PC Update Tuesday 2/19/02



Port Charles Update Tuesday 2/19/02

by Dawn

Jack and Livvie run into Jamal at GH and they ask how Gabby is doing. When Jamal replies that she's better, Livvie goes on to ask about Ali. Jamal reiterates to Livvie that it is over between him and Ali and he hasn't seen her. Now Livvie is worried because no one has seen her, and something might be wrong.

Ali is with Rafe at the Recovery Room, offering to buy dinner for him. Rafe left his wallet in the car, and Ali laughs. She goes inside while he goes to get it.

Ali goes inside the Recovery Room and sees the bartender, who asks if Jamal is with her. Ali stammers before replying that he's busy, and the bartender assumes he’s working in the bike shop. Rafe appears and she falters. He knows something’s wrong when she avoids him. When he moves to put his arm around her, she runs away, saying that she can’t do this.

Casey is screaming and waving that she cut the brakelines on the bike. Headlights hit her and she screams louder.

Casey is still screaming, and Ricky stops the bike. He wants to khow what she’s screaming about. She admit that she cut the line, and he accuses her of trying to kill him. She had no way of knowing that Jamal wasn’t going to be on the bike. She did it for him. Ricky is shocked, but informs her that she cut the speedometer cable, not the brake line. Casey is just relieved that he's not the one. That makes him want to know what she’s talking about.

Colleen enters Gabby room to see how she is. Gabby is alone and lonely. Colleen has a visitor for her, and Joe enters the room. Gabby is shocked and she sits up. Joe thinks she looks great.

Rafe chases Ali and wants to know what happened. The Recovery Room opened so many memories for her. Rafe knows that she means memories of Jamal. When she’s alone with Rafe, they’re in their own world, but being in the real world is uncomfortable for her. People ask about Jamal, and Ali doesn’t want to get into it. All she wants is to be in ‘their’ world. She asks him if it’s okay if they don’t publicly show affection yet. Rafe understands. He forgot what it would look like to everyone else. Ali wants to find a place to hang out and be together. Rafe asks her to move in with him at Lucy’s. It’s beautiful and Lucy wouldn’t mind Ali moving in. Ali agrees to it. Rafe wants to pick her up and carry her over the threshold. Ali hesitates, and Rafe thinks something’s wrong. But Ali knows that she has to close the door on Jamal before she can go through the door with Rafe.

Livvie is trying to call Ali, but she can’t find her. Livvie has a feeling that something is wrong. Jamal doesn’t know why, but Livvie angrily spells it out. Ali is alone, in pain, and she’s either missing or hiding. Livvie is angry at Jamal for not going to see her. Ali didn’t deserve what he did. She’s alone and if something happened to her, it’s Jamal’s fault. Jamal agrees that he should have talked to her, and sarcastically agrees that anything that happens is his fault. Livvie agrees, but before the argument gets angrier, Jack reminds them that all that matters is finding her. They’re all going to look for her.

Joe moves to Gabby, who is crying because she’s happy to see him. She asks about the clinic. Things are great there, but PC will always be home to him. People he cares about are there. He admits that he hasn’t seen his family because the reason he’s there is her.

Rickty demands to know what she meant by he’s not the one to croak. She said it twice, and he knows it means something. He remembers that she threw herself at him like she had advanced warning that he was going to check out. She claims that she panicked because she might have killed him. He doesn’t believe her, and demands she tells him. She wants to work on the necklace. Stopping her, he informs her that if she won't tell him what’s up, he won’t work with her. He demands that she talk to him. She stops him by kissing him, but it doesn’t work. She won’t give up, and finally he gives in and grabs her.

Rafe and Ali are emptying the apartment ofher things. She left more then she thought. Rafe knows this is hurting her, so he offers to go get a copy of Lucy’s key for her. She needs time alone. Ali wants to run, but part ofher knows that she needs more time. Rafe smiles and hugs her. She tells him not to be too long. After he’s gone, Ali looks around. Picking up a picture of her and Jamal when they were happy together, she wonders what happened. When she goes back in the bedroom, Jamal enters looking for her. She sees him and they stare at each other. He’s happy to see her and hugs her. They were worried about her. She’s stunned, but doesn’t pull away.

Gabby is shocked, but covers by asking him how his trip is and how his girl friend is. When he tells her that there is no girl friend, she's sorry. Joe isn't. Sometimes it's right and sometimes it isn't. Frank told Joe that Gabby was sick and he had to be there for her. He felt like it was where he belonged, and some connections are hard to break. Gabby asks him if he's sure there's no girl friend or wife. Smiling, Joe is adamant about the fact that he's free.

Ricky pulls away from her, but she doesn’t want to let him go. Ricky tells her to slow down, but she wants him right now. Grabbing her, he pulls her to him, but she’s shaking. He knows something’s up. He asks her if she's nervous or excited. Casey denies she's nervous, but the way she denies it tells him that it’s true. Watching her closely, he decides that no one gets this nervous unless they haven’t done it before. She tries to laugh that off, but he knows that it's her first time. Getting angry, Casey claims that she’s made love lots of time. He laughs at the fact that she calls it making love, and she changes it to had sex. But it doesn't work, and Ricky knows she's a virgin. Taking offense at his laughter, she walks away. If he won't give it to her, she'll go somewhere else. Ricky calls her but she leaves.

Ali pulls away from Jamal, who was glad to just that he found her. He tells her that Gabby got hurt and is in GH. Ali decides that she'll stop by. He tries to leave, but she asks him how he is. When he replies that he's better, she's glad. They both admit that they need to talk to each other, but as Jamal starts, Rafe enters the apartment. Jamal realizes that she hooked up with Rafe. Ali tries to explain, but Jamal pretends to be happy for her. They belong to each other. She starts to cry, but Jamal congratulates Rafe, telling him to take care of her because she deserves it. Ali tries to stop him, but he runs out. When Ali begins to cry, Rafe hugs her.


Chris tells Amy that he has a clue to what she is hiding.

Furious about the little bit of time that Rafe has left, Ali shatters his watch against the wall.

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