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Port Charles Update Monday 2/18/02

By Kathy

Casey stops Ricky from going after Jamal and killing him with the scalpel. Casey tells him she agrees he should get back at Jamal, but he needs to plan it so that no one can pin it on him. Ricky admires her smarts and kisses her. She tells him to forget about Jamal for now and take care of his sister, Gabby. He leaves and Casey vows to take care of Jamal herself.

Paige walks into the studio looking for Kevin. She finds a note saying he got called away. She wonders why he didn't tell her he was leaving. She sees her watch and picks it up. She worries that he saw underneath the watch cover.

Ian comes into the Recovery Room looking for Victor, but he's not there. Kevin enters right after, also looking for Victor. Ian tells Kevin he wanted to talk to Victor about the watch he found. Kevin says he thinks he knows what happened to it. Ian asks how Kevin knows Amy has it. Kevin tells him Paige has it. They decide they need to "pow wow." Ian and Kevin share how they discovered the fake covers on the watches. They decide the two women must know each other even though they act like they never met before. They realize the white light hit the day the two ladies came to town.

Page and Amy are sniping at each other. Paige upbraids Amy for not being there when she needed her. Amy tells her, she was in a car accident. Paige notices the cover of Amy's watch is open. Amy doesn't think Ian saw it. Paige tells her she had a close call with her watch too with Kevin. Amy tells Paige she's getting too close to Ian. She tells Paige about her feelings for Ian and that it wasn't supposed to be like it is. Paige asks Amy what she means, since she said she never met Ian before.

Ian and Kevin are still discussing the women. They decide both of the women have been lying. They catch up on the strange things going on: Paige's skin, the scorched earth, etc. Ian wonders what if Victor is right, and that they are extra terrestrials. Kevin says it can't be. But Ian reminds him after what they have all experienced anything is possible. Kevin says he knew Paige when he was younger. He asks Ian what his connection to Amy might be. They continue to puzzle things out.

Amy tells Paige she only meant that coming back to earth is not what she expected. Paige calls her on it, and tells her that's not what it sounded like. Amy assures Paige she never met Ian while she was alive, but she tells her she wishes she had. Paige tells her she thinks they're all wishing for the life they could have had. Amy asks Paige what Ian looks like. Paige describes him. Amy starts mooning about Ian. She says she has a reason to be there and it doesn't include caring about Ian. Paige suggests she stay away from him, but then tells her sometimes you have to give in to your feelings. They discuss Paige's feelings for Kevin, and why she stayed. Basically, both are defensive, excited and confused about their feelings for the men. Amy goes off to the clinic. Paige happily goes "home" to the Lighthouse.

Jamal, Karen, and Ricky are at Gabby's bedside. Karen tells Gabby that her remaining kidney has been compromised and they need to run more tests. She tells Gabby she's going to put her on dialysis just to take the pressure off her kidney. Jamal offers to donate a kidney or blood, anything to help out. He also apologizes to Gabby for everything that happened. Gabby gives both Jamal and Ricky a pep talk. She asks Ricky to get her favorite the rosary. Jamal offers Ricky his bike.

Casey is talking to the sky justifying fiddling with Jamal's bike. She cuts the breaks.

Kevin and Ian are throwing back the whisky, still discussing Amy and Paige. Ian says he's going to ask Amy straight out. Kevin tells him not to. He says they don't know how the women will react. Ian agrees and asks Kevin what he thinks they should do. Kevin points out that the watch vibrated and the hand moved to six when he was holding it. They figure out the 13 is weeks. They wonder what will happen when the hand hits the one.

Amy is talking to the air/her father again. She tells him Ian has been wonderful, but he shouldn't worry because she won't be fooled.

Paige is in the studio looking at the painting. Christina enters the studio to find her. Paige gives Christina a sweater that looks like one that she has. She tells Christina they can look just like mommy and daughter.

Karen asks Gabby how she is feeling. She says fine. She tells Karen to rest, that she knows there's nothing that can be done until the tests are back. Karen leaves the room and calls Frank. She tells him there is something they need to do for Gabby. Casey bursts into Gabby's room and sees Jamal by Gabby's bedside. She asks where Ricky is. They tell her he's taken Jamal's bike to get something for Gabby. Casey hastens from the room, but it's too late. Ricky has driven off on Jamal's bike.

Previews for Tuesday: Livvie to Jamal: "The longer she goes without checking in the more afraid I get that Ally might be in some kind of trouble." Alison to Rafe: "If you're asking me to move in with you, the answer is yes." Gabby to Joe: "You're here. You're back," Joe smiles and nods.

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