and Paige realizes that she only has 6 weeks to make her dream come true.

Kevin and Ian agree that Chris is a weasel, but he's worth asking if he knows Amy. They both discuss the irony of them working together and Ramsey actually being helpful. His computer lets him know that he has email. When he gets the results of the inquiry, he finds out that Amy's picture matches a Jane Doe corpse that was taken to the morgue about a year ago. Neither of the men understand it, but it means that Amy is dead.

Amy is alone in On Ccall room with the necklace Chris described in the picture. She can't let Chris find out the truth. No one can find out yet.


Lucy can't believe that Rafe has fallen madly in love with Ali and is planning to take off.

Paige tells Amy to admit that she's falling in love with Ian.

Kevin and Ian look at pictures of Jane Doe and realize that Amy is dead.

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