PC Update Friday 2/15/02



Port Charles Update Friday 2/15/02

By Kathy

Ricky and Casey are getting it on in the supply room of the Recovery Room.

Paige and Christina are in the studio. Paige is ingratiating herself to Christina, reading her books, cuddling her, etc. Kevin comes home, and says "hi" to Christina and she is her usual cold self to him. He offers to tuck her in and she tells him she doesn't want him.

Eve is about to go to the "On Call" room to meet Ian when Jamal brings Gabby in. She looks bad and is moaning in pain. They take her to an examining room.

Ian's watch is stuck in Amy's hair. He tells her he mistook her for Eve. Amy gives him a smarmy reply of "Did you really?"

Ricky and Casey continue to make out. Ricky is beeped. He looks and sees Gabby is in the hospital. He high tails it out of there with Casey in hot pursuit.

Eve asks Colleen to tell Ian in the "On Call" room that she'll be late. Eve takes Gabby to an examining room.

Ian tells Amy he doesn't know what she is implying. Amy says "sure you don't." He tells her again he came into the room looking for Eve. The room is dark, he tells her, and he saw the shape of a woman and thought it was his wife. Amy continues her innuendos. Ian, understandably, becomes a bit aggravated. Colleen comes in to tell Ian about Eve, the lights are still out; Ian quickly turns on a lamp. Colleen apologizes for interrupting and Ian quickly tells her she's interrupting nothing.

Kevin tries to tell Christina a story, but again she tells him she doesn't want him. Paige intervenes on Kevin's behalf. Paige asks Christina if she would like Kevin to draw her, Christina says yes, but only if he draws the both of them. Christina starts playing with Paige's watch as Kevin draws them. Kevin notices and offers to hold the watch for Paige. Paige hesitates and Kevin says, "Unless there is some reason you don't want me to." Paige tells him it's not that she doesn't want him to, but that it has sentimental value for her. He tells her he's not going to hawk it, just put in a safe place. Paige tries to distract both Kevin and Christina. Christina keeps repeating "watch, watch." Kevin says it would be safer if he just put it aside. Paige reluctantly gives it to him. He thanks her for taking care of Christina; he tells her she would make a wonderful mother. She tells him it means everything coming from him. Christina drapes herself over Paige's lap, so Paige takes her up to bed. Kevin goes back to the watch and starts examining it.

Eve is examining Gabby. Ricky runs into the room. He wants to know what's going on. Jamal says he was fighting with some guys and Gabby got in the middle and took a hard hit in the back. Eve tells them she's concerned about Gabby's one kidney. Ricky is furious because she gave up one kidney for Jamal's daughter and now her other kidney is in jeopardy. He and Jamal begin to fight. Gabby moans in pain again. Eve takes her up for tests and tells the boys to stay where they are. Ricky palms a scalpel from the room.

Amy admits she finds the situation amusing, she continues to flirt sarcastically and outrageously. Ian tells her she may not have planned the situation, but she's the one who wants to have an affair and he implies that what happened when he came in to the room is partly her doing. She tells him he as a big ego, that she told him she wouldn't act on her fantasies. She is basically protesting too much. She is still trying to get him to have an affair with her. She dares him to give her a wet juicy kiss, just to get it out of their systems. He looks like he's contemplating it.

Again Ricky blames Jamal for Gabby's problem. Jamal walks away. Ricky starts to go after him, but Casey stops him. She tells him she saw what he took and she's not going to let him do it.

Amy remembers what Ed told them about the fifth chair. She tells Ian to stop. He tells her he wasn't going to kiss her anyway. He grabs her arm and, without Amy knowing it, her watch pops open. He tells her he does want to ask her something though. She pulls away and tells him to leave her alone. Ian remembers what Victor said about the watch. He realizes it's the same watch.

Paige is mothering Christina and taking her to bed. Kevin is examining the watch. He tells himself it's an ordinary watch, only it has a vibrating alarm. He continues to handle it and the top flips open. He realizes it's the same watch Victor found. He figures that Paige took it from Victor.

Previews for Monday: Jamal to Ricky: "I'm going to find Gabby and see what's up." Ricky to Jamal: "What's up? You made her donate a kidney and now the other one is messed up because of you." Amy to Paige: "It's not supposed to be like this with him." Paige to Amy: "I thought you said you didn't know Ian before you came here."

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